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The National Black Women's Political Convention 2016, Philadelphia, September 22-25

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The Time Has come for Black Women To Unite, 
Be Well Organized, and To No Longer Be Exploited, Cooped, Compromised, Mesmerized, Deterred, or Hoodwinked By Anything or Anyone....
The Time Has Come To Honor Great Black Women Who Courageously and Unconditionally Lead  The Movements for Real Freedom & Justice.
In the Spirit of: 
Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ida B. Wells, Queen Mother Moore, Mamie Till, and a host of others           "Lest We Forget"
                         AND WE WILL MAKE SURE OF IT...

Calling Our "Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters of the(Freedom,  Justice & Liberation) Movements 
Take A Stand With Us and Help Represent Those Whose Voices Are Too Often Not Adequately Heard.  
Help Us Build With Our Brothers (Real Black Men), Our Families, and Communities Nationwide. 
Not Just in the Struggle for Civil Rights But  for Undeniable and Irrevocable HUMAN (& NATURAL) RIGHTS...
Help Us Build a New and Global Movement for Women and Girls of African Descent that will Independently Continue the Great Work and Legacies of Those (Freedom Fighters) Who Have Come Before Us, as Well as Those Who Are Among Us Today, and  In Preparation of Those Who Will Be Coming Tomorrow (In the Future) Represent 
The National Black Women's Political Convention 2016    will take place September 22-25, 2016 in Philly, PA
Delegates will be coming in from across the nation with 
  • Reports, Forums, & Workshops                                                       (Education, Incarceration,  Police and Governmental Terrorism,& Excessive Force, Gender Violence and Abuse, Manufacturing, Consumer Protection, Homelessness,  Reparations,               Finance, Wealth Building & Wealth Redistribution, Gentrification,,       Business & Entrepreneurship, Cultural Development, Land Acquisition, Farming/Agriculture Cooperative Endeavors, Health & Wellness, Children & Elders, Political Advancement, etc.
  • Proposed Action Plans  (Boycotts, Investments,Shifting of Dollars)
  • United Nations and African Union Briefings
  • Score Your Elected Official (Report Cards will be issued)
  • And more
This event is a Game Changer and the Beginning of a "NU Day"
To Be an Endorser, Presenter, Forum Partner, Advertiser, Exhibitor, or Volunteer contact:: 
For additional information and updates tune in every Saturday night to the "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation" radio broadcast LIVE at 10:30 PM (Eastern Time)  online at: you can listen in by way of out Podcast by calling:: 646-652-2232

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