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Taarab's Legacy on the Swahili Coast

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We have a fantastic lineup of updates and stories from the diverse world of African music, including a special focus on the captivating sounds of East African taarab.

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East African Taraab

Our latest episode is an immersive expedition into the heart of taarab music, that hypnotic, soul-stirring sound that's been vibrating along the Swahili coast for centuries. But this isn't just about the music itself, oh no. We're diving headfirst into the rich, messy, beautiful stew of history and culture that simmers beneath every note.

Anthropologist and author Kelly Askew is our guide through this musical maze, shedding light on the intricate cultural mosaic that makes taarab so unique. We're talking Bantu, Arabs, Portuguese, Germans, Brits, Indians... it's a global jam session, a symphony of cultures swirling together in the Indian Ocean.

Buckle up for a musical journey through the heart of East Africa, from Zanzibar's bustling streets to Mombasa's coastal havens. We'll unearth rare taarab treasures, groove to infectious rhythms, and experience the vibrant energy of Zanzibari and Mombasa musical traditions.

And hey, if you're one of the lucky souls joining us on our upcoming Tanzanian escapade, this episode is your pre-trip mix tape, a kind of musical postcard from the land of taarab. But even if you're not, trust me, you don't want to miss this deep dive into a musical tradition that's as complex and captivating as life itself.

So tune in, turn it up, and let the rhythms of taarab wash over you like a wave of pure, unfiltered joy.






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