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David Comissiong-- Caribbean Statement of Solidarity with Venezuela: Please indicate your willingness to attach your and your organization's name

WE, the undersigned citizens and leaders of civil society organizations of the Caribbean CALL upon our Governments and their multi-lateral organization-- theCaribbean Community (CARICOM) -- to take urgent steps to make it absolutely clear to the Government of the United States of America (USA) that the nations and people of the Caribbean consider Venezuela to be an integral sister nation of our Caribbean Civilization, and that we denounce and repudiate all attempts at illegal neo-imperialist interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela, including attempts to unlawfully attack, subvert and remove the democratically elected Government of President Nicolas Maduro and his United Socialist Party.
We make this CALL against the background of the impending 6th  of December 2015 Parliamentary Elections of Venezuela and the clear evidence that has emerged of a permanent illicit conspiracy between the political establishment of the USA, elements of the traditional wealthy elite sector of Venezuelan society, and the right-wing political Opposition forces of Venezuela.
This CALL is also based on our understanding that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has emerged as an outstanding symbol of hope --- perhaps the pre-eminent symbol of hope -- for masses of people all over the world who suffer the exploitation, poverty, insecurity and indignity that is caused by national and international elites appropriating the resources and wealth that rightfully belong to the people, and who yearn for an alternative existence characterized by peace, humanity, freedom, national sovereignty, dignity, solidarity, brotherhood and human well-being.
We are aware that Venezuela's still unfolding Bolivarian Revolution has demonstrated to the world that it is possible for a determined people blessed with committed and patriotic leaders to rise up and assert themselves; to take control of their national resources; to use the nation's resources for the development of the people of the nation; and to extend their arms in a spirit of brotherhood and sharing to other nations and peoples.
The Bolivarian Revolution --- under the leadership of the late Hugo Chavez and current President Nicolas Maduro -- for the first time in Venezuela's history EFFECTIVELY  nationalized the Petroleum industry and directed the bulk of the country's enormous natural resources to developing programmes in public health, education, housing and food security, thereby radically lowering the poverty rate, eradicating illiteracy, and elevating virtually all human development indicators in Venezuela.
Furthermore, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela led the campaign to defeat the USA's neo-imperialist "Free Trade Area Of The Americas" and to establish in its stead the "prosper-thy-neighbor" Bolivarian Alliance For Latin America and the Caribbean (ALBA), the Petro Caribe Energy Cooperation Agreement, theCommunity of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), the Africa-South America Summit, the International Bank of the South (Banco Sur), and theTelevision Network of the South (Telesur), among many other initiatives.
But we are only too aware that none of these historic achievements have gone uncontested by those forces that wish a return to the bad old days of US multi-nationals and a wealthy Venezuelan elite controlling and gorging themselves on the country's precious petroleum resources!!!
The Bolivarian Government and people of Venezuela have had to contend with a broad and open conspiracy involving the State Department of the US Government, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) and its powerful Latin American right-wing media conglomerates, and the Venezuelan elite and their "Opposition" political forces led by the likes of Leopoldo Lopez, Corina Machado and Antonio Ledezma.
This ongoing and implacable conspiracy against the Bolivarian Revolution has been manifested in such abominable acts as the 2001 sabotage of the petroleum industry of Venezuela; the 2002 unsuccessful coup against then President Hugo Chavez; a 15 year campaign to engineer commodity shortages in Venezuela; the permanent propaganda war waged by the right-wing media; the 2013 La Salida (The Exit) campaign of orchestrated violent street protests; President Obama officially declaring Venezuela to be a threat to the national security of the USA; the 2015 Operation Jericho attempt at a violent military coup against President Maduro; and the list goes on and on.
It is against this background that WE --- citizens and leaders of civil society organizations of the Caribbean -- are saying that enough is enough! This criminal imperialist subversion of our sister Caribbean nation of Venezuela must come to an end now!
NAME                          ORGANIZATION               COUNTRY                             
1. David Comissiong    Clement Payne                  Barbados     
Clement Payne Chambers


Tribute to The King Of All Kings, H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, Jah, RasTafari!

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APC condemns PDP’s declaration of war against the Nigerian judiciary

APC condemns PDP’s declaration of war against the Nigerian judiciary

Posted by Nwaorgu Faustinus on October 26, 2015 at 7:38am

The Rivers State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has expressed shock over how the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] has launched out on large-scale smear campaign on the Nigerian judiciary following the recent court pronouncements that appear not to favour the PDP and their candidates at the various election petition tribunals especially the Akwa Ibom State and Rivers State governorship election petition tribunals.

“In what is unfolding as an all out war, the PDP National Working Committee [NWC], National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh and the various chapters of the PDP in Rivers and Akwa Ibom States, have already thrown every caution in the rule book to the wind in the way they are casting aspersions on the integrity of respected members of the bench whose only offence is that their meticulous and balanced judgments have exposed PDP’s fraudulent and violent escapades during the 2015 general elections”, Mr Chris Finebone, the Rivers State APC spokesman said in a press statement today.

The APC said it is worried that a particular media outlet, the African Independent Television [AIT], owned and operated by a PDP Chieftain, has offered itself as the foremost platform for the PDP to execute its insidious smear campaign against the Nigerian judiciary.

The APC recalled that prior to last week, the APC have had a number of rulings go against the party and its candidates at the various national assembly election petition tribunals especially for Rivers State where over 90 percent of the rulings favoured the PDP and its candidates. Neither the APC National Working Committee [NWC] nor the various affected state chapters of the party came out to impugn the integrity of our judiciary. The APC took those outcomes with equanimity and proceeded on appeal in most cases without declaring and levying war on the judiciary the way the PDP is doing now.

Continuing the party said: “Particularly, the PDP and their members in Rivers State, including even lawyers, have since Saturday launched various bitter tirades against the character and integrity of the Rivers State Election Petition Tribunal members. Some have openly tried to establish family and marital relationship between the tribunal chairman and some top government officials, knowing same to be false, mendacious and malicious. The APC is still stunned that the Spokesman of the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Opunabo Inko-Tariah would state that, “The tribunal has delivered the ruling it was asked to deliver.” The APC condemns this kind of unguarded vituperation by a government official against a tribunal of eminent judges.”

“In summary, the APC understands that by turning to destroy the Nigerian judiciary, the PDP is only employing its usual tactics of intimidation and blackmail whenever their members find themselves at the wrong end of the law, whether over corruption cases or electoral matters as is the present case. This motive common with bandits and buccaneers have proven to fail the PDP in the past and will surely fail them this time around” the statement concluded.

A Series of Discussions with African American Leaders Who Played Key Roles in the African Freedom Struggle Part 1: The New Ark School (NAS)

A Series of Discussions with African American Leaders Who Played Key Roles in the African Freedom Struggle Part 1: The New Ark School (NAS)

Often, when we discuss the African freedom struggles during the 1960s and 1970s, the discussion centers around the struggles, achievements, and people who were active in the Civil Rights Movement. During the same time, there were many other movements. One was the Black Power Movement. A number of leaders in that movement remain unsung heroes. In the following articles I will present twelve (12) African Americans Leaders in two parts. The first part will be a summary of their organization. The second part will be an interview with one of their leaders. First up is the New Ark School and a discussion with co-founder, Brother Bob Dixon (Akendole).
The New Ark School was a grassroots community organization that opened its doors in 1970 following the 1967 rebellion and Black Power Conference in Newark, New Jersey. The location of the school was the Central Ward in Newark, where the rebellion occurred. In that area, there was a concentration of high-rise 17-story apartments for low-income residents called “projects.” The majority of the adult residents in the apartments were high school dropouts. Crime was a significant problem in the area. It was so severe that, because of safety concerns, law enforcement officers often refused to enter the dwellings when in pursuit of someone who had just committed a crime. The New Ark School emerged out of a movement to gain community control of the public schools and social services agencies that served their community, and to reduce the violence in the area. The mission of the school was to identify and mentor indigenous leaders so they would have a greater voice in their community. The creation and expansion of program services at the school were driven by the needs of the population served. All programs services were provided free to residents. The first program the school offered was a high school equivalency (GED) program for high school dropouts. Many of the students that attended the classes were parents. They frequently missed classes because they did not have anyone to watch their children or funds to pay a childcare provider. To address the issue of childcare, the school established an early childhood learning center for their children. Because a significant number of students who enrolled in the high school equivalency program did not read at a high school equivalency (7th grade) level, they had difficulty completing the program. To address this problem, an adult basic education program for adults that functioned at a 5th grade reading level was established. Students, who needed it, could then begin in the ABE program, transition to the GED program, and graduate by successfully taking the GED test. The eligibility criteria for acceptance in the early childhood learning program was expanded to include all income-eligible children in the neighborhood because of the great need for childcare in the area. The childcare program subsequently expanded to include a primary school and a before and after school program for school age children. The after school program served a number of students who were referred to the program by the public schools because of behavior problems. This program became a day camp program that included both residential and non-residential components during the summer months. The school soon expanded and opened a residential treatment facility for teenage youth who had been diagnosed as socially maladjusted or emotionally disturbed. The majority of the youth were referred by a youth center, which was a prison for adjudicated youth. The two remaining initiatives of the school were continuing education classes for adults such as photography classes, martial arts, African dance, and nutrition classes; and, community education such as an annual Marcus Garvey festival to enhance awareness in Newark. Based on its development and expansion, it is apparent that the New Ark School responded to Black needs in Newark from the 1960s to the 1980s.
Many of the independent Black schools that emerged during the period were managed by umbrella organizations (such as the Chad School by the Black Youth Organization and the African Free School by the Committee for Unified NewArk). This was not true for the New Ark School. The school, however, was led by Black Power activists who established an informal cadre. The co-leaders of the School were Robert Dixon and Kennedy Wilson. Other members of the cadre included Juanita Wilson, Jeannette Robinson, Kinaya Sokoya (me), and John Wilson. Kennedy Wilson and Robert Dixon were responsible for development; Jeannette Robinson oversaw the administrative and development functions of the School; Juanita Wilson and I were responsible for program development and implementation, and John Wilson was in charge of property maintenance and procurement. Four of the individuals above - Kennedy Wilson, Robert Dixon, Jeannette Robinson, and I served as executive directors during the life of the school. One by one, members of the cadre resigned to pursue other interests (e.g. higher education). It was difficult to find replacements that had the same passion and commitment to the School. The last person in the cadre left the school in 1982. Unfortunately, the individuals who followed us were unable to manage the grants that were the life-blood of the school and, in 1987, the school closed due to lack of funding (Sokoya, 2013).
A Discussion with Robert Dixon (Akendole): Co-founder of the New Ark School
1. What are your memories of the Black Power Movement during this period?
To me, the 60s meant the riots in Newark and the rest of the country and started me on a journey to try to make things better for the people in the community where the New Ark School was started. I think it's important to understand the starting of the New Ark Program. It was through the Department of Community Affairs that a lady named Katherine Evilepski and a priest named Robert Ulesky, started a program of para-professionals. They established three schools - one in Newark, one in Jersey City, and one in New Brunswick using paraprofessionals to run the programs. New Ark School started under the leadership of Lawrence Holder, a young lady named Jean Johnson, and me. The New Ark School started out as a high school equivalency program to deal with dropouts from the Newark public school system. We started with 50 students. We registered them in the GED program and prepared them to take entrance exams for colleges. The program was successful that first year and when we saw the need to expand the program because of the many problems that were in the community, the School was transformed from a high school equivalency program to a multi-faceted resource center. This changed the direction of the School tremendously. It became a cultural entity providing all kinds of services for the people in the community – jobs; we provided information about sickle cell anemia, we got our people tested for that. We expected our board through a banker and Morris, a successful merchant, to help us and give us more credibility. That's some of the things that started the Program.
2. Please share any information you have on the goals and plans emanating from the Black Power Conference of 1967 that took place in Newark, New Jersey.
I didn’t attend. I wasn't on board in 1967. We came into existence in September 1970. I was working in the post office at the time and I left the post office to work full time as a mathematics and reading comprehension teacher.
3. Were you active with any organizations and, if so, what organization(s), in what capacity, and for what period of time?
Lawrence Holder was the first director (of New Ark School). Lawrence got the opportunity to go to Brown (University) and after a year (at New Ark), he said, "I'm out of here, man. You got it." I said, “Got what?” He said, “You got this program.” I had no idea of where to go with this. And so, he gave me some information about getting an accountant to make sure all of the money was accounted for. Every time, I spent a dime, put a receipt in the bag and at the end of the month, take the bag to the accountant. And, when the people came, and they would come, they going to check on what I did with the money. And so, we hired an accountant. We sent them to him to answer their questions. I did that and he went about his business. After the first year that I ran the program, we got it funded again. Kennedy Wilson was out of work and he passed by the school one day looking for a job and I said, "What can you do?" He said, “I've got some administrative skills,” which I needed. So, he came in and after he looked at our files and all of the letters of commendations we had received, he said, “You have, a gold mine here, man, and I can help.” So I hired him and gave him half the money - of what I made, and created a spot for him. We got involved with CFUN (Committee for Unified Newark) and Amiri Baraka for help to develop a whole cultural stream for those that would come through our doors. We changed the concept of the New Ark School by adding a cultural aspect to the educational projects we had when we first started. We then got involved with Don Saunders and the program that he conducted for AT&T, Bell Labs. Some of their staff used to come to the school for training. The purpose of the program was to raise the consciousness of White people in the corporate arena so they would provide upward mobility for Blacks in their company by opening doors for them to go from the mail room to management positions. The program came out of a consent decree that came out of Washington. Don Saunders and Tim Harvey were instrumental in partnering with the New Ark School to provide a vehicle when these people, these directors and other managers from AT&T, would come to Newark as a part of their experience. We would take them and show them around the city of Newark, the destruction of the city, show them the problems that were created through neglect of the needs of the people. They had a different outlook because they had never experienced the Black experience. Many of them were coming from different parts of the country to AT&T and they had no knowledge of the Black experience. So, Tim and Don used the New Ark School as a vehicle to enlighten them on the problems faced in Black communities all over the country. We were just a prototype of the struggle that Black people were facing and the challenges that we had to overcome during the time and struggles after the riots.
We contacted Leon Moore, Founder of the Chad School, and Milt Campbell. They became a part of our cultural expansion. We got involved with them and they helped us tremendously in and providing information with regards to our child care program. They helped us put together a program to get the parents more involved in helping to shape the direction for the children. So, Chad was very helpful to us. Prudential (Insurance Company) provided some money to help us go forward. Also the Victoria Foundation gave us money in the initial years of the program. There was a lot of involvement from the corporate section and we received a stipend from AT&T for their participation in our program. Hoffman La Roche gave us a lot of equipment for our science laboratory.
4. What global events influenced the formation and activities of the New Ark School?
The Black Nationalist movement that was prevalent in Africa was our source of inspiration. The Black Nationalist movement (in the US) came through Amiri Baraka. We were tied to him. During the weekends, New Ark prepared flyers that went out to the community to help get the people ready to go out and vote. That was the part of the school that got politically involved in waking up the community to the power of the community - the power of the people. The students of SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee), Stokely Carmichael, and all these organizations were coming to the forefront and were driving the direction of the Black community throughout the country. It changed the way people were thinking. Activists wore dashikis and had big afros. The lifestyle and thought patterns (of Black people) were changed in the big cities and throughout the country during that time.
5. What were the strengths and challenges of the New Ark School?
New Ark’s High School Equivalency Program sent all of its students to college the first year. There were so many things going on. Kids were dropping out of school at such a tremendous rate and there was no place for them to go. That's what sparked the State not to limit itself to using professional teachers but also using paraprofessionals that had potential skills. Lawrence was the one with the degree. It was initially an organization run by paraprofessionals.
The one time we had a problem or the potential for a problem was when men from the State came to the School and saw these Black images, Black murals and photographs in the child care center where the big room was downstairs and the hallway going up the stairs from the first to the second floor. They questioned whether White children or people were allowed to come to the School. We had an answer for that. “Yeah, they could come but they didn't want to. Because, where we were located, they were afraid.” One of them said there were all of these Black people on the walls and that’s not allowed by the State. So I said, “Come on outside." We went outside and he looked around. I asked him, "How many people do you see that look like you?"
6. What were the accomplishments of the New Ark School?
When the public school teachers went out on strike, we took our students and sent them over to the ___________ School. We were there with the kids that would come to school during the strike. We got a big write up in the paper about that. The other programs (that were created in two other cities) folded after one year but we survived after the initial year and we got favor because we were successful in getting all of our students into college. The crown of our success was Bebee Wilson. She went to NYU, got a full scholarship, and changed her masters degree as a result of her starting and going to the New Ark School. She was the great success. She came back and worked in the child care center at the New Ark. She was New Ark's first student.
We raised the consciousness of Whites from Bell Laboratories. We took them on tours. We would walk down Springfield Avenue to Sidney's Restaurant for lunch. They would stop at the door (of the restaurant) and we said we are going to go in here. And we would say, “Come in. Come on in.” They were afraid. We made sure they ordered food. Sidneys sold pastrami and roast beef sandwiches. The food was excellent. I would make them all pay and leave a big tip. They would sit there shaking in their boots and were very grateful to us for protecting them. It was an eye-opener for a lot of them.
New Ark Prep (a residential center) was an accomplishment that was established by the New Ark School. One thing that helped us was the New Ark School was the first organization in Newark that was allowed to go into the youth (detention center) to counsel the juveniles that were there. We were the first organization that was allowed to take the kids and... They (the detention center) provided the students for the New Ark Prep - the Youth House in Newark. They came out of the system. They were a step away from going to jail. They were considered incorrigible. We had 20 boys and 20 girls. The colleges were open to receive students coming out of informal institutional environments and giving them an opportunity to go further in their education. This was based on the fact that the youth went to a community school, an alternative school and showed an aptitude to do better. They were encouraged to do better and raised their self-esteem to the point where they would go out and achieve what the system said they couldn't.
We had a traveling summer program and after school program. We were able to take the kids out of Newark to the beach and we put them on a ferry. We went to a farm in upstate New York and down to Wall Street. We took them to the Yoruba Village in South Carolina. We took them to DC. I've been told that, “There is nothing out here now like the Newark School. “I heard that from Zakariah when I was interviewed by him on his radio program. Cheyenne still calls me. He came to an event. He is an artist. He opened an art gallery downtown in Newark. I am in touch with him. Every now and then I'll run into somebody. I ran into one of the students named George over in Newark. I was at a food place and he was there. I was talking to the fellow that was with me. George said, “Bob, this is me, George, from the New Ark School.” I remembered him and his friends coming to the School together. They were the second and third students at the School. He had a business selling perfumes and men's articles. His business was doing well. He said, "It's good to see you. Thanks for the experience." I'm grateful to know that people out there remember, and it's been 50 years.
7. What do you know about COINTELPRO?
I remember it vaguely. There's a brother from a church in Newark that's constantly bringing into the conversation COINTELPRO. It's to the point where they can pinpoint you anywhere in this country. It's down to showing your house and the inside of your house using satellites. We had (a few) problems with the FBI. There was a brother that was part of the Black Panther Party who came to the school. He didn't have a place to stay so I let him stay down in the basement to watch the building at night. The FBI showed up one Friday asking to speak to me. I wasn't there at the time. That Saturday, I was on my way to Bloomfield College to take some literature and let them know about the School. Rosetta went with me. She told me when went back to the School, "See that car across the street?” It had two White guys sitting in it. "Those are the guys who stopped by the School yesterday looking for you." I said, “Let me go see what they want.” I went over and knocked on the window. I said, “My name is Bob Dixon. I understand you guys were looking for me yesterday." He said, “We can't talk to you right now. We're undercover." Two White guys sitting in the community undercover. How can two White guys sit in the community and not be found out? They came back Monday. They showed me a bunch of photographs and asked if I knew any of the people in the photos. I said, "No, I don't know any of these guys." Then they gave me a card and went away. They watched us for a while. After about a month, they went away. We used to meet every morning at 6 o'clock.
There were about eight brothers: Kenny, myself, a brother from NY... I can't think of the names of the other brothers. But we would all meet and plan a strategy to launch the New Ark Prep program. We met every morning at 6 o'clock. And, you know how the police felt about a bunch of Black guys coming together. They would be watching us each morning. When we came in, I would always greet them, "How are you folks doing today?" That was to let them know that we were aware they were on their job.
8. What is the current status of the New Ark School?
It closed in 1986.
9. How did the activities of the New Ark School affect colleges and universities on campuses and in the community?
We were on Rutgers Advisory Board for their new students program. We served a few years on their Board. We had our own radio program on two stations - one in Newark (WNJR) and another on W... We would air a program on Saturday for an hour in the White community and air another program on Saturday for 15 minutes on the Black community station. So, the School got a lot of exposure through the media during those first four years. We would talk about programs that were part of the New Ark experience. Lloyd Henry (Ciuzi), developed the children's program that we aired. It was like a skit. After he came on board, we aired a program every week. He also worked with us over the summer in 1972. He added another dimension to the program. Brother Wabembe did the painting in the hallway.
10. Did the New Ark School’s activities affect the development of Black student organizations and, if so, how?
One brother who was a graduate of New Ark School was very political. He's the only one I actually remember. College students came in and volunteered through Essex County College when J. Harry Smith was the president of the college. He provided resources and had an open-door policy for the students at New Ark School. As many students as we sent with their GED completed, he would find space in the school for them to continue their education. J. Harry Smith was very important. He told me "Whatever you need, the college is available for you to just come and take advantage to the max of all of the resources we have.” “We got a lot of (first generation) students enrolled into that program. Dr. Jackson, the Dean of African Studies at Essex County College, became a member of our Board.
11. Did New Ark School’s activities affect the development of Black studies departments at higher education institutions and, if so, how?
I think New Ark had a lot to do with that because we talked about the Black Movement going forward and the significance of the Black leaders that were emerging through SNCC. We talked about H. Rap Brown. We formed a group called the New Ark Ensemble. We used to go around. Lawrence had written a lot of poems. We put his poems to music and we went out to sing revolution. We appeared on stage with Dick Gregory. We sang ...and he was a good speaker at that program. So the brother was what was happening. We used to go over to Keane College and rehearse. We had students from Keane College in our program.
12. Are you aware of any activities, programs, or benefits to higher education That resulted from the efforts of the New Ark School or other organizations in the Black Power Movement during the period from 1960 – 1980? Do they still exist today?
What developed from our involvement in Newark was a sense of togetherness of trying to achieve a common ground, a platform on which we could build more unity in the community. There were a lot of things happening that was so negative during the time of our struggle in Newark. We had to project a different kind of image. There was a lot of involvement all over Newark where different organizations were trying different kinds of services. We were able to bring them all together for the common good so whenever somebody Black had a need, they would call the New Ark School and we would direct them to resources. Talk about networking - we were on the ground floor. Now we talked about the change in clothing and change in attitude. That's been lost. That whole concept has been lost over the years. There's no more zeal and there's no more fire. It's like the fire has not gone out because there's still something to remember; but, for the most part, the Black community has gone backwards instead of going forward. We see that our children are without jobs, the education system is failing, and the curriculum that is being taught is not directed toward raising the consciousness of all people, including White and Black. By and large, the press, same thing we talked about. You don't find the struggle of Black people in the history books. Malcolm X, Farrakhan, and, Muhammad Ali; from a political perspective, they looked at as being very negative. The President of the US (Obama) is a whipping boy for the White establishment and they publicly denounce him and make him look like a fool. The walls on my basement have the slave narratives and so the question is how far have we come since 1863 as a people?
13. Are there other persons you feel would provide helpful information on this topic?
Most of the people that came through with me have gone on.
14. I am collecting information on the sequence of events leading to the development of the first Black student union and the first Black studies department at San Francisco State University. Are there experiences at other colleges or universities that you feel would be informative?
Seton Hall. Aaron Campbell ran the Black Studies Program at Seton Hall. We were able to go on campus and we would have permission to give some direction and help to get our students into their program. He's still around.
Epilogue: All of the members of the cadre at the New Ark School are now retired. Akendole Dixon continues to live in New Jersey. He is a pastor. Kennedy Wilson lives in the state of Washington, Jeannette Robinson lives in Georgia, Juanita Wilson lives in New Jersey, John Wilson lives in New York, and I live in Maryland. We all agree that our sojourn at the New Ark School was one of the best times in our lives. Black people still need organizations like this more than ever.

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Why do Black women have a hard time finding a man?

Why do Black women have a hard time finding a man? 

Atiya The Marriage Strategist explains the reasons why black women are single.

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Putin 2, US/NATO 0

From The Ramparts~ by Junious Ricardo Stanton ~                                    
                         Putin 2, Obama/ NATO 0
              "In a bid to strengthen the Russian air campaign, another Syrian ally -- China -- is now planning to deploy Shenyang J-15, a carrier-based fighter aircraft, in Syria. 
Several reports have stated that Beijing has agreed to join the Russian air campaign. The development has come mere days after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told a UN Security Council meeting that the world can no longer afford to stand by and look on with folded arms but must also not 'arbitrarily interfere' in the Syrian crisis."

            Shorty after addressing the United Nations General Assembly Russian President Vladimir Putin asked for and received a vote by the Russian Parliament to begin operations to oust fanatical jihadists in Syria most of whom were trained, armed, funded and supported by the US and its allies. The US and NATO's aim is to toppled the Bashar al-Assad regime. Putin and his allies Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah and soon China have drawn a line in the sand and indicated they will no longer stand idly by and allow the West and its Wahhabi fanatic surrogates to wreck havoc in Syria.
            Unlike the US and their jihadist pawns and patsies who have been trying to destabilize and oust Al-Assad for going on five years, the Syrian government formally asked Putin for help. Syria is a trading partner and ally of Russia and Putin has been supplying support to al-Assad in the form of tactical intelligence which has helped Assad's forces thwart the efforts of the US and its allies to implement regime change in Syria like they did in Libya, Iraq, Ukraine and Yemen. 
            In its arrogance hypocrisy and hubris the US tried to create a No Fly Zone in Syria like they did in Libya. But Putin stepped in and undermined the Americans' reason to take Assad out for supposedly gassing his citizens. Where have we heard claims like that before? Remember Saddam Hussein and WMDs?  Putin stepped in and convinced the Assad government to destroy all of its poison gas. Assad agreed thereby averting what the US and its NATO thug allies did to Iraq and Libya. But that did not stop the Western imperialists
            It turned out the jihadist fanatics in the employ of the US and its Western allies were the ones who used the poison gas on Syrian civilians but in the meantime Putin was able to temporarily derail the West's crime rampage in the region. Undeterred Obama increased US aid and support to his jihadist puppets just like the US did to Osama bin-Laden in the 1980's. The US found itself giving money and support to al-Qaida and with a straight face called them "moderate rebels". Meanwhile ISIS, ISIL and a bunch of other stooges were wrecking havoc in Syria, Iraq and parts of Turkey. The goal is to destabilize the whole region so the US and its regional allies Israel and the feckless Gulf States like: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and  the United Arab Emirates would hold sway as vassals of the West and Israelis.
            But Putin intervened and prevented the West from making Syria a No Fly Zone. Score one for Putin and give Obama and the Axis of Evil zero. Now that Putin has sent ships into the Mediterranean Sea, set up a forward airbase in Syria and  started bombing the crap out of ISIS, ISIL and the other jihadists; the US is having conniptions. The corporate mind control apparatus right on cue has ratcheted its demonization of Putin, obfuscating the facts on the ground even showing bogus footage of civilian deaths and damage , pictures that were taken hours before Russian planes ever took off on their missions.
            Meanwhile the US has to scramble to explain and spin the fact US and NATO airstrikes hit a hospital in Kunduz Afghanistan killing and wounding innocent civilians, which is a bona fide war crime!  Obama complaining about Russian attacks on his jihadist stooges while killing innocent sick and wounded people in Afghanistan is like the kettle calling the pot black.
            Putin has sent advisors, troops planes, ships and tactical support to Syria. He is waging war from the air while Iranian, Syrian, Iraqi and Hezbollah troops on the ground do the mop up work to roust, kill or capture ISIS, ISIL and the other jihadist fanatics. Putin just dispatched his elite Special Ops troops to Syria. Remember how Obama and his lapdogs took it upon themselves to supposedly go after  ISIS? Well Putin has accomplished more in less than a week then the US and its allies have been able to do in years! And now China is entering the fight on the side of  Assad and Syria. Chalk another one up for Putin, put down another slap at the US Axis of Evil.
            Putin is not a poseur or pretender. He is a legitimate leader who is tired of US belligerence and bullying. His actions in Syria, his restraint in Ukraine and his attempts to form a real coalition to go after terrorists are a stark contrast to the US jingoism and hypocrisy. Putin told the world when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly last month there has to be openness and cooperation rather than coercion. "In fact, the Islamic State itself did not come out of nowhere. It was initially developed as a weapon against undesirable secular regimes. Having established control over parts of Syria and Iraq, Islamic State now aggressively expands into other regions. It seeks dominance in the Muslim world and beyond. Their plans go further. The situation is extremely dangerous. In these circumstances, it is hypocritical and irresponsible to make declarations about the threat of terrorism and at the same time turn a blind eye to the channels used to finance and support terrorists, including revenues from drug trafficking, the illegal oil trade and the arms trade. It is equally irresponsible to manipulate extremist groups and use them to achieve your political goals, hoping that later you’ll find a way to get rid of them or somehow eliminate them.
            I’d like to tell those who engage in this: Gentlemen, the people you are dealing with are cruel but they are not dumb. They are as smart as you are. So, it’s a big question: who’s playing who here? The recent incident where the most “moderate” opposition group handed over their weapons to terrorists is a vivid example of that. We consider that any attempts to flirt with terrorists, let alone arm them, are short-sighted and extremely dangerous. This may make the global terrorist threat much worse, spreading it to new regions around the globe, especially since there are fighters from many different countries, including European ones, gaining combat experience with Islamic State. Unfortunately, Russia is no exception. Now that those thugs have tasted blood, we can’t allow them to return home and continue with their criminal activities. Nobody wants that, right?
            Russia has consistently opposed terrorism in all its forms. Today, we provide military-technical assistance to Iraq, Syria and other regional countries fighting terrorist groups. We think it’s a big mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian authorities and government forces who valiantly fight terrorists on the ground. We should finally admit that President Assad’s government forces and the Kurdish militia are the only forces really fighting terrorists in Syria. Yes, we are aware of all the problems and conflicts in the region, but we definitely have to consider the actual situation on the ground."  Go to; to read the full text of Putin's UN speech. Putin told it like it was for the whole world to see.
            Things are looking up for Assad but the banksters and warmongers in New York Washington London, Tel Aviv and Riyadh are not liking these developments one bit. But there is little they can do about it because the Syrian government invited Putin to come in and help his beleaguered  forces maintain order. Keep in mind al-Assad was overwhelmingly reelected in 2014 by his people even in the midst of a US backed attempt to oust him!  
            Obama and his handlers talk about Assad violating the human rights of his people?! How can Obama say anything to anyone about human rights violations, he is the mad bomber using drones and missiles to kill innocent civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria?!  What about Obama reigning over the largest gulag system in the world? What about the indigenous North American people the US government still keeps locked up in concentration camps they call "reservations"? What about Ferguson, what about the systemic racism that is endemic within US culture?
            Don't depend on the corporate mind control apparatus for your news about the world, seek other sources. Don't believe the hype about Putin. While he is no saint he's not the Hitler the Western press is painting him out to be. Remember  the top US industrialists and bankers financed and backed Adolf Hitler and his fascist regime in Germany! The Russian people made major sacrifices during WWII and were the real reason the allies won the war.  The US press is dogging Putin just like they dogged Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr and anyone else who decides he or she is no longer going to go along with the 1%'s  and their flunkies' okey-doke.
             So if you're keeping score on Syrian situation it's Putin, sovereignty and peace 2, Obama destabilization and the warmongers 0.

Get more from Junious Ricardo Stanton at: 

Alton H. Maddox, Jr. - The Freedom Party to deliver a special message ( RE: disenfranchisement) to residents of Washington, DC

As published on TheBlackList

The Freedom Bus will be arriving in the nation's capital on October 24, 2015 to deliver a special message to its residents on the campus of the historic Howard University. All blacks in the United States share the same plight as the residents of the District of Columbia. They are disenfranchised given the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Shelby Co. Ala. v. Holder. This was a class action against all blacks.

Although the Fifteenth Amendment had been ratified in 1870, it was a toothless piece of legislation without an enabling clause. Countless lives were lost in the struggle to enjoy voting rights. This came after "Bloody Sunday," on March 7, 1965, on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma and the subsequent march from Selma to Montgomery later in March 1965.

President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in August. Integrationists, who are antithetical to ethics, squandered this struggle for citizenship. Blacks must undertake a different course of action. This course of action must wipe out the aims and objective of the NAACP.

The Freedom Party can only be an effective vehicle for change if "birds of a feather flock together." Slow starters must be excluded. Any member of the Freedom Party's Steering Committee must share my political acumen. This fact is not novel. The founders of the Democratic Party are Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

That being the case, I am asking the Steering Committee including, but not limited to, the members listed below, to draft the title and the message (minimum of 1500 words essay) that Min. Louis Farrakhan should have delivered on October 10, 2015 at the 2015 Million Man March.

This essay should be published by this Steering Committee no later than on Monday, October 19, 2015. "Justice or else" should not be used to reflect the specific philosophy of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. HELP (History Ethics Logic Philosophy) is the key.

Shelby County Ala v. Holder was a class action. There should be a class response. No one who is concerned about the legacy of our revered ancestors should pretend that we are citizens of any land. We are constitutional squatters in the United States.

Blacks have not even sought the status of political refugees. In the meantime, the groundwork is being laid for political refugees from other countries to take our space in a land that we, as uncompensated laborers, built. Force is indisputable. Courts should take judicial notice.

Under natural law, which is the basis for American jurisprudence, there is a duty for every right. There is also a tax for a lack of preventive justice. "The business of America is business." In accounting, this means that debits must equal credits. White supremacy requires that whites must be ethical rather than moral. In 1868, blacks were given a peace pipe laced with dynamite.

White supremacists gave this message to all blacks: "Love it or leave it." Most blacks refuse to leave the United States. The net result has been state-sponsored terrorism. I have put myself in the middle. My people are now demanding that I become the sacrificial lamb.
Alton h. Maddox, jr. Tel.: (718) 834-9034 Chairman Fax : (718) 884-8241
United African Movement
P.O. Box 35
Bronx, NY 10471

Freedom Party in D.C. Next Weekend ©
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Shades of Truth Theatre is now holding Auditions for "A Whistle in Mississippi:The Lynching of Emmett Till"

Shades of Truth Theatre is now holding Auditions for its 2015-2016 season.
Posted by SendMeYourNews 
 A Whistle in Mississippi:The Lynching of Emmett Till by Michael Green & Daniel Carlton  
According to several versions, Emmett whistled at a white woman and others say he grabbed her hand and asked for a date; others say all he did was say “Bye, baby” as he left the store. This play explores the impact of the untimely death of Emmett Till and the powerful ripples of change that transformed America but also introduces a young boy whose vibrant personality, and charismatic disposition always left a wrinkle in the forehead and smile on your face and that is what will be forever missed.
We are looking for strong Non-Equity performers who are available for weekend and daytime shows during the week. All shows are with pay and travel stipend.  Equity Actors are encouraged to audition as some shows are being considered for Equity Showcase.


Character Breakdown:
Mose Wright 60 -70’s: Uncle to Emmett Till. Preacher / Farmer - He is somber and dignified.
Mamie Till Mobley 30’s – 40’S: Emmett’s Mother. Well spoken and articulate. She is Passionate as well as defiant.
 Emmett Till: (Physical Actor in early 20’s to play 14 year old) He is a Charismatic, Charmer who is also a born leader.  Emmett has a great sense of humor.
 Roy Bryant (White 25 – 30) He is a poor southern owner of a Grocery Store in Money Mississippi. He is accused of and later admits to kidnapping and murdering Emmett Till.
Carolyn Bryant (white 20 - 25) She is a former beauty queen and wife of Roy Bryant. A brief encounter with Emmett Till in the Grocery store owned by her jealous husband has dreadful consequences.

Audition Information: Please prepare a 2-3 minute monologue
(sides will also be provided)
646 488 9576

Monday, August 24, 2015

Support Dhoruba Bin Wahad Medical Fund

Dhoruba Bin Wahad, former political prisoner, original black panther party leader, author and global civil and human rights activist was recently injured during a brutal and unprovoked attack at a political event in Atlanta on August 8th, 2015.
This campaign is to help raise funds to cover the the 71 year old freedom fighters extensive medical and household expenses.

Bin Wahad was surrounded and severely beaten by a large group of men after he and another activist rose from the audience during the presentation and casually walked toward the stage to address the speaker during a question and answer session.

During the attack, Bin Wahad was choked from behind, pulled to the floor and savagely kicked, stomped and beaten by a crowd of between 25 to 30 men. A description of this incident can be seen below

After the attack, he sustained several serious injuries including a severe concussion, ecchymosis of both eyes, deep lacerations, and a broken jaw (in three places) that required an operation to wire his jaw and insert a titanium plate to stabilize the bone.   See pic.
Black Activists Clash In Atlanta when Malik Zulu Shabazz ordered NBPP members to remove Dhoruba Bin Wahad, former Black Panther Party political prisoner from meeting

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Join the Mobile Tour & Caravan Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Watts Rebellion

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Watts Rebellion. Join us as we observe and honor Black August Resistance with a Mobile History Tour of key sites of Struggle and Sacrifice, Resistance and Resilience, in South Los Angeles, Watts and Compton.

Bus/Car Caravan

GATHER: 11:30 AM ...

START: AFIBA Center, 5730 S. Crenshaw Blvd. between 57th St. and Slauson Ave., Los Angeles,
BEGIN/1ST STOP: Adams Blvd. and Montclair, site of LAPD ambush of the BPP  
FINISH/LAST STOP:  Woodlawn Cemetery in Compton (gravesite of Alprentice "Bunchy" Carter)

Attachment: Adams and Montclair.jpg
Description: JPEG image

Friday, August 14, 2015

A former Black Panther and the New Black Pathers clash in Atlanta, Dhoruba Bin Wahad hospitalized

Black Activists Clash In Atlanta when Malik Zulu Shabazz ordered NBPP members to remove Dhoruba Bin Wahad, former Black Panther Party political prisoner from meeting

On Saturday, August 8, 2015, a group of six Black Liberation Movement activists were violently attacked at a downtown Atlanta hotel. The group included members of the Free The People Movement, including their Coordinator, Kalonji Jama Changa, members of the Nation of Gods and Earths and Dhoruba Bin Wahad, the internationally recognized former Black Panther Party leader and political prisoner of 19 years. The group was jumped by 25 to 30 members of The New Black Panther Party at “The Power Belongs to the People 2015 Summit” in Atlanta, Georgia, an event hosted by the New Black Panther Party.
According to eyewitnesses, 71 year-old Dhoruba Bin Wahad and the others approached the side of the stage where attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz was speaking. While standing there, Shabazz, leader of the New Black Panther Party asked, “Who is that?” Bin Wahad replied, “You know who I am!” Shabazz responded “WAHAD! We’ll deal with you later!” Bin Wahad countered with “You can deal with me now…” Knowing that Dhoruba Bin Wahad was there with information that would publicly expose Shabazz’s government affiliations that contradict his stance as a Nationalist and activist for Black liberation, Shabazz immediately ordered the NBPP members in attendance to “Get his b*tch ass out of here!” At that point the whole group was mobbed and violently attacked by at least 25 members of the audience.
As they defended themselves, the men were struck with chairs and other objects. Bin Wahad’s jaw was broken in three places, one of his associates was choked unconscious and others received head gashes that required staples.
As of this release, Bin Wahad is undergoing a 6-hour surgery to reconstruct his jaw and the others have been treated and released. More details will follow as information is gathered.

For more Information:
Contact: New Afrikan Press International