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"Chinweizu: History of Pan-Africanism" - Register for this once-in-a-lifetime online class

History of Pan-Africanism I
To register for this once-in-a-lifetime class visit: https://goo.gl/Mn1xD5
Course Description & Syllabus
This History of Pan-Africanism Course is the first in a multi-sequence course based mostly on the forthcoming 7-volume book Pan-Africanism Revisited: A Neshni-centric and critical History by Chinweizu. The course, like the book, is an Inquiry into why Pan-Africanism failed in the 20th c. and into how to make it succeed in the 21st c. It is an investigative history as well as an applied history course. It isn’t just going to tell the story of Pan-Africanism. It will do so in a way that reveals insights and lessons to be applied in solving present problems so as to result in liberation for the Black race.
To register for this once-in-a-lifetime class visit: https://goo.gl/Mn1xD5
Course Title: History of Pan-Africanism I
Weekly Themes:
Week 1: What is Pan-Africanism? An overview
Pan-Africanism since the 1440s: the main phases and tendencies; issues of nomenclature and illegitimate projects.
(Study material: “Pan-Africanism Revisited--Prologue” by Chinweizu)
Week 2: Did 20th c. Pan-Africanism succeed or fail?
(Study material: “Pan-Africanism Revisited--Prologue” by Chinweizu)
Week 3: Why did it Fail? Key factors: (a) Lack of stocktaking and (b) Junk ideas
(a) Lack of stocktaking
Since 1937, when Garvey issued his report card on what the UNIA achieved from 1917 to 1937, no stock-taking has been done in Pan-Africanism. No stocktaking has been reported done at any of the Pan-African Congresses relating the current situation to the aims and projects of the founder conference of 1900, discussing how much had been achieved, how much was still outstanding, and whether or not they were still on course etc. Consequently, Pan-Africanists are unaware of their great failure, having accomplished only 21% of the agenda projects set for them by the 1900 conference.
Junk ideas (b1)
The name ‘African’ was adopted in ignorance of Africa’s relevant geography.
The use, in 1900, of the term ‘African’ in the name “Pan-Africanism” was an innocent error that later inadvertently opened a loophole for Continentalism.
(Study material: “Afrocentric or Neshnicentric”; “Pan-Africanism Revisited—Prologue”; “The CIAS/OAU definition of African”)
Week 4: Key Factors: Junk ideas (b2)
Continentalism: CUGN was a mission impossible
(Study material: “CUGN 1”)
Weeks 5 & 6: More junk ideas:
Balkanization—a pseudo-problem; and Continental Union Government Now, CUGN, a dangerous pseudo solution for Balkanization
(Study materials: “Balkanization”; “Is Continental Union Government necessary for the total liberation of Black Africa?”)
Week 7: Even more junk ideas:
African High Command was a fraud
(Study materials: “African High Command”)
Week 8: The way to succeed in 21st c.: Make two key changes
Change the project from African Unity to Black Power/Abibitumi;
Also change nomenclature: from African to Neshni
These two changes will morph African Unity Pan-Africanism into
Black Power/Abibitumi Pan-Neshnism
(Study material:” The Essential Garvey”; “Afrocentric or Neshnicentric”)
To register for this once-in-a-lifetime class visit: https://goo.gl/Mn1xD5
Course Duration: 8 weeks ; 120 mins per class session
Study materials extra: 10 texts @ $5 each= $50
Time of Day: 1400-1600 GMT
Promo Lecture: “What Slave Trade—Reply to Skip Gates” by Chinweizu
Date of Promo Lecture: Saturday, 04jan2017
Course Cost: $195 + $50 for course texts
Lecturer Pix and Biodata (Supplied)
Course Materials-–each by Chinweizu
(10 texts)
1 “Pan-Africanism Revisited—Prologue”
2 “Afrocentric or Neshnicentric”
3 “Afrocentric Rectification of terms 5”
4 “Political Biology of Racism”
5 “Niggerism and the Psychopathologies of the Race War”
6 “African High Command”
7 “Balkanization”
8 “CUGN 1”
9. “Is Continental Union Government necessary for the total liberation of Africa?”
10. “The Essential Garvey”
To register for this once-in-a-lifetime class visit: https://goo.gl/Mn1xD5
Chinweizu is a Black Power Pan-Africanist. He has had a lifelong commitment to the redemption of the Black Race. After his education in Mathematics (MIT) and History (SUNY/Buffalo), he chose to make his contribution by way of scholarship combined with public political education through journalism. He promotes the ideology of Neo-Garveyism, and advocates the creation of Garvey’s United States of Black Africa, USBA, an economic and military superpower that will serve as the core state (leader and protector) of the Black race, of black people wherever they may be in the world; just like China and Japan are the core states of the Yellow Race; and the USA and Russia are the core states of the White Race.
His published books include The West and the Rest of Us (1975); Invocations and Admonitions (1986); Decolonising the African Mind (1987); Voices from Twentieth-Century Africa (1988); Anatomy of Female Power (1990); Caliphate Colonialism: The Taproot of the Trouble with Nigeria (2015).
Because of his poor and declining health, he is praying to the gods and ancestors for just enough time to complete his last batch of Black Redemptionist works:
1. Pan-Africanist Wisdom, 1791-2013: selection from Pan-Africanist thinkers since Boukman;
2. Ubuntology: Groundwork for the Intellectual Autonomy of the Black World;
3. Pan-Africanism Revisited, 1442-2002: A Neshni-centric History;
4. On Niggerology: Investigations into the origin and possible cures for the Neshni-induced Nigger Mentality that’s the bane of the Black race.
5. the Definitive Edition of The West and the Rest of Us, 1415-1991.
In 2014 he received a Silverbird Lifetime Achievement Award.
To register for this once-in-a-lifetime class visit: https://goo.gl/Mn1xD5

SOURCE: Obadele Kambon PhD

Kwasi Akyeampong
646-820-3540 | http://theblacklist.net | Skype: kwasibility

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Sign the Petition to President Obama for Executive Clemency for Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Family and Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur
The week of October 10th, a petition for clemency for Dr. Mutulu Shakur was submitted to President Barack Obama. Please sign on here to show your support.
The acts of which Dr. Shakur stands convicted were committed in the context of a movement some forty to fifty years ago seeking equal treatment of black people who, it is widely recognized today, were suffering catastrophically from disenfranchisement, poverty and exclusion from many of the fundamental necessities that make life worth living. Black school children were being killed in church bombings. Black and other civil rights leaders were targeted for assassination. Law enforcement, through the COINTELPRO program, infiltrated a wide range of organizations and civil rights groups disrupting their activities and, as Congressional investigation later discovered, often causing violent reactions. In that era, black youth were paralyzed with fear that smothered their dreams, they doubted their life expectancy, and were forced to submit to abuse, runaway or challenge the threat.
Dr. Shakur has served over thirty years in custody, been unjustly denied parole eight times in a documented discriminatory manner, taken full responsibility for his actions, served as a force for good and alternative dispute mechanisms throughout his decades of incarceration, is an elder with multiple health complications, and has a loving family that needs him, even moreso after his former wife, Afeni Shakur, passed away in May.  Upon release he will continue to inspire people to seek self-improvement through peaceful and constructive means, as he has done while incarcerated, as he did with his late son Tupac.
In his own words, “For many years I have been a staunch advocate for the establishment of a truth and reconciliation process to address issues of racial and economic disparities. I have been influenced by examples in South Africa, Latin America, Northern Ireland and here in the United States of efforts at restorative justice through the pursuit of truth and reconciliation …
I cannot undo the violence and tragedy that took place more than thirty years ago. But for several decades while incarcerated I have dedicated myself to being a healer, spreading a message of reconciliation and justice, and playing a positive role in the lives of those I come into contact with, in and out of prison …
This country is not the same country it was at the time of my conviction and I have lived long enough to understand the changes the country and I have undergone. I will always care about freedom and equality for black Americans, marginalized people and the lower classes in this country and abroad. The struggle was never about me, but for the will of the people.
This petition will be delivered to:

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Tour Ghana 2017: Explore Ghana's social & historic cultural scenes, networking & business opportunities


Have you ever wanted to visit the motherland?
Do you need a break from the 'matrix' and want to enjoy an exciting adventure abroad?
Do you enjoy off the beaten path and authentic (not touristy) travel experiences?
Are you a business person or entrepreneur interested in expanding to Africa?

This Trip is for you!

Join us on this exciting 10 day adventure to Accra, Ghana one of Africa's most vibrant cities for an incredible social, cultural and historical adventure from an insiders view.

What's Included in this 10-Day Experience:

Roundtrip Airfare from New York to Accra
Hotel and Accommodations
Group Ground Transportation
Daily Breakfast
Cultural Exchanges
Business Networking
Cocktail Reception
Live Music
Historical Tours
Water Sports
Language Lessons

Let us know your business interests for one-on-one peer matching for intimate insights and network associations.

Including travel to nearby cities/beaches: Kokrobite, Ada Foah, Aburi, and Cape Coast/Elmina.

$2599 for double occupancy accommodations. Single room for additional fee.


Payment plan is available. All major credit cards accepted.

Find out more info: https://www.wetravel.com/trips/experience-ghana-accra-loves-accra-69602775

Order Sweet Unity Farms Coffee from David Robinson's Tanzanian farm and make #BlackDollarsMatter

MATAH (Give & Buy Black) Kugichagulia (Self-determination)
Our great ancestor, KEN BRIDGES taught INTERNAL #Reparations...14 years ago today, 10-11, KEN was assassinated during the D.C. sniper attacks!
Pls support the Billion $ March movement by re-directing your spending on Black made products #BuyBlackProducts. 
Again, pls let me know what Black made products you currently use so that I can add to our directory.
Who do you know that drinks coffee?  Pls fwd this email to help us re-direct $10M on Sweet Unity Farms coffee. 
Sweet Unity is a Tanzanian company owned by David Robinson, JACKIE ROBINSON's (baseball player, son).
You may click the link below to learn more about this supreme company and to place your order or you may buy direct from me. 
This coffee will make a great Holiday gift, too.  If we take action NOW, in December (during Kwanzaa) we really will have something to celebrate.  
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Try ALMOND-licious! ICE Supreme
1st Nut-Based, Gluten-Free Sorbet

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The National Black Women's Political Convention 2016, Philadelphia, September 22-25

Posted by SendMeYourNews on July 28, 2016 at 7:10am in Bulletins

The Time Has come for Black Women To Unite, 
Be Well Organized, and To No Longer Be Exploited, Cooped, Compromised, Mesmerized, Deterred, or Hoodwinked By Anything or Anyone....
The Time Has Come To Honor Great Black Women Who Courageously and Unconditionally Lead  The Movements for Real Freedom & Justice.
In the Spirit of: 
Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ida B. Wells, Queen Mother Moore, Mamie Till, and a host of others           "Lest We Forget"
                         AND WE WILL MAKE SURE OF IT...

Calling Our "Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters of the(Freedom,  Justice & Liberation) Movements 
Take A Stand With Us and Help Represent Those Whose Voices Are Too Often Not Adequately Heard.  
Help Us Build With Our Brothers (Real Black Men), Our Families, and Communities Nationwide. 
Not Just in the Struggle for Civil Rights But  for Undeniable and Irrevocable HUMAN (& NATURAL) RIGHTS...
Help Us Build a New and Global Movement for Women and Girls of African Descent that will Independently Continue the Great Work and Legacies of Those (Freedom Fighters) Who Have Come Before Us, as Well as Those Who Are Among Us Today, and  In Preparation of Those Who Will Be Coming Tomorrow (In the Future) Represent 
The National Black Women's Political Convention 2016    will take place September 22-25, 2016 in Philly, PA
Delegates will be coming in from across the nation with 
  • Reports, Forums, & Workshops                                                       (Education, Incarceration,  Police and Governmental Terrorism,& Excessive Force, Gender Violence and Abuse, Manufacturing, Consumer Protection, Homelessness,  Reparations,               Finance, Wealth Building & Wealth Redistribution, Gentrification,,       Business & Entrepreneurship, Cultural Development, Land Acquisition, Farming/Agriculture Cooperative Endeavors, Health & Wellness, Children & Elders, Political Advancement, etc.
  • Proposed Action Plans  (Boycotts, Investments,Shifting of Dollars)
  • United Nations and African Union Briefings
  • Score Your Elected Official (Report Cards will be issued)
  • And more
This event is a Game Changer and the Beginning of a "NU Day"
To Be an Endorser, Presenter, Forum Partner, Advertiser, Exhibitor, or Volunteer contact::  nationalmwm@aol.com 
For additional information and updates tune in every Saturday night to the "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation" radio broadcast LIVE at 10:30 PM (Eastern Time)  online at: www.blogtalkradio.com/empresschior you can listen in by way of out Podcast by calling:: 646-652-2232

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Spend Thanksgiving Weekend In Jamaica at The One World Ska & Rocksteady Music Festival, Kingston

As posted on TheBlackList:- Come Give Thanks In Jamaica - One World Ska & Rocksteady Music Festival, Kingston - Soon! 
Ska & Rocksteady Music Festival For Kingston
Kingston, Jamaica the birthplace of Ska and Rocksteady music, two of the most popular musical genres played around the world today, will host the 1st Annual One World Ska & Rocksteady Music Festival on Saturday and Sunday, November 26 and 27, 2016 at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, in Kingston. Some of the leading entertainers of these two genres will be in performance from 3 PM to 3AM on the first day. A symposium on the originators of Jamaican music, two tours to Culcha Yard in Trench Town, and Downtown Kingston Music Heritage sites, and two documentaries on the genres will be on from 10 AM to 7 PM, on day 2.

Ska music, which was first played in 1963 by the Skatalites band in the Kingston recording studios, and night clubs, is today played by thousands of bands in the U.S.A., Europe, Japan, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. It will be the first time a music festival of this kind will be held in the birthplace of the music.
 Artistes performing include The Skatalites (USA), Soweto Ska Band (Spain), Marcia Griffiths (Jamaica), B.B. Seaton and the Gaylads (UK), Sparrow Martin and Skasonic (Jamaica), Brooklyn Attractors (USA), Leroy Sibbles former lead singer of the Heptones (Jamaica), Hugh Roy, the King of the Jamaican toasters, Derrick Morgan, the King of Ska music (Jamaica), and Stranjah Cole (Jamaica). Also in performance are some emerging ska and rocksteady bands; Yard Beat, Earth Cry, and the Alpha School Band, made up of students of the school that produced many of Jamaica’s great musicians, such as Dizzy Reece, Harold “Little G” McNair, Joe Harriot, Tommy McCook, Don Drummond, and Rico Rodriguez. Sound system selectors are Dexter Campbell “the Ska Professor”, and Roy Black of KLAS the Saturday Night Alternative, two leading musicologists. Other acts are expected to perform.
The festival is a production of Sounds & Pressure Foundation, in association with Fiwi Productions Inc. The Jamaica Tourist Board, and National Integrity Action are the major sponsors. Other sponsors are KSAC/UNESCO Creative Cities, Knutsford Court, the Courtleigh, and Pegasus Hotels, Happy Ice, POWER 106, KOOL FM, The Gleaner Company, Happy Ice, and Jamaica Cultural Development Commission.

“The 1st Annual One World Ska & Rocksteady Music Festival is a tactical move of Sounds & Pressure Foundation to position Kingston as a cultural tourism destination, and we have been working on it now going three years. Jamaica is the only country apart from the United States that has given the world multiple musical genres, in Jamaica’s case, four popular genres, Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, and Dancehall, and we believe this is of great cultural value as they all have impacted world culture. We therefore, want to bring world attention to Kingston, where Jamaica's popular music was born, and Ska, in particular has evolved into becoming far bigger and more accepted in several other countries, away from Jamaica,” stated festival director Julian “Jingles” Reynolds, CEO of both Sounds & Pressure Foundation, in Jamaica, and Fiwi Productions Inc. in the United States, at the festival launch recently in Kingston.

“Ska and rocksteady represents a great period of our renaissance…they are the cradle of that process...it is bringing back something we have been losing in this society… and so to identify with a music festival that celebrates that beginning and accentuates the role that that particular period has played in the development of our civilization today is very, very critical to us in tourism……it is building out the music experience as a discrete product for the world to come and enjoy, and pay for,” stated Jamaica tourism minister, the Honourable Ed Bartlett. The launch was also addressed by the Minister of Culture and entertainment, the Honourable Olivia “Babsy” Grange.

Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica was designated last December a UNESCO Creative City for its music. Both the government of Jamaica, and the local government of Kingston, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) are expecting to see the city benefit from this drive of cultural tourism. It’s stated by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) that over 10 million music lovers travel the world annually attending music festivals. As visitors go to Jamaica this
Thanksgiving Holiday weekend in the United States, to absorb the music, culture, food and the people, let it be a great experience for all.

This year’s festival is dedicated to Clement “Coxsone” Dodd, Arthur “Duke” Reid, Cecil “Prince Buster” Campbell, Chris Blackwell, Don Drummond, Rico Rodriguez, Marcia Griffiths, and the Alpha Boys School, who have all made major contributions to the development of Jamaican music. Presentations will be made.

Contact our website or email 
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BLACK IS BACK: The Incredible Story Behind the Relaunch of the First Parenting Magazine for Black Parents

Posted by Joyful Living Coaching on June 21, 2016 at 10:25am

 Successful Black Parenting magazine, originally founded in 1993 and launched in 1995 with 35,000 issues, debuted as the first national print magazine for African American parents. The founders closed the magazine in 1997. Twenty-one years later, they are bringing it back.
"The time is right to connect with issues being addressed by Black Lives Matter, like the way racism has resurfaced in our society, and to respond to the concerns and aspirations Black parents have about their children's future. There's also a vibrant spirit in our community that continues to work for a better world, so it's the perfect time to relaunch," said Janice Celeste, formerly Janice Robinson-Lopez, one of the founders and editor-in-chief of the magazine. "We started when my children were babies. Now, my three daughters are adults and successful in their career and family lives. I'm even a grandmother now." Success is key to everything Celeste does, right down to her own children. Her oldest daughter has her master's degree, another is a fashion designer and modeling agent, and her youngest daughter is supermodel, Sessilee Lopez, seen on Victoria's Secret runways and on the cover of Vogue. "All families need support. Black families are no different. Children also have to see positive images of themselves in the media," said Celeste, adding, "You cannot be what you cannot see."
"Recently, Janice and I have been saying, 'If we had had the resources we have today, the magazine would still be on newsstands,'" said Marta Sánchez, the magazine's co-founder and managing editor. Celeste agreed, "Today we have more connections, contacts and access to social media that can get the word out." Sánchez recalled, "This publication was our baby, we saw it walk, then run. At that time, we had just enough money to fail. We financed the venture with our money and donations from family and friends, but what we really needed was a million-dollar budget. We were like two fleas holding on to a bucking bull!"
Celeste and Sánchez have a big plan. The digital launch comes first with a crowdfunding campaign for research and development for print issues, which will launch in 2018. "Print is evolving," said Celeste. "It's definitely not dead. We have to cater to the needs of different readers, those who prefer digital and those who want to feel the quality of paper in their hands."
On the website, there is something for everyone. There are columns for single moms to grandparents.  "We are the voice of Black families," said Celeste, "Our magazine advocates for parents—all caregivers—and children. The magazine is just the start of much more to come."
For updates, sign-up on Successful Black Parenting's website atSuccessfulBlackParenting.com. The crowdfunding campaign is set to raise $20k for research and development. A second phase to raise $2m in venture capital is for the print publication. To contribute, visit Indiegogo.com or (http://bit.ly/SBPIndiegogo)
Contact: Janice Celeste
(424) 272-6717
NAPLES, Fla.June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

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The Annual Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Expo - Cultivate the Black Genius in Your Children - Atlanta

Black Conservatives disappointed by U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in the Fisher v. University of Texas Affirmative Action Case

Something's Fishy In Orlando

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Annual Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Expo - Cultivate the Black Genius in Your Children - Atlanta

Dr. Claud Anderson Addresses Black Homeschoolers, Parents, and Educators on Rearing Black Children for Economic Power
On the weekend of July 15-17, one can experience Dr. Claud Anderson, one of the foremost sought-after speakers on entrepreneurship, author of Powernomics and president of The Harvest Institute, a nationally recognized think tank that does research, policy development, education and advocacy to increase the self-sufficiency of Black America. Dr. Anderson will do a first of its kind live web address to Black homeschoolers, parents, and educators on developing the economic empowerment of Black children at The 2016 5th Anniversary Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo in Atlanta taking place at The Georgia Piedmont Technical College Conference Center.
According to Queen Taese, the founder of The Annual Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo, "The future of Black people depends on how we mentally groom our children surrounding money and wealth. We cannot only focus on our great African legacy that once was; our children must be equipped with the necessary mindset and skills, in order to be completely prepared to bring economic wealth and Black cultural prosperity to our communities."
According to Queen Taese, the founder of The Annual Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo, "The future of Black people depends on how we mentally groom our children surrounding money and wealth. We cannot only focus on our great African legacy that once was; our children must be equipped with the necessary mindset and skills, in order to be completely prepared to bring economic wealth and Black cultural prosperity to our communities."
Dr. Claud Anderson will give this live web address, which will also be broadcasted internationally via internet, over a Sunday Brunch at The 5th Anniversary Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo, a proven Black economic hub of Empowerment for Black Businesses that services the educational needs of Black homeschoolers, parents, and educators. In addition, there will be some of the country's most prominent Black entrepreneurs and educators such as Delxino and Deborah Wilson de Briano of Tag Team Marketing, Chike Akua of Success Quest Bootcamp, Aunkh Aakhu of Better Marketing Mastery, Michael Imhotep of the African History Network, Samori Camara of The Warrior Start Up, and DJ Jordan from Us Lifting Us, all under one roof. The focus areas will be The Keys to Successful Entrepreneurship, Family Financial Abundance, and How to Rear Black Children into Conscious Millionaires.
The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo provides all weekend training and workshops that focus on how to best cultivate Black children, as well as powerful networking, and a multitude of Black exhibitors with everything from Black books, curriculum materials, enrichment programs, and other resources that assist in "Cultivating the Genius in Black Children", which is the theme of this year's expo. For more information, one can visit http://www.liberatedmindsexpo.com/ or call 678-368- 8593.

The Mission To Educate Black Children Sparks A Match Made in Heaven - Nigeria's Bino and Fino @ Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Join the National Black Political Leadership Conference in Ferguson, Missouri for Phase 2 of a National Black Political Empowerment

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National Black Political Leadership Conference

On June 3rd and 4th, the Universal African Peoples Organization (UAPO) headed by longtime human rights activist, Zaki Baruti is calling upon all progressive and forward thinking political visionaries and activists to attend Phase 2 of its National Black Political Leadership Conference. This historic gathering will be held at St. Mark Family Church, 9950 Glen Owen, Ferguson, Missouri. It was at this site that many organizing meetings and rallies were held during the Ferguson uprisings sparked by the brutal shooting death of Michael Brown Jr. Also, the church pastor is Rev. Tommie Pierson, a Missouri State Representative. 

The conference is the second phase of a National Black Political Empowerment to achieve "Proportionate Political Representation." The first phase began in October 2015 when delegates from nine different states met to promote the concept of "Proportionate Political Representation." This concept simply means that whatever percentage as a people we are on the national, state and local levels of government; then we should have that percentage of political representation.

 As a direct outcome of the first conference, the UAPO was able to influence several prominent activists and spiritual leaders to become candidates for the powerful positions of the United States Senate, Governor, and Lt. Governor in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

The two United States Senate candidates are Monique Singh Bey, who is on the ballot in Kansas and Pastor Cori Bush who is on the ballot in Missouri. The two other Missouri statewide candidates are Bishop Eric Morrison campaigning for Governor and as Rev Tommie Pierson who is seeking the office of Lt. Governor. Each of the candidates are in the Democratic primary scheduled for August 2, 2016. 

Historically, Missouri and Kansas were the battleground states leading up to the American Civil War in 1861 ( Dred Scott Case which started in MO and Kansas which was one of the major hotbeds of the abolitionist movement). Accordingly, it is the contention of the UAPO that politically, Missouri and Kansas are the prototype for Black people advancing the concept of "Proportionate Political Representation" in the 21st century.

This is ever so important because in 2016, it is projected that Black people are 13% of the US population, yet of the 50 state governors,none are Black when we should have at least 6-7 (13%) and of the 100 US Senators only 2 are Black, when we should have at least 13 (13%). Overall, it is estimated that there are over 511,000 publicly elected officials, yet of this number only 10,500 are Black (2%) when we should have at least 66,000 plus (13%).

As taxpayers, obviously we are not receiving our fair share of representation that can lead toward economic and social justice, especially in light of the impact that the criminal/judicial system have on our people.

To vividly point out the need for "Proportionate Political Representation" on all levels of government including local; at the time of the tragic murder of Michael Brown Jr., in the community of Ferguson, MO its Black population was 65%. However, the Ferguson city council of six members had only one Black councilman. Accordingly, this arrangement led to a Ferguson police force of 54 members with only three being Black. This type of political imbalance is reflective of thousands of communities across this country and Black people are subsidizing this abnormal arrangement with their tax dollars.

The UAPO says that political arrangement must be ended and the concept of "Proportionate Political Representation" implemented. Accordingly, the St. Louis based organization looks forward to visionaries and activists attending the National Black Political Leadership Conference on June 3rd and 4th.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

See you in Ferguson, MO - The National Black Political Leadership Conference-Phase 2 - Theme: "Achieving Proportionate Political Representation"

The Universal African Peoples Organization (UAPO) Issues A Clarion Call To All Progressive and Forward Thinking Visionaries and Activists. This Clarion Call Is Inclusive of Elected Officials, Candidates, the Spiritual and Economic Community and Most Importantly College and Youth Organizations To Attend:

The National Black Political Leadership Conference-Phase 2

Theme: "Achieving Proportionate Political Representation"
Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th, 2016
St. Mark Family Church
9950 Glen Owen (at Chambers)
Ferguson, Missouri

Youth (Under 21) $15.00     UAPO Members $25.00    NonMembers $35.00
At The Door  $45.00

Agenda Items

(1) A Salute and Building Support for Our Federal and Statewide Candidates
(2) In the Spirit of Self Determination---Develop and Adopt a National Political Scorecard to  
      Grade Elected Officials and Candidates Seeking Public Office
(3) The 2016--2018--2020 National and State Elections
(4) Implementation of National and Statewide Black Peoples Political Conventions

See above Attachments for list of initial supporters of our conference. Each week we will list additional supporters. Be sure you are one!!

For more information: (314) 477-4629 or (314) 833-4151  You can register--   www.uapo.org
(go to link/ supporters)

Zaki Baruti--President/General  Safiyah Chauvin--VicePresident  Queen Ziah--Treasurer

Attachment: UAPO Conference 2016.doc
Description: MS-Word document
Attachment: uapo -phase-2_042116.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document