Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Join the National Black Political Leadership Conference in Ferguson, Missouri for Phase 2 of a National Black Political Empowerment

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National Black Political Leadership Conference

On June 3rd and 4th, the Universal African Peoples Organization (UAPO) headed by longtime human rights activist, Zaki Baruti is calling upon all progressive and forward thinking political visionaries and activists to attend Phase 2 of its National Black Political Leadership Conference. This historic gathering will be held at St. Mark Family Church, 9950 Glen Owen, Ferguson, Missouri. It was at this site that many organizing meetings and rallies were held during the Ferguson uprisings sparked by the brutal shooting death of Michael Brown Jr. Also, the church pastor is Rev. Tommie Pierson, a Missouri State Representative. 

The conference is the second phase of a National Black Political Empowerment to achieve "Proportionate Political Representation." The first phase began in October 2015 when delegates from nine different states met to promote the concept of "Proportionate Political Representation." This concept simply means that whatever percentage as a people we are on the national, state and local levels of government; then we should have that percentage of political representation.

 As a direct outcome of the first conference, the UAPO was able to influence several prominent activists and spiritual leaders to become candidates for the powerful positions of the United States Senate, Governor, and Lt. Governor in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

The two United States Senate candidates are Monique Singh Bey, who is on the ballot in Kansas and Pastor Cori Bush who is on the ballot in Missouri. The two other Missouri statewide candidates are Bishop Eric Morrison campaigning for Governor and as Rev Tommie Pierson who is seeking the office of Lt. Governor. Each of the candidates are in the Democratic primary scheduled for August 2, 2016. 

Historically, Missouri and Kansas were the battleground states leading up to the American Civil War in 1861 ( Dred Scott Case which started in MO and Kansas which was one of the major hotbeds of the abolitionist movement). Accordingly, it is the contention of the UAPO that politically, Missouri and Kansas are the prototype for Black people advancing the concept of "Proportionate Political Representation" in the 21st century.

This is ever so important because in 2016, it is projected that Black people are 13% of the US population, yet of the 50 state governors,none are Black when we should have at least 6-7 (13%) and of the 100 US Senators only 2 are Black, when we should have at least 13 (13%). Overall, it is estimated that there are over 511,000 publicly elected officials, yet of this number only 10,500 are Black (2%) when we should have at least 66,000 plus (13%).

As taxpayers, obviously we are not receiving our fair share of representation that can lead toward economic and social justice, especially in light of the impact that the criminal/judicial system have on our people.

To vividly point out the need for "Proportionate Political Representation" on all levels of government including local; at the time of the tragic murder of Michael Brown Jr., in the community of Ferguson, MO its Black population was 65%. However, the Ferguson city council of six members had only one Black councilman. Accordingly, this arrangement led to a Ferguson police force of 54 members with only three being Black. This type of political imbalance is reflective of thousands of communities across this country and Black people are subsidizing this abnormal arrangement with their tax dollars.

The UAPO says that political arrangement must be ended and the concept of "Proportionate Political Representation" implemented. Accordingly, the St. Louis based organization looks forward to visionaries and activists attending the National Black Political Leadership Conference on June 3rd and 4th.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

See you in Ferguson, MO - The National Black Political Leadership Conference-Phase 2 - Theme: "Achieving Proportionate Political Representation"

The Universal African Peoples Organization (UAPO) Issues A Clarion Call To All Progressive and Forward Thinking Visionaries and Activists. This Clarion Call Is Inclusive of Elected Officials, Candidates, the Spiritual and Economic Community and Most Importantly College and Youth Organizations To Attend:

The National Black Political Leadership Conference-Phase 2

Theme: "Achieving Proportionate Political Representation"
Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th, 2016
St. Mark Family Church
9950 Glen Owen (at Chambers)
Ferguson, Missouri

Youth (Under 21) $15.00     UAPO Members $25.00    NonMembers $35.00
At The Door  $45.00

Agenda Items

(1) A Salute and Building Support for Our Federal and Statewide Candidates
(2) In the Spirit of Self Determination---Develop and Adopt a National Political Scorecard to  
      Grade Elected Officials and Candidates Seeking Public Office
(3) The 2016--2018--2020 National and State Elections
(4) Implementation of National and Statewide Black Peoples Political Conventions

See above Attachments for list of initial supporters of our conference. Each week we will list additional supporters. Be sure you are one!!

For more information: (314) 477-4629 or (314) 833-4151  You can register--   www.uapo.org
(go to link/ supporters)

Zaki Baruti--President/General  Safiyah Chauvin--VicePresident  Queen Ziah--Treasurer

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