Monday, April 7, 2008

Concerned Nigerian Youth Action (CONYA)

According to Winston Churchill, for us to understand the future, we must look back and see the past. This second national conference will present to the intending participants two opportunities- The leadership lectures by our distinguished guest speakers and practical understanding of the leadership lectures.

Through the historical march around the big national war museum;
We shall know and appreciate our heroes past.
We shall understand the events that took place during the pre-colonial, colonial and post colonial era.
We shall know and learn the mistakes of our past leaders.
We shall re-attune ourselves with the course of our history in order to build a more united, dignified, respected and prosperous Nigeria.

Join over 800 concerned Nigerian youths to pledge the pledge with the hope of pledging to success. Register now and be part of this event.
Concerned Nigerian Youth Action (CONYA)
30 Obiora Road,
P.O.Box 20944,
Aba, Abia State,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obama, Blackness and Patriotism - Race to the White House

Race to the White House:
Blackness, Patriotism & Obama

a special presentation by activist, author and facilitator of
POWER (People Organized Working to Eradicate Racism)
Ewuare Osayande

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
6:30 PM
Robin's Bookstore
108 S. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Egypt Tour with Prof. Manu - May/June 2008


May 31 - June 14, 2008
$3299 (all inclusive) from New York

Personally escorted by
(experienced tour guide & leading historian of Africana Studies)

Registration deadline: April 7, 2008


-All tips, taxes, and porterage
-International airfare & domestic travel in Egypt
-Deluxe hotel accommodations & two meals per day
-Entrance fees to over 40 sites & monuments
-CD on "Documenting Your Travel Experiences"
-On-site and evening presentations by Prof. Ampim
-Unique Field research training
-Optional 5 units college credit

We will visit...

-The great pyramids of Giza & the Great Sphinx (Heru-em-akhet), which
is the most well-known statue in the world.
-The ancient capital city of Memphis and the extensive monuments
of Sakkara, including the Tomb of Ptah-Hotep, author of the oldest
surviving book in the world.
-The massive Dahshure & Meidum pyramids, and the Mastaba of
Ra-Hotep & Nofret, whose famous statues in the Cairo Museum
are forgeries according to Prof. Ampim in his book, _Modern Fraud_.
-The Egyptian Museum with its renowned collection of well-preserved
Pharaonic antiquities.
-The temples of Luxor and Karnak, which constitute one of the largest
open-air museums in the world.
- The famous Valley of the Kings/Queens and Noble Tombs, including
the Tomb of King Tutankhamen & the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.
-The ancient city of the tomb builders, Deir el-Medina.

-The Luxor Museum & the Nubian Museum in Aswan.
-The Dendera, Edfu, and Abydos temples
-The Noble Tombs in Aswan & the temples of Pharaoh Ramses II /
Queen Nefertari at Abu Simbel.
- The ancient Workmen's Village of Deir el Medina
-The Nubian village tour
- and much more...

Registration deadline: April 11, 2008
Prof. Manu Ampim is a leading primary researcher and historian
on African & African American history and culture. He has written two
books, conducted pioneering first-hand research in 18 countries, and
has taken eight educational tours to Egypt and Central America. He
has also conducted extensive field work in Egypt and Sudan over the
past 18 years. Ampim is currently an professor of history and Africana
Studies at Contra Costa College and Merritt College in northern CA,
and host of the popular internet radio program, “Africana Studies” on


Prof. Manu Ampim
Director, Advancing the Research

Consolidated Tours Organization, Inc.
1675 Virginia Avenue, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30337
Tel. 404-767-2727
Fax. 404-766-4520

Tour Egypt and Ghana with Runoko Rashidi




July 5 - 19, 2008

$3195.00 double occupancy from New York City

A $300.00 non-refundable deposit reserves your space


Saturday July 5 -- Evening departure on Egypt Air to
Cairo, Egypt.

Sunday July 6 -- Afternoon arrival at Cairo
International Airport and transfer to our five star
hotel. Group orientation, then the balance of the day
devoted to shopping and relaxation.

Monday, July 7 -- Dr. Rashidi's first lecture and
than a ull day on the Giza Plateau visiting the
exciting Giza Pyramids and Great Sphinx, the Solar
Boat, optional camel ride. Dinner at restaurant.
Overnight in hotel.

Tuesday July 8 -- Second lecture by Dr. Rashidi. After
breakfast transfer to the pyramid fields and temples
of Sakkara, Egypt. Visit the Step
Pyramid designed by multi-genius Imhotep, Zoser's
Pyramid Enclosure, King Teti's pyramid chamber, the
Tomb of Ptah Hotep and the Imhotep Museum. Transfer
to the ancient city of Memphis and see the enormous
statues of Ramses the Great. Enjoy lunch in Sakkara
and then visit a carpet school.

Wednesday July 9 -- Morning lecture by Dr. Rashidi
then transfer to the fabulous Egyptian Museum. After
the Egyptian Museum visit the perfume bazaar and then
lunch. Afternoon visit to Old Cairo. Take the night
train to Luxor, Egypt. Dinner aboard the train.

Thursday July 10 -- Early morning arrival in Luxor, in
Upper Egypt, then transfer to our five star hotel.
Morning orientation and lecture by Dr. Rashidi then
transfer to the Valley the Queens, Tombs of the
Nobles, the Medinet Habu mortuary temple complex, and
the Ramesseum mortuary temple. Lunch and then an
afternoon visit to the Luxor Museum. Dinner and
overnight at hotel in Luxor. Luxor is Dr. Rashidi's
favorite place in Egypt and contains an estimated
eighty percent of the all of the monuments of Ancient

Friday July 11 -- Full day drive through the
Egyptian countryside to visit the exquisite temples of
Hathor at Dendera and Seti I and Ramses II at Abydos.
Dinner and overnight in hotel in Luxor.

Saturday July 12 -- Morning lecture by Dr. Rashidi
then check into our cruise ship for four exciting days
and nights on the Nile! All meals served on board
ship. Proceed to the east bank of the Nile for a
never to be forgotten tour of the Luxor and Karnak
temples. Overnight aboard cruise ship.

Sunday July 13 -- After breakfast proceed to the west
bank of the Nile. Visit the Valley of the Kings and
Hatshepsut's splendid mortuary temple. Visit an
alabaster factory. Visit the Colossi of Memnon. Sail
to Edfu. Lunch and dinner aboard the ship.

Monday July 14 -- Breakfast aboard cruise ship then
visit the temple of Horus at Edfu and sail to Kom
Ombo. Lunch during cruise and then visit the Kom Ombo
temple before sailing to Aswan. Overnight and dinner
aboard cruise ship.

Tuesday July 15 -- Breakfast, lecture by Dr. Rashidi
and then visit the High Dam and the Unfinished
Obelisk. Balance the day at leisure.

Wednesday July 16 -- After breakfast check out of our
cruise ship and check into our five star hotel in
Aswan. Visit the magnificent temples on Philae Island
and take a boat ride on the Nile.

Thursday July 17 -- Early morning bus ride south to
the stupendous temples at Abu Simbel and then visit
the Nubian Museum in Aswan. Take the night train from
Aswan to Cairo.

Friday July 18 -- Early morning arrival at Cairo
rail station and transfer for a full day of sight
seeing in Alexandria. Return to Giza to our five star
hotel. Evening farewell dinner.

Saturday July 19 -- Early morning transfer to airport
and departure to JFK. End of a joyous trip!

Contact and make checks payable to:

Casablanca Travel and Tours
Phone: 202-337 0800
Fax: 202 318 1088
1-800 - MAGHREB
1-800 - 624 - 4732

Address in USA:

Casablanca Travel and Tours
3029 M Street NW Suite # 202
Washington DC 20007


Runoko Rashidi
(210) 337-4405

Come to the Nile Valley with us!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Black President Doesn't Equal Black Power!

Black President Doesn't Equal Black Power!

Fundraising event with Andrew Mwangura, labor union organizer and journalist from Kenya
In Kenya, the recent elections were stolen and the country erupted in rebellion.

Come to this fundraising event and hear trade union leader Andrew Mwangura tell how white power uses a black president there to oppress our people!

Tuesday, April 15th 7:00pm

Uhuru Solidarity Center
3733 Lancaster Ave, West Philly
#10 Trolley from City Hall

Sponsored by the African People's Socialist Party and the Uhuru Solidarity Movement

"Waist Management" - Teleconference Call Wednesday 8:00 p.m.

Natural Healing Institute

Listen in the comfort of your own home without worry about time, travel or gas prices for
The Natural Healing Institute's

by husband and wife team
~ Dr. Amen-Ra & Dr. KhePHERA

Each lecture starts promptly every Wednesday from
8:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. EST
log in at 7:55 for brief announcements

The conference call number is:
605 990-0150
CALLER: access code 694734#

You may need to convert these times to your local time zone.
You can do this by going to

Playback Number for Last Week's
(641) 715-3432 access code 694734

Due to many requests for copies of the lectures, all topics will be recorded on CD format.
Call or e-mail to order - Thank you!

Share the schedule below with
interested friends, co-workers and loved ones!
As a reminder post near the phone.


March 26 - Life and Death Is In the Power of the Tongue
Your Body Is Always Listening!
Available for replay until - APRIL 2ND 8:00 P.M.

April 2nd - Colon Cleansing The First Step


April 16th - The Benefits of Detoxification and Fasting

April 23rd - A.I.D.S - Animals In Digestive System
The Pros and Cons of a Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyle


Call Etiquette

Our new system allows you to use 3-way calling or cell phones.
Press #6 to mute background noise.

Monday, March 31, 2008


March 26, 2008

Dr. Rosie Milligan


Bring the Whole Family--There's Something for Everybody

Los Angeles, CA ( - Dr. Rosie Milligan once again brings the Black Writers On Tour Writers' Conference to Los Angeles on Saturday, April 26th, 2008 -- 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. -- at the LAX-Crowne Plaza Hotel, 5985 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90045--and it will be more dynamic than ever, with more than 300 Black authors, agents and editors gathering for a one day event. This year's theme is, Literacy is Everybody's Business--Who Will Tell Our Story? 2008 Literary Award Recipients: A. C. Bilbrew Public Library, Esowon Books, Zahra's Books, Smiley's Books, Shore Books, Word of Life Christian Bookstore, Windsor Hills Christian Bookstore, and Nu Lyfe Books and Art.

The renowned Dr. Claud Anderson, author of PowerNomics, Black Labor White Wealth, and More Dirty Little Secrets, will be the keynote luncheon speaker. Local participants--Dr. Maxine Thompson, Attorney Joe C. Hopkins, Anthony Asadullah Samad, L. C. Green, BernNadette Stanis (Thelma from sitcom "Good Times"), Marion McNair, Bishop L. J. Guillory, Rita Hall, and Parry Brown-Abraham. Out-of-state participants--Erick Henderson, Fred Williams, Contessa Walls, Don Spears, Professor Walter Williams, Andre Eggelletion, David Coleman, Attorney Clara King, Honorable Judge Susan Washington, and others.

This year's highlight: Children Writers and African-American writers age 65 and older in a forum called Let the Elders Speak. We encourage your youth to come and listen at the feet of these elders as they share wisdom and life lessons.

General Admission is free. There is a free writing class for children. Chat with fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children and Christian writers. Attend the Poetry Jam Competition--WIN CASH! There will be open exhibits and authors signing throughout the day.

The conference has been designed to provide writers with the practical information they need to work in the literary industry. Publishers, as well as agents will attend. Nine (9) writer's workshops will be held throughout the day and will cover a variety of topics from: How To Publish and Promote Your Book--How to Write a Best-Selling Novel--a Free Writing Class for Children 10-15 and much more. Authors wishing to gain exposure, attract new readers, and sell books, and for all wishing to participate in the Poetry Jam Competition visit or call (323) 750-3592.

Seminar Topics
* How To Write A Best-Selling Novel
* How To Write, Publish, And Sell Your Book
* What You Need To Know When Writing Poetry
* Protecting Your Writing Rights, Trademark and Patent Rights
* Learn What Black Newspapers Can Do For Black Authors And What Black Authors Can Do For Black Newspapers
* I Am Published Now...Now What?--Learn Strategies To Get Noticed, Sell Books, Save Time, and Earn Thousands of Dollars In The Process
* How To Market Via The Internet, Internet-Radio, and Maximize Sales
* Turning Your Book Into A Movie Script
* How To Develop Characters That Leap Off The Page
* Survival Strategies and Success Tools For Today's Teens
* What Parents and Educators Must Do NOW To Make Black Children Feel Good About Themselves
* Health and Wealth Seminar
* Healing Hurting Women

A Fundraiser and Tribute for Mukasa Da Da (Willie Ricks)

48 Years of Struggle for the Liberation of African People!

A Fundraiser and Tribute for Mukasa Da Da (Willie Ricks)

Saturday, April 19, 2008 4-8 p.m.

Cosby Center Auditorium Spelman College

This courageous Pan-African freedom fighter became actively involved in the struggle for human rights as early as 15 years old. During the era of the 60's Brother Mukasa became an organizer for the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). Mukasa faced white racist terrorism from the Ku Klux Klan, White citizen's councils and police, when he was sent to rural towns in the South to encourage voting rights and to politically educate the Africans (Black People) concerning their rights as citizens.

"They thought they had found a solution in the idea of black political power. Willie Ricks (Brother Mukasa), another SNCC staffer on the Meredith march, reduced this concept to two words: black power. The two were forcefully expressive and could be used to make a lively chant, as Carmichael (Kwame Ture) and Ricks (Mukasa) soon showed". (Black Awakening in Capitalist America), p.21-22, by Robert L. Allen)

Mukasa and Kwame with SNCC helped raise the freedom cry for Black Power in the Mississippi Delta transforming the call to one of power among African youth in urban cities in the United States, throughout the Americas, Africa, Britain, and the Caribbean.

Brother Mukasa has not stopped giving us revolutionary inspiration and information to fight the forces of oppression and exploitation world-wide. From Alabama to Africa, Brother Mukasa continues to introduce generations after generations to the work of Fannie Lou Hammer, Ella Baker, Martin Luther King, Amy and Marcus Garvey, Mbalia Camara, Kwame Nkrumah, Seku Ture, Kwame Ture, Steve Biko, Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

Brother Mukasa is receiving medical treatment for cancer. His friends, comrades and family are coming together to help with his medical expenses.

On April 19, 2008 (Saturday) from 4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Spelman College, Cosby Center Auditorium…Come hear former SNCC members and many comrades and the family of Brother Mukasa. The program is free to the public. Donations will be greatly appreciated.

For More Information Contact 404-561-6309 or 404-394-0800 Email: We encourage everyone to come to the Planning Meeting on April 6, 2008 4 P.M. at ITC (International Theological Center). Take I-20 West to Joseph E. Lowery Blvd turn right on M.L. King and turn right to parking lot at Sunset Ave. (from Austell turn Left on J.E. Lowery Blvd)

Afrika Speaks with Alkebu-Lan

Afrika Speaks with Alkebu-Lan,
Voice of Africa Radio!
94.3 FM
MONDAYS 8pm-10pm

Hear weekly discussions and lively debate on all issues affecting the Afrikan community, at home and abroad.

We talk it straight and make it plain!

This week’s show: (31st March 2008)

When the Seventh Day Adventist John Loughborough School was founded as a private school in 1982 with an Afrikan leadership team, it was seen as a beacon of hope in addressing the decades old pattern of underachievement for Afrikan children in British School. In the early years it seemed as if that hope was being fulfilled.

In 1999 the school opted for Local Authority control and gained Voluntary Aided status and in recent years the school has faced a number of challenges. Between 2003 and 2005 was without a permanent head teacher and academic attainment has also fallen short of the expected high standards, although interpretation of recent results has proved to be contentious.

In September 2005 Dr June Alexis, an alumni of the Urban Head teacher Assessment Centre became head teacher and set about implementing her vision of taking the school forward. Her work was praised by Haringey Council’s School Standards and Inclusion in April 2006. The school was inspected by the Office For Standards in Education (Ofsted) in February 2007. Whilst recognising that “The new leadership team are bringing about change that is improving the school” and acknowledging Dr Alexis’ “passion”, “vision”, and “ambitious plans”, the school was given a notice to improve.

Since then Haringey Council’s Director of Children and Young People’s Services (CYPS) Ms Sharon Shoesmith, has agitated for Dr Alexis’ dismissal, despite the support of the Board of Governors, the student body, the parents and most of the staff. Observers say the school is being treated as if it is under special measures rather than a notice to improveand that the Council’s strategy is intended to unsettle the school, stifling it capacity to improve. The Council maintains that it’s actions are designed to bring about the necessary improvements in the school, while the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) regard it as a prelude to closing the school down given that Ms Shoesmith has reportedly said that the school was an “unnecessary expense” on the local budget and that the children could be dispersed throughout the borough. In an attempt clarify the issues the school commissioned leading educational consultant Professor Gus John in December 2007 to conduct an independent investigation, however Haringey Council refused to co-operate with the inquiry.

In February 2008 Haringey Council suspends Dr Alexis outraging parents and students and instigating mass demonstrations that attracts the attention of TV news and local and national press. In march 2008 the council continues its offensive by serving injunctions against three church elders (friends & founders of John Loughborough School) who have been vocal in their support for Dr Alexis, the Chair of the PTA and the PTA Executive Adviser.

What we ask is :

Is Haringey Council Trying To Close an Afrikan-Caribbean School?
Is Haringey Council taking the only necessary steps to improve standards at John Loughborough School?
Is Haringey Council’s treatment of the school consistent with that of schools with lower attainment?
Will taking out injunctions against church and PTA members help to resolve the issues?
Why did Haringey Council refuse to co-operate with the Prof Gus John investigation and what were its findings?
Do Afrikan led schools improve attainment for Afrikan children?
What are the wider implications for the education of Afrikan children in Britain?

0208 497 4643


OR TEXT US ON : 07961 573 883

Friday, March 28, 2008

HarlemForum on Obama, Race and Politics April 4 08

Harlem Tenants Council

Critical Thinking Series

Obama: Race, Class, & Politics (Part II)

Obamaminia and Dr. Rev. Jeremiah Wright in a “‘Post race America“; Neoliberalism, War and the Democratic Party Candidates safeguarding the strategic interests of a crumbling and broke empire; What are our alternatives plus more!

Friday, April 4, 2008
6 to 9 PM
Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz
Memorial & Education Center
3940 Broadway at 165th Street

Moderator: Herb Boyd, Award winning Author & Journalist
Amiri Baraka, International Acclaimed Poet &Writer
Malaak Shabazz, UNIFEM & Women for Baraka Obama
Anthony Monteiro, Associate Director
Institute for the Study of Race & Social Thought, Temple University
Others to be announced.

The forum continues our critical dialogue on race and class in US politics from a Black left perspective: the political crimes of the Clintons against Black people; an indepth analysis of Obama ‘s unconventional” presidential bid touted as transcending US racial politics; the role of the Black Left in providing a clear analysis on the dangerous paradigm of post racial politics in America eagerly endorsed and promoted by Senator Barack Obama. How does the Black left seize the “window of opportunity” Obamamania presents to build a Black United Front? How does this happen and what hasn’t it happen? In reality is the Black Left so joined at the hip with the Democratic Party that it has presented Obama as the lesser of the two evils because he is Black and “our moment in history has arrived?“ In the privacy of the voting booth will white America transcend the politics of race? If you are curious about any of these issues join us for this much needed debate.

Co-sponsored by the Harlem Tenants Council and the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial & Education Center

Contact the Harlem Tenants Council at 646-812-5188 or email:Harlem