Monday, April 7, 2008

Concerned Nigerian Youth Action (CONYA)

According to Winston Churchill, for us to understand the future, we must look back and see the past. This second national conference will present to the intending participants two opportunities- The leadership lectures by our distinguished guest speakers and practical understanding of the leadership lectures.

Through the historical march around the big national war museum;
We shall know and appreciate our heroes past.
We shall understand the events that took place during the pre-colonial, colonial and post colonial era.
We shall know and learn the mistakes of our past leaders.
We shall re-attune ourselves with the course of our history in order to build a more united, dignified, respected and prosperous Nigeria.

Join over 800 concerned Nigerian youths to pledge the pledge with the hope of pledging to success. Register now and be part of this event.
Concerned Nigerian Youth Action (CONYA)
30 Obiora Road,
P.O.Box 20944,
Aba, Abia State,

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