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January 27,2010


On Saturday, January 30th, key voices of the New Black Panther Party will participate in the incredible united youth survival effort called ‘Hip Hop 4 Haiti.’
The idea for ‘Hip Hop 4 Haiti’ was conceived by Queen Yonasda, the granddaughter of Minister Louis Farrakhan and a powerful hip hop artist in her own right ( . It will manifest itself boldly in performance in32 cities, most on January 30th! It has already manifested itself with a powerful multimedia webpage,
See the promotional video
            The theme for this awesome  united effort is ‘Bridging the Families-Starting A Movement,’ to which the New Black Panther Party added ‘PanAfricanism or Perish!’ Haiti is considered the birthplace of the PanAfrican idea.
            In Newark, it will take place at the new Central High School at 3p.m. Key cosponsors include the International Youth Organization, Temple of HipHop, Stop Shootin’, WethepeopleMedia, CutCreators, the Newark Antiviolence Coalition, Black Cops Against Police Brutality, the New Black Panther Party, among many others.
            It will be co-hosted by two powerful young women playing pivotal roles in efforts to turn local hip hop “away from the culture of violence forced onto us by oppression,” Beautiful SeeAsia of the Newark AntiViolence Coalition and Jaydah Jacques, founder of Nine Strong Women and featured in the critically acclaimed documentary Brick City.
            Among the performers will be Newark’s own DoIt All Dupree of  Lords of the Underground fame, producer and emcee R-kitech, the IYO poet allstars, the Maroon Society, featuring party voices mc swagga and m’kassa and fresh off the premiere of their last cd ‘Revolution 101,’ artists from KRS-1’s Temple of HipHop, Jael Divine, Sanajah Simms, poets Peter Rainmaker and Lamar Hill and much more.
            Donation suggested is $10. Those with the means to give more are strongly urged to do so. Proceeds will go to local families impacted by earthquake.
            “When hip hop is not in the callous cold captivity of commercialism, it has the capacity to do enormous things,” explained Zayid Muhammad, spoken word pioneer and the party’s national minister of culture.
Muhammad will perform ‘Boukman’s Prayer,’ and the late Oscar Brown’s ‘Spirit of the Dead,’ dedicated to the ancestors of the Haitian Revolution.
            This event will be streamlined live on its website via and by one of the media sponsors Jah Jah Shakur's, Shades Media, and Ronella "Realism" Hargrave's Blackosity Magazine,
For more information on the event and how else to contribute, contact Beautiful SeeAsia at 862 763 6604 or…
Later on in Harlem at the historic Barbara Ann Teer National Black Theatre, Hip Hop 4 Haiti will get into full gear there.
            The Harlem concert will begin at 5p.m.
            It will be hosted by NYOil, who is also the Ambassador to Hip Hop for the Institute of the Black World.
The Institute of the Black World, headed by Ron Daniels, has its own Haitian Relief Fund, and has done important Haitian Solidarity Work in recent years.
The event will feature Styles P, Black Ice, Saigon, Supaslom Nova and Narubi Selah. The Party’s lyrically locked and loaded Maroon Society will again be among the many performers.
See the promotional video
Donation for this event is $20 or more!
"Our goal is to raise spirits and funds of at least $10,000. We are urging the entire community to come together and open their hearts and wallets for those who need our help. And of course this is Hip Hop so we're going in with both feet! Beats, Rhymes, B-Boys, DJ's and plenty of Knowledge for Self,” explained NYOil emphatically
Performers want to participate should contact Lynx Garcia at 917 204 5401 or at For more information, contact NY Oil at 347 291 3094 or at…
The New Black Panther Party will also play a significant role in Houston’s, Hip Hop 4 Haiti.
Their performance will also take place on Saturday, and will take place at the Black Cross Headquarters, 2417 Riverside from 2-7p.m.
The Black Cross is a community survival initiative of the New Black Panther Party, spearheaded by Sis. Crystal Muhammad, who was among several hundred Katrina survivors rescued by a crack New Black Panther Party rescue team headed by its leader attorney at war, Malik Zulu Shabazz.
In the tradition of the Black Cross Nurses in Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association, Black Cross is a community survival project that will train grassroots community people in the greater Houston area in rescue relief and survival as well as be a rescue supply resource.
Key players in this effort which will include performance and a community survival presentation are Haitian-American Ministries and the Black Cross.
For more information, please call 832 978 0939 or 713 261 3558.
The overall Hip Hop 4 Haiti coordinating effort and the historical significance of Haiti to the global Black world will also be spotlighted in an ongoing way on newblackpanthertv ( in the coming days. All concerned persons are strongly encouraged to contribute to the relief effort of Yele Foundation at
Incredibly, racists elements have tried to project the Yele Foundation and its founder Haitian son and hip hop star Wyclef Jean as a tax cheat in the media.
“There is a huge difference in making a mistake within one’s taxes and trying to defraud the government,” explained an angry Zayid Muhammad on behalf the Party.  
“The New Black Panther Party needs no one to tell us who our friends are and who our enemies are, and we stand by our brother Wyclef Jean in his proven efforts to help our people in need in his homeland with absolutely no apologies.”


On Wednesday, February 3rd, Zayid Muhammad will be among the presenters, along with actress Catherine Peppers and librarian Betty Crawley for the Frances E.W. Harper Literary Society’s Black History Month program at the Newark Public Library.
            The event is entitled Writing Our Story: Reflections of Us-A Call for Papers.” It will be from 6:30-8pm.
Call 973 733 5411 for more information for more information…
On Wednesday, February 17th, the Newark Chapter of the New Black Panther Party will present “Khallid’s Soldier’s Speak,” a tribute to Huey Newton and Khallid Abdul Muhammad.
It will feature Divine Allah, the Party’s national youth minister, Hannibal Rushiddeen,  the Party’s national special assistant, Bashir Akinyele, former chairman of the Party’s Newark chapter and Zayid Muhammad.
This will be held at Waset Kommuniversity, 271 So. 9th Street, from 6:30-8:pm. Free admission. Call 201 602 0780 for more information…
On Saturday, February 20th, the Harlem chapter of the New Black Panther Party and the Black Student Union will host the Party’s national chairman, attorney at war, Malik Zulu Shabazz, who will discuss ‘Black Power in the Age of Obama!’
This will take place at 3pm. More details to follow…


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