Friday, November 12, 2010


Harambee Radio Helpting to Unify the

Reparations Movement With Large Tent Marathon

NOVEMBER 12, 2010


“Reparation is the payment of money and other valuables to a nation, or distinct community of people. Reparations are paid by he criminal government that hurt them in the commission of a crime. The payment of reparations is part of the process to make them whole again. It is necessary because in the commission of the crime, the perpetrator cause injuries: reparation are the beginning of the healing process, it is to make amend, to make the nation [or community] whole again.”

---from the Constitution of N’COBRA

One of the great Black journalist of the century, Brother Dalani Aamon is using his platform, Harambee Radio & T.V. in an effort to promote some unity amongst the varied proponents for the Great Issue of Reparations. As a younger than the average of the N’COBRA membership in the 1990’s, when the work of N’COBRA made Reparations a “household” word in the United States of America, he did not involve himself to the extent where he knows much about the issue and the Movement that N’COBRA engendered.

But to achieve its “First Priority Mission,” The Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, under the guidance of Dr. Imari A. Obadele, its acknowledged founder, N’COBRA let the Great Issue of Reparations fly, as Dr. Obadele had turned the ideal over to The Coalition: they let it “fly.”

As per the definition of Reparations above the body of this text, it is clearly defined in the Constitution of N’COBRA, but as journalist researched and told the story, i.e. Brother Dalani, a degree of confusion had set into just “exactly what is Reparations.”


Opening Friday at 6 P.M. with Secretary-General of the U.N.I.A., Brother Senghor; and H. Khalif Khalifah, Senior Tour Guide for the Nat Turner Trail, Publisher and author of A History About N’COBRA & The Reparations Movement,” the Marathon will continue through 11 p.m. with some of the original founders of The Coalition speaking to the issue of Unity/Definition/Direction, with the overall objective of re-igniting a “Movement too Large to be Ignored; Championing a Issue Too Vital to be Forgotten.”

The entire program can be heard and seen live online at To speak with Khalifah you may call him at 434-378-2140. Khalifah will also be reviewing his book online, at on station Nat Turner Trail Library at 12 noon. The great thing about internet based radio is if you miss the live show, the archive is available 24/7.


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