Thursday, September 22, 2011

Akua Taylor Live! Casa Atabex-Ache, Bronx, Sat. 9/24

New Workshop Launch

Thank you for your support of the new song "Approve." The song has sold marvelously since it's release. It's done so well, Akua has developed a workshop to further spread the message of self-love and she's launching it this Saturday. Join us for the new healing affirmation workshop, "Approve." Participants will identify their goals and design affirmations to manifest them. Through chanting and ritual, the group will collectively attract the power to heal, change and progress their lives.

P.recious M.essenger P.roductions
Akua Taylor
Casa Atabex-Ache
471 East 140th St. Bronx NY 10454

Saturday, Sept 24th 2-5pm
$25 suggested donation or gift of these specific items needed at Casa Atabex Ache:

Throw pillows to sit on the floor
Back Jack chairs

Bean bags
Healing stones, crystals

Healing music-meditation, drums
Florida water/rose water
Candles in every color (7 day candles preferably)
Incense/ Nag Champa

Casa Atabex-Ache (House of Womyn's Power)
Casa Atabex-Ache is a grassroots non-profit organization designed to tap into the innate power of healing, transformation, and action that often lies dormant in womyn and girls of color, so that we may strengthen and improve our lives, families and communities. P.M.P. is thankful to work with the powerful womyn of Casa Atabex-Ache to further Akua's work as a motivational performing artist. Click here for more information about Casa Atabex-Ache.

Last Appearance This Year
It's been a productive and prosperous year. "Reach Higher!" had great success with students in New Jersey. Akua performed at New York City's first ever "Soul Lounge" twice in Brooklyn and Harlem. Akua spread her actor's reel among the industry's most notable agents. And most recently, we were featured at the MVMT and MoCADA sponsored "Late Summer Sounds" show. Akua now heads to Accra, Ghana for 2 months. We would love to have you at this last event, to celebrate a great 2011 and send Akua off in style.

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