Sunday, September 25, 2011

Egyptologists Anthony "Tony" Browder and Dr. Robert Bauval to Lecture in Philadelphia

On Thursday evening, October 6, 2011, the d'Zert Club and the IKG Cultural Center will present world renown authors and Egyptologists, Anthony "Tony" Browder and Dr. Robert Bauval.

Tony Browder is an author and publisher, educational consultant, cultural historian and graphic artist and "symbologist". He is the designer of the famous "Egypt on the Potomac" Field Trip, which he has conducted for over 20 years. Tony Browder was explaining the significance of the design and symbolism in Washington, DC long before Dan Brown popularized it in his novel The Lost Symbol. Since 1987, he has led over 40 study tours to Egypt. He is the author of From the Browder File and Contributions of the Nile Valley Civilization. Currently, Mr. Browder is leading and funding an excavation in Egypt, the first African American to do so. He has lectured extensively throughout the United States, Caribbean, Africa, Mexico, Japan and Europe, on topics pertaining to African and African American history and culture.

Robert Bauval is an author, lecturer, and Ancient Egypt researcher. His most recent work, "Black Genesis: The Ancient Origins of Egypt", presents evidence that an advanced black African civilization inhabited the Sahara long before Pharaonic Egypt and reveals black Africa to be at the genesis of ancient civilization and the human story. Mr. Bauval has appeared on BBC, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, CNN, ABC, NBC, RAI 2 and several other European, Middle Eastern and Asian Channels.

The lectures and book signings will take place from 5pm-9pm at the African American History Museum, 701 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Refreshments will be served. Admission is $10 per person. Proceeds benefit the ASA Restoration project which is funding the excavation in Egypt.

For further information, please call 215-284-1926 or email

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