Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reverend Jesse Jackson, Celebrating 70 Years Of Life and 50 Years Of Service. Come Celebrate!

Celebrating 70!

Support Our Work
Support Our Work!

70th Birthday Celebration For Reverend Jackson!

Come and celebrate 70 Years Of Life and 50 Years Of Service!

Saturday October 8, 2011
9am - 11am
The Rainbow PUSH Coalition proudly invites you to join us in celebrating Milestonse and Memories!
In honor of this historic milestone, we are asking you to help us pack the house by

Sending 70!

Heres what you can do:
  • Send 70 people from your network of family and friends or organization!
  • Send 70 Emails!
  • Send 70 Tweets! - use the hashtage #Send70
  • Send 70 Text Messages!
  • Send 70 Dollars!
The Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr., founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, is one of America’s foremost civil rights, religious and political figures.
Over the past forty years, he has played a pivotal role in virtually every movement for empowerment, peace, civil rights, gender equality, and economic and social justice.
Reverend Jackson has been called the "Conscience of the Nation" and "the Great Unifier," challenging America to be inclusive and to establish just and humane priorities for the benefit of all. He is known for bringing people together on common ground across lines of race, culture, class, gender and belief.
Born on October 8, 1941 in Greenville, South Carolina... Learn More Here
Rev Jackson BDay Celebration
The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is a progressive organization protecting, defending and expanding civil rights to improve economic and educational opportunity. The organization is headquartered at 930 E. 50th St. in Chicago. For more information about the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, please visitwww.rainbowpush.org or call (773) 373-3366

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