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NAKO-NY Monthly Forum: Film & Discussion on Amilcar Cabral‏

The New York Chapter of the National Association of KAWAIDA ORGANIZATIONS

NAKO-NY Announces
FILM & DISCUSSION on the Life of
The New York Chapter of the National Association of Kawaida Organizations (NAKO) presents its monthly community education forum. This month will feature a film and discussion centered around the African theorist and leader "Amilcar Cabral" from Batafa, Guinea. Cabral was assassinated January 20, 1973 by forces of Western imperialism. 

Amilcar Cabral, one of the founders and leader of the PAIGC (African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde), is revered in the historical memory of many who study the pathfinders of liberation struggles. While colonialists were beginning to negotiate dismantling their visible and oppressive holds on different African nations, Portugal was trying to tighten its hold on Guinea-Bissau. Cabral along with his supporters organized themselves to develop their political thinking and actions, as well as what Cabral called the "re-Africanization" of their minds.  

Some of the quotes that emerged from the "Black Liberation Struggle" are from his theoretical observations, such as, "....always bear in mind that people are not fighting for ideas, for the things in anyone's head. They are fighting to win material benefits, to live better and in peace, to see their lives go forward, to guarantee the future for their children." 
"We must practice revolutionary democracy in every aspect of our Party life. Every responsible member must  have the courage of his responsibilities, exacting from others a proper respect for his work and properly respecting the work of others. Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories...." 

This program will take place at The Afrikan Poetry Theatre (APT), Sunday, January 29, 2012 from 3pm to 5pm.  APT is located at 176-03 Jamaica Ave., Jamaica, Queens, New York 11432. 

Admission is free, suggested minimum donation requested is $5.00 (but no one will be turned away). 

For further information call (718) 789-3264 or

NAKO-NY | 1678 Brooklyn Ave. | Brooklyn | NY | 11210-3427

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