Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monday, April 9: Day of Absence for Trayvon Martin

          Monday, April 9th, the birth anniversary of the immortal PanAfrikanist humanitarian Paul Robeson, has been declared 'A National Day of Absence for Trayvon Martin!' by the Day of Action Movement.
          The Day of Action Movement, spearheaded by Attorney at War Malik Zulu Shabazz, on behalf of Black Lawyers for Justice and the New Black Panther Party, made the call for the action over this past weekend wanting to propel the community to take that next step in the national battle for justice for Trayvon Martin, the 17 year old Florida youth gunned downed senselessly in Sanford, Florida on February 26th by a self appointed community watchman, George Zimmerman, who told area police that Martin looked suspicious because he was wearing a 'hoodie'.
          The Day of Absence is essentially a call for the community to withdraw from the economy or to 'boycott' the economy for a day.
          "This is as basic and real as our Afrikan noses on our beautiful faces," exclaimed Baba Zayid Muhammad, the New Black Panther Party's national minister of culture.
          "If the government doesn't want us raising the ante on this issue, as our people have asked us to do, then the government needs to do its job and lock this man up."
          "No work! No school! No shopping" is the call organizers are making very much like Black Solidarity Day vehicle of years past.
          For information about the mobilization, please call 502 229 8530 or visit
          Baba Zayid Muhammad, the New Black Panther Party's national minister of culture, will go to Washington DC to participate in important actions for political prisoners in the United States.
          On Sat., April 21st, Muhammad will 'ride' down to Washington for a 'Freedom Ride for the Cuban 5!'         
          The Freedom Ride for the Cuban Five is a bus caravan going to Washington to dramatize the injustice of the continued plight of the Cuban Five, five Cuban nationals who uncovered a terrorist plot to attack Cuba from here in the United States only to have federal authorities, in an obscene perversion of justice, turn around and charge them for seditious activity.
          For buses leaving out of New York City, please call 718 601 4751…
          On Tues., April 24th, Muhammad will participate in Occupy The Justice Department for Mumia Abu Jamal.
          Those interested in joining his delegation and riding down should call in right away for more details.
          Mumia's supporters have been developing a concerting effort to have the US Justice Department step in and take over this incredible case for several years now continuing to create an international embarrassment for United States abroad while building national support for Mumia here at home.

          For more information on Occupy The Justice Department, please call 212 330 8029… To participate in the Black Power delegation being organized by Min. Muhammad, call him at 973 202 0745…

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