Thursday, May 10, 2012

Events Commemorating the 87th Birthday of Malcolm X


          On Wednesday, May 16th, the Newark Public Library will host a community talk to observe the 87th anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X with poet-activist Zayid Muhammad.          The talk is simply called 'Remembering Malcolm' and will take place at the Newark Public Library's main branch, 5 Washington Street, Newark at 6pm.
          Admission is Free.
          "I was supremely humbled to even be asked to do this talk at the Library," said Muhammad. "Malcolm saved my life and anchors everything I do. Some years ago I used to pack this very library affirming Malcolm's legacy with a series of teach-ins that we called the Malcolm X Ancestral Memory Project.
          Muhammad is the press officer of the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee and is the national leader for the greater New York area for the New Black Panther Party, who serves as the Honor Guard for the annual pilgrimage ceremony at Malcolm's gravesite.
          "Our people, especially our young, need Malcolm's legacy in a supremely critically way," he continued emphatically.
"I am honored to return to the library bringing Malcolm's legacy back with me."
Muhammad also penned a volume of poetry and critical writings devoted to Malcolm X called 'Lick This: Insurgent Offerings for Malcolm' that he released in 2000.
For more information, please call 973 733 7800…
On Saturday, May 19th, the New Black Panther Party will again proudly serve as the 'Honor Guard' of the annual pilgrimage and gravesite ceremony to observe the 87th birthday of Malcolm X, the 'Father of Modern Black Revolution!'
The Pilgrimage is cosponsored by the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee (MXCC) and the Sons and Daughters of Afrika, under the auspices of the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU).
The pilgrimage was conceptualized and instituted by the late Ella Little Collins, Malcolm's older sister and unheralded successor in the OAAU. They have hosted the pilgrimage every year since 1966. Since those early years, nearly all of the pilgrimages have overseen by Baba James Small.
In 1993, the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee, under the leadership of their founding chair and OAAU surviving member Herman Ferguson, embraced the pilgrimage and expanded its participation by more than double. In 2000, Baba James Small who has overseen most of the pilgrimages over the years, also invited area New Black Panther Party leader Zayid Muhammad to have the Party serve the ceremony's 'Honor Guard'! The Party has steadfastly upheld that commitment ever since.
The stores along 125th in Harlem will also close for several hours in observation of Malcolm's birthday as a consequence of the pressure applied by the December 12 Movement dating back to 1993. They will host the annual Black Power Walk at 12noon demanding that any stores in noncompliance the birthday observation demand be shut down by mass pressure.
The Panthers and many other participants in the pilgrimage will then join on in the Black Power Walk upon their return to Harlem from the ceremony.
May 19th is also a 'Day of Action' for the National Day of Action Movement, a 'Day of Action Against the Violence Facing Black Youth,' whether at the hands of the police, the prison system or the streets! The Movement's supporters in cities all around the country will be doing critical social justice actions.
For information about the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee busses, please call 718 512 5008.

For more information about the National Day of Action Movement, please call 502 299 8530…

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