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African Party of Independence of Guinea and Cape - Verde
National Secretariat of the Central Committee


The Guinean people were surprised this morning with the announcement that the Foreign Minister of Nigeria and the Defense Minister of the Ivory Coast nominated on behalf of ECOWAS, a President for the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, usurping the power that in democracy is reserved for the People.
This arrogant attitude of the representatives of Nigeria and the Ivory Coast is a great disrespect to the People of Guinea-Bissau, which in a flash of lightening took away the rights won through sweat, sacrifice and tenacity, costing, including the lives of its best children.
Moreover, it is an affront to the efforts of the international community, including the UN, the European Union, the African Union and the CPLP, in seeking a peaceful and Constitutional solution to the crisis that a group of military and civilian allies, brought about through the 12th April coup.
But no less severe than from the will of our People and the international community's efforts - and the decisions of the extraordinary ECOWAS summit of Abidjan and Dakar, through the ministerial meeting in Banjul - is when its procedures against one of the fundamental principles of ECOWAS itself: "Zero Tolerance to coups."
The PAIGC regrets that ECOWAS has lost another opportunity to resolve a crisis in the sub region, in order to improve its image and reputation.
The PAIGC does not recognize this ECOWAS which used to be a traditional partner of Guinea-Bissau in its struggle for socio-economic development, and with her attitude yesterday, becomes hostage to an organization of lobbies in order to destabilize our Country.

The PAIGC repudiates and rejects outright the imposition of a pseudo-President of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau by ECOWAS and fails to recognize the organization as a credible mediator in sync with the international community in resolving the crisis in Guinea-Bissau.
The two representatives of ECOWAS in yesterday's meeting assured us that they had a United Nations mandate to take their own initiatives alone to resolve the political-military crisis in Guinea-Bissau and, in his view, the Constitution must need not be respected.
The PAIGC regrets that formula they pretend to return to constitutional normality recommended by ECOWAS consists of the removal of the Acting President of the Republic, the dismantling of the legitimate Government, the National Assembly and disrespect by the Courts, in a clear capitulation to the demands of the coup d'etat and an attitude legitimating coup d'├ętats.
The delegation of ECOWAS assured us that their organization convinced the United Nations of the need to prevent the return of President Raimundo Pereira and Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior to Guinea-Bissau: PAIGC ask for explanations about the true meaning of "unconditional release".

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