Friday, June 1, 2012

First full Service Black-Owned Online Advertising Network Opens -

Dawn Ali, co-founder of

  Esteemed African-American internet marketer and website administrator, Dawn Ali, along with partner, website designer and programming specialist, Curtis Love, have commanded attention online for being able to drive traffic to websites with SEO techniques & innovative thinking, and thus the full online advertising network was born.
Ali has created and managed websites since 1997, and has amassed great success in her endeavors. She is most known for The Dawn Ali Network at aka, Lovin My Sistas which is a unique black forum where members can post topics on things that really matter to them in the black community. The idea of the website was to allow Black individuals to openly express themselves and admire the beauty that exists within black culture that is not properly represented through mainstream media. The idea for was created when she noticed that black websites/publishers weren't treated or paid the same. The idea ascertains that black websites with higher traffic than websites that appeal to white individuals are not paid as much by advertisers, and it has become increasingly a challenge for anyone to profit online...especially black sites.
"We need this thing, you know," said Dawn Ali. "I knew that this idea had to materialize. Then it hit me... We need It's time for the internet to finally evolve." History was made and the first site of its kind was created when Ms. Ali and Mr. Love sat and put ideas into a website that provides black people the opportunity to actually, increase traffic to their websites/blogs, make money online as publishers receiving high payout rates, and an unmatched affiliate program...all of this while keeping advertising rates very low. The program has received a vast number of signups and the site is already receiving huge amounts of traffic according to the Alexa Traffic Ranking site. The site has only been live since May 1, 2012, and it's already listed among the top 100,000 websites in the world and the traffic level keeps rising.
"There is more that needs to be done. We are sure that once the black community is aware of us, the word will spread and they will support our efforts, because this is a needed thing. Black people don't control advertising online so it's really like we are missing out," said Ali, and Love agrees - "It's like, if we don't succeed, then black people don't succeed, and that's why we are so compelled to get out there. This is what the black community needs. This is what the black community has always needed." Ali adds "He who controls the traffic, controls the internet."

About is a unique full service online advertising network, which includes it's own ad server, without a middle man. The site caters to the black audience, although, of course, all people are welcome. The the ad network includes a forum that keeps people up to date on what's going on with advertising and gives researched information daily to the public. It's where you can go to get ideas, follow trends and post topics... they also allow free advertising on the forum. The site also has an affiliate part where affiliates can sign up for free and get paid to post links without spamming. The heart of the site focuses on treating advertisers, publishers and affiliates right, which is also in the sites mission statement. The company has the primary focus is to ensure that their advertisers get a benefit from the service. So the team is constantly doing research and incorporating the best and most beneficial practices to ensure advertisers are receiving the best service possible. To better serve the black community, they have the lowest prices. Dawn Ali elaborates, "We understand that we must not substitute great service for great prices, because then nobody wins. So we give the absolutely best service we can for the lowest rates possible to still be in business."

About Dawn Ali & Curtis Love ( is one of the largest sites for black people to come together and recognize beauty in being black. Ali has been active in mentoring and assisting young women with personal problems. She is also a single black mother. Love has been active with programs such as the Afri-Male Institute in which he has mentored young black teens. He has also been active in the Sickle Cell Foundation and trying to find ways to cure black diseases. Mr. Love has won leadership awards for his efforts and won first place in oratorical contests along the East Coast. He has worked for The Trenton Times Newspaper and interned at CNN News.

Dawn Ali

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