Friday, June 8, 2012

From Cynthia McKinney: Russell Tribunal on Palestine - Fundraising Call

As you know, I have been active with The Russell Tribunal on Palestine since its inception.  This year, it comes to the U.S.!  The Russell Tribunal on Palestine will host its 4th and final session in New York in October 2012.

This session will focus on UN and US role in the denial of Palestinian Right to Self Determination and we are hoping to reach a very broad public due to the speakers that have already confirmed their presence (Noam Chomsky, Diana Buttu, Ilan Pappe, George Bisharat, Susan Akram, Gus Massiah, Phyllis Bennis, Russell Means, Saleh Hamayel, Katie Gallagher and many others) and the jury panel that will chair this session (Alice Walker, Angela Davis, Danny Glover, Cynthia McKinney, Michael Mansfield, John Dugard, Ronnie Kasrils, Stephane Hessel, Judge Martin Pallin).

We are focusing all our efforts on fundraising at the moment and I was wondering if anyone on this list might be interested in donating or in pointing the Tribunal in that direction.  As usual, the fundraising aspect proves to be our biggest challenge.

Please contact the following people if you require more information or wish to make a donation:

General Coordinator:  Pierre Galand -
London:  Frank Barat -
Brussells:  Virginie Vanhaeverbeke -


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