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Important Webinar w/Sis. Rashida on Building an Earthship Biotecture Structure in Philly, June 23.

Anton Kwatakye Kwame Posted:

Urban Earthship (Philly) Biotecture Webinar with Sista Rashida 
SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2012 @ 11 A.M.

It REALLY must be stressed how significant and important this Sista's work is and the PATH she has paved. Earthships are by no means NEW. However, to have a vision as audacious as to build them in the middle of cities to serve and house disenfranchised citizens is about as revolutionary as you can get.

We MUST SUPPORT and learn from her initiative. Ideally, each of us would follow in her footsteps and initiate a sibling project in our own cities of residence so we can continue to BUILD this MOVEMENT. Because that is exactly what it is. A MOVEMENT. This is the bleeding edge. Dont miss this webinar. Its Free but only 25 slots but there should be 100 going so the Sista can SEE how excited about her work other are and so SHE is INSPIRED to keep sharing and teaching US. This is HUGE.

Free the Land.... LITERALLY.

Community Solutions Center for Responsive Black Governance would like to take the time to highlight the work of Philadelphia Earthship and Love Loving Love, both ran by Sista Rashida Ali-Campbell.

The Purpose of this event is to learn from her first hand on the processes she used to get past legal hurdles of building an earthship biotecture structure within the corporate jurisdiction of a major metropolitan city. It will be a webinar so you will need a computer and decent internet connection.

****If you would like to attend this event, please use this link t0 secure your spot:

There are only 25 slots for this event. Cost is Free. There will be an opportunity to donate toward supporting the Sista's work in Philly afterwards.****

To learn more about her initiative to build a 100% self sustainable earthship home/education center within the city limits of Philadelphia, please study these links to learn more.

They are have reached 16% of their goal of $5000 to begin construction on the earthship next spring. Its critical that we support this effort. Here is the link to their fundraising campaign:

For more on earthships and their amazing properties and capabilities, please view the following videos:
Garbage Warrior:

Here also are two videos form an actual earthship seminar:

This is a CSC4RBG Green Directorate Initiative.

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