Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Protect WBAI - Become a Member Now

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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 20:59:00 -0700
From: info@justiceunity.org
To: makemba007@hotmail.com
Subject: Protect WBAI - Become a Member Now

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**** Pllease forward widely ****

WBAI used to be a beacon of progressive ideas and community voices in a sea of corporate-sponsored news and information. Over the past 3 years, drastic programming and personnel changes by imposed managements have seriously undermined that role. The WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign is a multiracial coalition that has long fought to keep WBAI true to its mission and especially to give voice to communities in struggle.

Act now to help turn the station around! It is urgent that you become a current voting member of WBAI by September 1, 2012. Anyone who has becoming a member since Sept. 2, 2011 will have voting rights in the upcoming local board election, in which Justice & Unity will work hard to win back a board majority.

With your ongoing support, we will fight for:
  • An end to management (local and national) union busting;
  • An end to silencing local communities by ignoring their stories;
  • An end to programming that dishonors Pacifica's mission;
  • An end to targeting staff and listeners who oppose management's unacceptable practices.
  • A serious plan to revitalize WBAI's financing through off-air fundraising.
You can pay for a membership with money or time as follows:
  • Pay $25 online with a credit or debit card at www.wbai.org (you can designate your favorite show)
  • During the current pledge drive (from July 10-27), pick one of the shows hosted by someone who has stood up against these damaging changes, and during that program:
o   Call the station (212-209-2950) and pay $25 with a credit card or, mail a check payable to "WBAI," to WBAI Pacifica, GPO Box 30540, New York, NY 10117-2112

 o   Volunteer for 3 hours (again, call 212-209-2950 from July 10-27).
For more information, visit the Justice & Unity web site at www.justiceunity.org. Join our email list at info@justiceunity.org. Or call our hotline at (212) 591-2111.

The following physical address is associated with this mailing list:
Justice & Unity Campaign
PO Box 2690, Manhattanville Sta.
NY, NY 10027
Donations can be made payable to Justice & Unity Campaign.

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