Thursday, July 26, 2012


According to the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, the $6.14 billion mass transit projects are budgeted for 10 years. Where will the money come from after the 10th year?  Will we be asked for an extension of the 10-year tax?
It is important to know facts from fiction. Many of you have heard Governor Nathan Deal, the Chamber of Commerce among other high salary paid T-SPLOST consultants indicate that Georgia is losing jobs to North Carolina because of transportation.  
The Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) issued - America's Top States for Business 2012 special report. See report here:
The report consists of 10 categories however; I will only point out a few comparing our State of Georgia to North Carolina's rankings.
Transportation & Infrastructure         Workforce                          Cost of Business 
Georgia             3                              Georgia           1                   Georgia            14
North Carolina 11                             North Carolina 3                  North Carolina 21
Also, attached for your review are additional reasons why it is imperative to vote NO on the Transportation Investment Act of 2010-T-SPLOST ballot referendum.
Please make sure you vote your entire ballot from top to bottom. The T-SPLOST referendum question is at the bottom of your ballot. Below you will find the sample ballot question that will appear with your respective county name listed.     

Referendum 1
Atlanta Regional
(Vote for One)
Provides for local
transportation projects
to create jobs and
reduce traffic
congestion with citizen
Shall Fulton County's
transportation system and the
transportation network in this
region and the state be improved
by providing for a 1 percent
special district transportation
sales and use tax for the purpose
of transportation projects and
programs for a period of ten
Dr. Marie Metze
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