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Afrika Speaks with Alkebu-Lan 20/08/12 – UNIA-ACL President General LIVE ON VOAR!!!


Our very special guest is UNIA- ACL President General Baba Senghor Jawara Baye.  Baba Senghor is the UNIA’s 10th President General and 9th successor to the Most Eminent Prophet and King His Excellency, Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  President General Baye was previously managing editor of Garvey’s Voice has been a member of the UNA - ACL since 1980.  We are also joined by Bro. Ldr Mbandaka is the Spiritual Leader of the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement, who pioneered the Mosiah Month observance – 31 days celebrating the life and legacy of the Most Eminent Prophet and King, His Excellency Marcus Mosiah Garvey – back in 1998.  He is also a Cultural-Educational Consultant, community activist and organiser of over 25 years standing and is the author of Education: An Africentric Guide to Excellence, editor of the book Mosiah Daily Affirmations and is also one of the featured columnists in The Whirlwind newspaper.  Bro. Ldr is also the Co-Chair of the interim National Afrikan People’s Parliament. 
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This week’s show

Monday 20th Mosiah (Aug) 2012

This week Afrika Speaks with Alkebu-Lan celebrates its 300th show.  For, the journey that started on 16th 2006 and is now on the verge of a momentous milestone, the entire ASwA team extends a mighty TATENDA (thank you) to all our guests, supporters, listeners and of course our CEO Space Clottey without whom none of this would be possible.
It is indeed appropriate that this show should occur in the month of Mosiah (Aug), when the Afrikan world is particularly tuned to celebrating the life and legacy of The Eminent Prophet and King, His Excellency Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  This year represents 100 of Garveyism in the UK, as it was in 1912 that Papa Garvey first came to this country and many of his experiences and activities while here went into his establishment of the Universal Negro Improvement and Conservation Association and African Communities (Imperial) League (“conservation” was later dropped from the title) in Jamaica two years later.
The rest, as they say is history.  The UNIA-ACL grew to become the most powerful, comprehensive and successful liberation movement in history.  One of the early high points for the organization was the 1920 “International Convention of the Negro Peoples of The World”, that took place throughout the month of Mosiah and included at massive 25,000 attendees for its opening session at New York’s Madison Square Garden.  These conventions, that deserve, to be regarded on a par with the Pan-African Congresses at the very least, have continued ever since.
This year the UNIA-ACL, under the leadership of 10th President General and 9th successor to Papa Garvey, Baba Senghor Jawara Baye, will host the 55th International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia from 28/08 – 02/09.  UK Garveyites will recall that the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement hosted Baba Senghor for the Mosiah Opening Ceremony in 2008.  He was elected President General later that month.  Of the upcoming convention, President General Baye enthuses:  “This convention promises to be fruitful and productive. Atlanta, Georgia is the last place Marcus Garvey, while serving time in prison was physically with us in the usa in 1927, before being deported back to Jamaica his birth place. Later he traveled to London where he elevated into the ancestral realm of life on June 10th, 1940.  This year marks the 125th earth strong year of his birth on August 17th, 1887. Although Garvey was only in the usa for 12 years his impact, program and organizing efforts are still the most profound and relevant today in 2012 of the 21st century… The UNIA-ACL now has 15 Ambassador's, a solid Parent Body, many new divisions and has established reputable working relationships with many progressive groups and formations working to uplift our people back towards our traditional greatness around the world.”
So tonight we ask the question:
What will bring Afrika and Afrikans back to our traditional greatness?
  1. Do you have any favourites out of our previous 299 shows?
  2. What impact has VOAR had on the Afrikan community in the UK?
  3. Did you know that this year is 100 years o Garveyism in the UK?
  4. How did the UNIA-ACL become so successful?
  5. Could we galavanise 25,000 to a convention dealing with Afrikan affairs today?
  6. How was the Garvey Movement attacked?
  7. Has the attack continued?
  8. Were you aware that the UNIA were still holding international conventions?
  9. Does Garveyism still have a role to play in Afrikan development or should we look to other philosophies?

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