Thursday, August 9, 2012

Important MOVE Updates from Ramona/Delbert/Michael/Mumia + SF Bay View!

Sis. Kiilu wrote:

Greetings All:

If you are aware of the August 8th attack on MOVE's home in Philadelphia, you'll know that the gustapo militarily attacked their home with massive fire power, killing one of their own in so-called friendly fire -- then charging nine move members with the murder.  The judge in the case said, "I don't know who killed the officer."  One of the MOVE nine sisters, Merle Africa, died in prison (and any prison death is questionable), and eight other sisters and brothers remain locked up since AUGUST 1978!!!   Why?  Because they won't renounce MOVE! It's another outrage!!!

ONA MOVE, Everybody!  I'll be on Michael Coard's radio program on Wed. August 8th from 12-1pm.  It's 900AM on the dial and you can also listen online at 
Adjust the time if you're in a different time zone.------Ramona

Good news, people.  We now have MOVE t-shirts ( Welcome To Philadelphia) for sale @$10.00 plus postage ($2.00 domestic and $3.00 for overseas).  It would really be good if anybody ordering from overseas could send USD rather than foreign currency.  Thanks much---Ramona

ONA MOVE, Everybody!  Just a note prior to August 8th.  Prison radio ( ) has recorded statements from Delbert and Mike Africa as well as Mumia Abu Jamal about the August 8th police attack on MOVE.  Some of you have radio programs and you can download these statements to play on your programs.  Those of you who don't have radio programs can listen to these statements and encourage others to listen to them.  Also, we have been trying to set up a meeting with mayor Mike Nutter and district attorney Seth Williams to deal with our family's parole situation.  They are both resisting such a meeting so encouraging people to call, write and/or email them to tell them that they need to deal with this issue. Finally, newspapers and radio talk shows should be flooded with comments about August 8th/ The MOVE 9 so that people never forget.  Take care and be well---Ramona

Here are links to these statements, please make sure they get out there far and wide:

SF BayView article:

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