Friday, September 21, 2012

Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF) Workshop Tomorrow, Friday, 21st September - "Our Health Is Our Wealth"

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I am because we are, so we are because I am.
Zulu proverb:
"Ubuntu ngumuntu ngabantu" means "a person is human because of his/her people".

Greetings and Elevation Family,

Extending love and best wishes to you and gently reminding you that you are invited to join the Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF) at our workshop tomorrow, Friday, 21st September, between 7.00pm – 9.30pm at 365 Brixton Road, SW9 7DA (on the corner of Gresham Road and Brixton Road).

Western forces have long popularised ideas that man is split into various factions –emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual.This has been part of the fiction that has served to keep us estranged from the wholeness of our powerful selves; because it has promoted health as linked mainly to what we eat. Our health, like each and every one of us is whole, and is influenced not only by the quality of what we eat but also by the quality of our thoughts, environment, sleep, relationships, economics, resistance etc. Come and be inspired, informed and encouraged as our eminent Sister –Queen Kalefa – explores the theme – Our Health is our wealth.

Come, listen, question and share your views.

Date:    Friday 21st September2012
Time:   7.00pm for Refreshments &Prompt Start @ 7.15pm
Topic "Our Health is our wealth”.
Venue: 365Brixton Road, London SW9 7DA
Presenter: Queen Kalefa – Author, Broadcaster and Natural Health Consultant who encourages nutritional and lifestyle solutions towards us acquiring optimum health.

Come along and bring your family and friends; join us for refreshments at 7pm and a prompt start at 7.15pm. Please spread the word among family and friends and your extended network.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Warmest regards
Sis Jackie
On Behalf of the PASCF

“When Afrikan Righteous People Come together, The World will Come Together …
This is Our Divine Destiny” …
~His Imperial Majesty Emperor Halie I, Selassie I~
Revolutionary regards, OneNess in that Rich Blk Afrikan Blessings 
RAs Heru-Khuti "The Levite"  (Flames of Jupiter, Child of Light).
Mbl: 07814 877 246

Monday, September 17, 2012


1. We demand an Independent International non State Inquiry into the massacre.
2. Sack the Minister for Police (Nathe Mthethwa) and the Commissioner for Police (Riah  Phiyega)
3. Charge the police with murder
4. Release all Jailed Miners, Drop All Charges
5. Justice and compensation for the families of those killed and injured
6. End Police Violence in South Africa. No more tear gas and  bullets for those who produce all the country's wealth.
7. Put LONMIN CEO on trial for theft of National Resources
8. Nationalise the Mines under worker's control

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Chevron Richmond Refinery Call for Linking Profits to Safety

2012 BEC Logo
September 14, 2012

For Immediate Release
Yolanda Lewis

Chevron Richmond Refinery Call for Linking Profits to Safety

Oakland, California September 10, 2012 - Bay Area Air Quality Management District held a meeting in San Francisco, CA to provide an overview of Air District actions in response to the August 6, 2012 Chevron Richmond California refinery fire.

Investigations by federal, state and local regulatory agencies in response to the incident have released information that cause community leaders to call into question industry best practices, the foundation for measuring safety. Recently, Cal-OSHA spokesman Peter Melton stated, "Chevron's Richmond facility scores well in comparison with other Bay Area refineries" when addressing concerns about the companies safety record.

The Black Economic Council will be meeting with more than 100 Black pastor across California to consider a new approach to safety and profits that promotes safety above profits but also encourages a profitable solution.

Community leaders question Chevron's commitment to safety and concern for the Richmond community. Yolanda Lewis, Chief Deputy for the Black Economic Council responded to Hearne's statistic that Chevron has decreased air emissions by 65% since the 1970's.

"Imagine a system where profits were directly tied to the safety of a companies products and or services"? Lewis stated. "Do you believe that 65% would be an acceptable increase in profits since the 1970's when gas was less than one dollar per gallon?"

"The BEC will request a meeting with Chevron's CEO in Richmond to meet with the Black community and Black Pastors from all over California to devise a plan well beyond the capability of any state or federal regulatory authorities," Lewis went on to say.

Chevron Richmond refinery manager, Nigel Hearne, spoke on behalf of Chevron at the meeting ensuring regulators and the community the oil giant believes that safety drives good business. Hearne stated that Chevron is commitment to safety and that any statements to the contrary are not accurate.

A recent federal audit found that Cal/OSHA's industrial process safety unit was conducting "very few, if any" comprehensive workplace-safety inspections of refineries and chemical plants in the state.

The Black Economic Council, will host the 2nd Annual Game Changers and Bridge Builders Awards and Luncheon on Tuesday October 16, 2012 at the Marriott City Center 1001 Broadway Oakland, California 94610 from 10 AM to 2 PM. The event will showcase for industry, regulators and the community technologies that can reduce daily emissions for coal power plants, oil refineries and mines to meet and exceed current EPA standards. The inventor of the technology who has developed a solution to prevent the re-occurrence of the failed pipes due to sulfur corrosion, will receive an award at the event. Limited free registration for the event is available at


About the Black Economic Council (BEC)
The Black Economic Council (BEC) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created to provide Black Americans an economic platform that facilitates business formation, job creation, access to capital, home ownership, affordable housing, financial fitness and equal opportunity for employment in the workforce. The mission of the BEC is to promote the self-sufficiency of Black-American communities through structured economic development.

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Check out the top content and top member on TheBlackList last week: Lavonda R. Staples]

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A Name in the Street

"I'm sitting here and wondering about my child.  Where is he?  Has he
eaten?  Is he drunk?  Is he clean?  Does he have a decent bed?  All
these thoughts and more are roaming through my mind and running rampant
and long, sprinter and marathoner combined.  I can't believe we, his
step-father and I, his sister, his brother.  None of us can reach him
because he desperately wants a name other than the one I gave him on the
day of his birth.  He wants the cars, a beautiful woman, wealth, and
most importantly he wants a name in the streets.  It seems that he runs
away from normal life, he shuns us, in pursuit of something which too
often concludes in a very finite list of destinations...." MORE
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