Monday, September 17, 2012

Check out the top content and top member on TheBlackList last week: Lavonda R. Staples]

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Congratulations Lavonda Staples, you are the top member and contributor to TheBlackList last week.
Lavonda, you also contributed the top over all content and top the blog post:

A Name in the Street

"I'm sitting here and wondering about my child.  Where is he?  Has he
eaten?  Is he drunk?  Is he clean?  Does he have a decent bed?  All
these thoughts and more are roaming through my mind and running rampant
and long, sprinter and marathoner combined.  I can't believe we, his
step-father and I, his sister, his brother.  None of us can reach him
because he desperately wants a name other than the one I gave him on the
day of his birth.  He wants the cars, a beautiful woman, wealth, and
most importantly he wants a name in the streets.  It seems that he runs
away from normal life, he shuns us, in pursuit of something which too
often concludes in a very finite list of destinations...." MORE
Also tops on TheBlackList last week:

African Burial Ground, NYC: Children of the Diaspora will release wreaths into the Atlantic Ocean in honor of the victims of slavery

"During the 67th Session of the United Nations, (September 18 – 20),
Heads of States, Foreign Ministers, Ambassadors and others have been
invited by South African Arts International, Ltd. (USA) to pay homage to
the ancestors..." MORE
Thank you Lavonda, for putting the Social in Social Network and also for being the NET in network.
Thank you all for contribting the the relevance and vibrancy of our commUNITY.
Remember to share our content with your friends on other networks.
~Kwasi A.
  Admin, TheBlackList
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