Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Art Start, an outreach program for youth offenders, Saving Lives

As you may know, I am the Associate Program Director of Art Start's Youth Offender Outreach Programs. Another program of Art Start is celebrating the achievements of our youth. Check out the details below!
Art Start - Art Saves Lives
You're invited to THE START - The Emerging Artists-in-Residence Final Showcase
Celebrating the achievements of Stephanie (photographer), Davon (dancer, singer, M.C.) and Marcos (guitarist, M.C.).
Thursday, November 29th
The Playroom Theater
151 West 46th Street, 8th Floor, NYC
By Invitation Only
Please RSVP by calling 212-460-0019 or emailing

The Emerging Artists-in-Residence Program is a six-month residency for NYC artistic youth. The program provides residents with a rigorous schedule of coursework, project, creation, networking, paid internships, showcase opportunities and career-counseling. Residents go on to use their creative talents and professionalism to become art strudents, performers, and above all, responsible young adults with a clear vision and a plan for their personal success.

***also click here to support Art Start's One Mic program***

M.C. K~Swift!


"Swift is an amazing writer, fierce with his message, and consistently pushing new sounds." DRIZZLETRON,

"Guaranteed bangers! Don't sleep!" Wren, WRENEGADE

"I remember immediately being blown away by his versatility as an artist. MC, poet, producer, DJ, he is a Hip-Hop jack of all trades." Timothy Prolific Jones, Corporate Bboyism

"K~Swift is one of NYC’s finest M.C’s he’s an activist and educator and he spits fire, literally" Miz Metro, The Bloom Effect

"Nu' Ol' Skool is "Cold Chillin' meets 2007 and is as current as the morning edition."" Blind Boy Grunt, That Ol' New York RAP

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