Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dr. Boyce: Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous Should No Longer Be Invited to the White House | Black Blue Dog

I feel that we should give him some time. The G O P are acting like they won the election and want cut in order to get more taxes. I say if we have to like all the taxes go up. Tell the people the reason why the G OP are still saying no they want cuts. I say we will give them cuts in the taxes brakes the companies get to in so way pay no taxes.  The want to save the top 2% and say the hell with the other 98%. Just tell the people what is going on I feel that they will understand. And if the taxes do go up they will not say up for long. So like the G O P do what they have done for the last 4 years and say no again and see what the people do about it. We will see why is bluffing. 

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