Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand

                                                            From The Ramparts
                                                         Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                               The Kingdom of Heaven is At Hand
"If your guides claim that the Kingdom is in the sky, the birds of the sky will be there before you. If they say it is in the sea, the fishes of the sea will be there before you. The Kingdom is within you and without you. When you know yourselves you will be known. Then you shall know that you are Sons of the Living Father. But, it you do not know yourselves you are in poverty and you are poverty." The Gospel According to Thomas saying #3
A great awakening is upon us. We stand on the cusp of a New Age, a New Era, a time of personal and collective transformation. I'm not talking about the New World Order of the psychopathic/megalomaniacal international loan sharks, ruthless warmongers, and self-centered corporate CEO's, no, I referring to the ancient prophesies and predictions of the Wise Ones, Seers and MYSTICS who anticipated a time when collective humanity would hear "the still small voice" of THE ONE, "dream dreams and have visions" of our DIVINE nature, our righteous possibilities and follow its guidance.
The great awakening and rising consciousness we anticipate are inner promptings and manifestations of an increasing attunement to the higher frequencies/vibrations constantly emanating from THE UNIVERSE, the one song, the whole which is a living cogent entity. The physical UNIVERSE is merely the embodiment/emanation/expression of SPIRIT/INTELLIGENCE/ENERGY/CONSCIOUSNESS that humans have called by many names (Amun-Ra, in Kemet, Nyame in Akan, Olodumare byYoruba, Mulungu by the Gogo people of Tanzania etc) throughout the course of our existence and history. 
The UNIVERSE as a physical emanation of THE CREATOR is both DIVINE and material in nature; as creatures within this mix so are we. Many are concerned about the Mayan prophesies and what will happen on December 21, 2012. The Hollywood mind control apparatus deliberately misrepresented the Mayan calendar to make it seem like it would be a doomsday scenario, the end of the world. While it made money for the studio, it was not an accurate representation of the Mayan Prophesies or what they mean. To expect the aspiritual, benighted and barbaric West with its strictly materialistic orientation and its social controlling institutions to comprehend or fathom spiritual and psychic prophesies or to present them in a righteous manner is foolish on our part.
Hollywood is the quintessential tool in the deliberate dumbing down, desecration and debasement of humanity. For us to think Hollywood or any Western institution including religion, for that matter, will tell the truth is insanity on our part. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the same people expecting things to turn out differently.  Do not look to Hollywood or the media for guidance or for truth. The Hollywood studio system merely reflects the consciousness, the values and aspirations of those who own and control it. We of all people know the owners of Hollywood are not about presenting truth, peace, humanitarianism or spirituality.
Many have heard about the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius and are mistakenly looking for outward signs and manifestations of this new era. Do not to look for outward signs in the sky or any place else. The Mayans, the Age of Aquarius, quantum shifts etc. are first and foremost spiritual and psychic phenomenon. The origin of this new age is the realm of spirit and psyche. The outward manifestations will only come into being when we do the work of letting go of our misconceptions and our egos and transforming ourselves. The new era is already here, it's now we just can't perceive it thinking on our current vibratory level. It will become real in our lives when we actually listen and abide by the promptings, ideas, images and inner urgings we are getting from THE UNIVERSE.
We are all unique expressions of THE CREATOR, we respond, react and resonate differently to stimuli. For some the great awakening will be an aha, Eureka moment, for some it will be a quiet confident inner knowing, for some it will come as a result of life circumstances that unmistakably point to the need for personal change, for others it will be an unconscious following of a new direction, a new way of being/living. For each of us it will mean making a conscious choice/decision, choosing to change, choosing to be different. This can be frightening and unsettling but SPIRIT/INTELLIGENCE/CONSCIOUSNESS will guide us, inspire us and open amazing paths to greater experiences in life.
Humanity stands at a pivotal fork in the road. We have to empower ourselves by choosing which direction we go. Will we heed "the still small voice" and choose what Yeshua called "the narrow way" (Read  Matthew 7:13-14)  towards transformation? Or will we succumb to the Satanic tricks and traps of the psychopathic megalomaniacal ruling elites who will manipulate us by stimulating our appetites and passions, tempt us to mindlessly misuse and misapply our life energy and suggest we exchange our DIVINITY for the illusions of crass power they offer? All of us are like the Buddha, The Christos and every archetypical hero who was driven to confront his/her ego, their inner demons and shadow self; who must grapple with and resist giving in to their innate appetites and passions. This is what Yeshua meant when he said, "A man's foes shall be of his own household."
We either resist temptation or succumb to it. We either remain ignorant or we become wise.This experience of resisting temptation ultimately leads to transcending the limited self, moving towards self mastery and enlightenment.
The enlightened life will not be an existence of asceticism, boredom, isolation or alienation. That was the old paradigm based upon misunderstanding and immaturity. The new era is one of ongoing enlightenment, engagement, cooperation and harmony. The genesis of this engagement is within us; it will be from the inside out. Once we become integrated, whole and united within, it will be easier for us to see beyond the barriers of the material world, break the illusions of separateness and enmity which are based upon ignorance and fear. This new revelation will result in living differently, relating to others in new ways and living in the world in a different manner. We will go from ignorance to enlightenment, bondage to liberation and we will open our eyes to our divine nature.
We stand at a crucial fork in the road. The rulers of the current system will use every trick in the book to keep us ignorant and in bondage, including wars to prevent us from evolving and transcending. To remain our overlords they must keep us dumb, distracted, diseased and discombobulated. Do not allow them to trick you. Save yourself!  Like Bob Marley sang in Redemption Song, "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy cause none of them can stop the time. How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look? Some say it's just a part of it we've got to fulfill the book. Won't you here to sing these songs of freedom cause all I ever have redemption songs." 
Looking beyond the creeds, dogma and doctrines we have been feed, searching for the real message of existence we find this message, "Repent the Kingdom of God is at hand." This is just as true today as it was two thousand years ago. The Mayan prophesies and astro-spiritual Age of Aquarius merely reinforce this message. The new age, the new consciousness is a redemption song telling us the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, right here and now. Free yourself from mental slavery and experience it.

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