Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marrow Registry: Help Kevin and other African American patients find their match

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News for registry members committed to marrow donation February 2013
Help This Father Register 1,000 African American Marrow Donors
Kevin Weston has perspective. He just wants to see his little girl grow up and to grow old with his wife. But to do that, he needs your help.
Like so many battling blood cancers, this 44-year-old journalist has leukemia and needs a marrow transplant, but doesn't have a matching donor on the registry. He's asking the nation to help him register 1,000 new African American marrow donors in the next two months. For Kevin, time is critical.
Patients are more likely to match someone who shares their ancestry and African Americans are under-represented on the registry. By adding more African Americans, patients like Kevin have a better chance at finding a match. Tell your family and friends in the African American community to join at BeTheMatch.org. To make it easy, we've provided you with Facebook and Twitter posts.

Sara Follow Sara Through Her PBSC Donation
Remember Sara? Last year, we shared a letter from Sara, detailing her excitement to be someone's match on the registry. Now she's back to share a detailed account of her peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation experience.
From day one of her filgrastim injections through donation, Sara tells it like it is. Through her first-hand experience, you'll be able to see what PBSC donation is all about.

Get Involved Build the Cause
While you wait for the call
Looking for new ways to get involved with Be The Match®? Check out our revamped Get Involved page to find upcoming Be The Match Walk+Run events, Facebook and Twitter images to share, Pinterest favorites and much more.

Gary "I Walk for People Who Have Nothing Left Except Hope." Gary's Story
Gary, a 61-year-old physical education teacher walks to provide hope—hope for those in need of a marrow transplant. After his colleague Aggie was diagnosed with a blood cancer as a result of her treatments for breast cancer, Gary got tested to see if he was a marrow match. Gary ultimately found out that he was not a match for Aggie and decided to help by getting involved with Be The Match. Since 2011, Gary has walked in every Be The One Run®, now Be The Match Walk+Run event—remotely from his home in Montana and now in memory of Aggie.

Keith Ellison Make Things Happen
Join Our Advocacy Action Network

Last summer, a dedicated group of marrow transplant recipients and donors participated in more than 30 meetings with lawmakers and legislative staffers to advocate for continued Congressional support of Be The Match. Through the new Be The Match Advocacy Action Network, we're asking you to help continue this important work.

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