Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NAACP hosts forum, "Violence As A Public Health Issue" in Irvington, NJ on Thursday October 3

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On Thursday, October 3rd, the New Black Panther Party will proudly participate in a community based forum hosted by the Irvington, NJ chapter of the NAACP.
The forum is called Violence As A Public Health Issue takes place New Point Church, 60 Paine Avenue, Irvington at 7pm.
The forum is being moderated by Bashir Akinyele of the Newark AntiViolence Coalition.
Among the forum participants are Irvington Councilman David Lyons, Pastor Bryant Ali of New Psalmist Worship Center, New Panther field marshal Sharif Amenhotep, who is also a central fixture in the Newark AntiViolence Coalition, and Baba Zayid Muhammad, the party’s longtime national minister of culture who survived a shooting in Irvington in 2007.
Irvington, a small city sharing a border with Newark, faces a serious gun violence plague as well as a home foreclosure crisis.
In July 2009, the Newark AntiViolence Coalition was initiated by Newark Councilman Ras Baraka as a community protest paradigm to pressure government officials to bring more resources to bare on the issue. It’s central demand was for the city of Newark to declare gun violence a public health emergency. It would lead to the NAVC shutting down city blocks once a week every week for 155 consecutive weeks on the issue as the crisis continues to plague the community! The New Black Panther Party has played an important stabilizing role in the NAVC over the duration of those protests.
Incredibly, the NAVC withstood a senseless attack by Irvington Police when they protested the murder of Coalition member Selenna Baines who was killed in Irvington in November 2010! Muhammad then led a protest to Irvington Police Station to get arrested participants released.
Just weeks ago, NJ governor Chris Christie declared gun violence a public health emergency, but no action has come from that potentially historic call. Outgoing Newark mayor and Democratic nominee for senator, Cory Booker has not seen fit to do so pathetically.
“We do not what this to be swept under the rug, or to be reduced to being just a paper declaration, ” said Muhammad pointedly. He will lay out a broad conceptualization of a proper resource implementation response.
The Irvington chapter of the NAACP is lead by respected veteran community leader Kathleen Witcher. For more information, please call 973.373.7287…
PO BOX 25332
NEWARK, NJ 07101
973 202 0745

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