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The Black Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Conference, Houston, TX on March 15, 2014. Register Now!



-- Beauty Supply Institute, which trains aspiring and existing beauty supply store owners, will hold their next conference on March 15, 2014 at the Westin Houston Airport Hotel in Houston, Texas. --

Beauty Supply Institute has trained thousands of aspiring and existing beauty supply store owners in a sector that is highly competitive and dominated by the Asian community. It trains individuals through online courses, consulting, do-it-yourself materials, a 9-month program and conferences.
The company is now in its 5th year of holding conferences, which attracts blacks from across the globe. The company founder, Devin Robinson, who was once a victim of poor customer service while shopping in a beauty supply store a decade ago when the Asian owner wielded a golf club at him pressuring him to shop or leave said, "When I opened my first of 3 locations almost 10 years ago, I thought that my situation was isolated to me and my community. I had no idea this was a national, and since offering the conference, really a global problem. We have opened or trained owners in Canada, Switzerland, the Caribbean, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Don't get me wrong, not all non-blacks are standing in the way of black owners, but with 96% of the customer base being black and only 3% of the owners being black, it's obvious that there are some impediments, which were confirmed when I became an owner too."
The Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Conference has taken place in multiple cities. It has traveled to New York, St. Louis, Cleveland, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas since 2010. Now, it will take place in Houston, TX on March 15th, 2014 at the Westin Houston Airport location.
When asked about the logic behind the travel schedule, company VP of Operations and Academic Affairs, Roschel Davis said, "In the first year, we visited four cities we felt had a strong interest in store ownership. After getting a good idea of the best schedule, we decided to keep the conference twice per year, with the summer conference being in Atlanta every year, and the winter conference in the Midwest or West Coast. We are still tweaking out the best place to hold our winter conferences but Texas and California are at the top of the list."
The conference is a 2-day conference that consists of specific store opening-type classes, take-home materials, a full lunch, a store visit and an in-the-field experience on how to select a profitable location.
Beauty Supply Institute recently celebrated opening its 50th store since they began helping others in 2007 and has been credited for bringing over $10 million in revenues to urban communities across America. Robinson said, "We are seeing the impact slowly, but our efforts to take it back is definitely happening."
To register for the conference, visit or call Anne Holder at 404-551-4398.
(Early bird specials are available while seats last.)
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