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President Obama's Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative to be hosted by select local barbershops

    ~ Select Local Barbershops to Host Events and Provide Fathers with Parenting Resources 

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    Washington, DC ( -- As part of President Obama’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative, The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC), funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, Office of Family Assistance will team up with community agencies and barbershops across the country as part of Fatherhood Buzz to provide fathers with key tips, information and strategies that focus on men’s health. Barbershops, which serve as unofficial outlets for peer education in many communities, were chosen as the trusted hub to share information about fatherhood and the essential role that fathers play in society. Events will include national and local resources for fathers, including handouts on health and wellness, parenting tips, networking, and positive conversations.
    On average, men live five years less than women – with heart disease as the leading cause of death. Fatherhood Buzz events will encourage fathers to treat their health as part of their commitment to being a responsible father. Fathers who model a healthy lifestyle can have a powerful and positive impact on the development and health of their children. In fact, studies have found that children who have actively engaged fathers are more likely to have good physical and emotional health, to achieve academically, and avoid drugs, violence, and delinquent behavior.
    "The three ways you can be a responsible father and man is by eating right, getting exercise and getting regular preventive health screenings," says Kenneth Braswell, Director, National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC). "We are doing this outreach through barbershops to ensure that men, especially fathers, know about the importance of their health for themselves and their families."
    Encouraging health among fathers through conversations is just one topic in a series of topics sponsored by NRFC being used to strengthen fathers and families through barbershops across the country.
    President Obama’s Fatherhood Initiative’s Fatherhood Buzz is a pilot program of The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) - an established, national and international resource for fathers, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers. A service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families' (ACF) Office of Family Assistance, NRFC develops and collects information about policies, priorities, trends, research findings, and promising fatherhood practices. The NRFC disseminates that knowledge to practitioners and the fatherhood field to support well-being and economic self-sufficiency outcomes for fathers, children, families, and communities. For more information, call 1(877) 4DAD-411 or visit
    For the listing of the community partners and barbershops, visit

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    He was freed for killing Trayvon Martin, Marissa Alexander got 20 years for firing a warning shot. Are you Marissa Alexander?

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    The fight to free Marissa Alexander continues - sentence to 20 years for firing a warning shot.

    The fight to free Marissa Alexander continues. Alexander is an African American mother who was sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot to stop an attack by her abusive husband. In September, a Florida Appeals court overturned her guilty verdict and she secured the right to a new trial. The new trial is scheduled to begin March 31, 2014.

    On Nov. 13, Judge Daniels failed to grant Marissa Alexander's request to be released on bond. He heard arguments, but said he will decide later, perhaps before the end of the year. Meanwhile, Marissa is still in jail. The national Free Marissa Now campaign statement on the hearing is below.

    Get involved -- your ideas and involvement are needed! Radical Women continues to be a proud and active member of the Free Marissa Now campaign. Please contact me at or 206-722-6057 if you are interested in being part of the dynamic, grassroots effort to keep Marissa's case in the public eye, build pressure for her release, raise funds for her legal defense and continue to address how Black women and other survivors of domestic violence are criminalized for defending themselves.

    Free Marissa Now has launched a campaign to raise at least $10,000 by the end of the year. All of the proceeds go to the Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund which is administered by Marissa's family on her behalf. Marissa's lawyers are volunteering their time, but there are still many, many expenses to wage an excellent defense at her new trial. Donate at There is also information on that page about donating by check.

    I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you!

    In solidarity,
    Anne Slater
    National Organizer
    Radical Women


    Date: November 13, 2013
    From: Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign

    For Immediate Release

    Statement to the Press
    Not guilty but still in prison: Justice denied to Marissa Alexander

    An appalling injustice took place today in Jacksonville, Florida when Judge James Daniel failed to grant Marissa Alexander's request to be released on bond until a verdict is reached in her new trial that begins March 31, 2014. At the end of September, a Florida Appeals Court threw out the guilty verdict against Ms. Alexander and ordered a new trial due to severe problems in the instructions to the jury. With the overturn of the original verdict, Marissa Alexander is no longer guilty in the eyes of the law, but she is still in prison.

    Marissa Alexander, an African American mother and daughter, was sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot to stop an attack by her abusive ex-husband -- an act of self-defense that injured no one. She was denied a Stand Your Ground defense. She has already been separated from her young children and family for nearly three years. The youngest was only 9 days old when the domestic violence incident occurred.

    Release on personal recognizance or bond is supposed to be allowed to defendants who present no risk of flight or danger to the community. This mother of three is firmly rooted in the Jacksonville community by her connections to family, children and friends. She poses no danger to the public. Or has the state of Florida decided that she is a danger for the sole reason that she is a black woman?

    It is well documented that black women and other marginalized people are likely to be criminalized, prosecuted, and incarcerated while trying to navigate and survive the conditions of violence in their lives. This is especially true for black women who are subjected to racist stereotypes that paint them as overly aggressive and unworthy.

    The Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign is undaunted in our passion to win Marissa Alexander's release. We have launched the Marissa Alexander Freedom Fund campaign to raise $10,000 by the end of the year to help pay for legal costs of the new trial. Donors can give at

    Our movement is thousands strong and we will keep going.

    We have a trial to help win and we will continue to organize for Marissa's freedom and the end of domestic violence and mass incarceration. The world is watching and we will not rest until justice is won.

    Other media coverage of the hearing is at:

    Join Radical Women you are needed! Connect with a chapter near you or contact the national office at

    You can learn more about RW through The Radical Women Manifesto, an exhilarating exploration of Marxist feminist theory and organizing methods, buy a copy or read it on Google Books. Find other fiery Radical Women writings
    Radical Women, National Office
    747 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
    Phone: 415-864-1278 * Fax: 415-864-0778

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    The Dallas 6 Case: Solitary Confinement on Trial in a United States Courtroom

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    The trial of the Dallas 6 is set to begin on December 9, 2013 in the Luzerne County Courthouse before Judge Lesa Gelb. It is a rare instance of solitary confinement being put on trial in a United States courtroom. This trial pertains to an April 29, 2010 peaceful protest to illegal and barbaric conditions created by the Department of Corrections prison guards in the hole at the State Correctional Institution at Dallas (SCI Dallas), including food starvation, mail destruction, beatings, medical neglect, use of a torture chair and deaths of various prisoners.

    After guards tortured fellow prisoner Isaac Sanchez in the torture chair overnight and threatened several Dallas 6 members with death, inmates Andre Jacobs, Carrington Keys, Duane Peter, Derrick Stanley, Anthony Locke and Anthony Kelly decided that they did not want to suffer anymore. Covering their cell door windows with bedding, the prisoners demanded that the abuse stop, and requested access to their counselors, state police, the District Attorney and the Public Defenders Office. They had no access to telephones or computers and their incoming and out-going mail were being destroyed to undermine their ability to expose the corruption.

    Rather than investigate or attempt to resolve the issues which occurred for over a year prior to April 29, 2010, prison officials staged an armed assault against the unarmed men, who were all locked inside of their individual cells, viciously attacking them with electro-shock shields, tazers, fists, and pepper-spray. While all of the guards involved in the incident admitted that they did not suffer any injuries, members of the Dallas 6 were left bloody, naked, with burnt skin, and in pain.

    Following the assaults, several Dallas 6 members were transferred to other prisons. Hundreds of documents were generated, including specific claims of misconduct alleged against the Dallas 6. Not once was the word riot mentioned. After civil actions and other complaints were filed against prison guards and officials regarding the events, the prison, state police, and the Luzerne County Office of the District Attorney formed an alliance to bring criminal charges against the Dallas 6,--now calling the incident a riot four months later.

    The Wilkes-Barre Dallas 6 Support Team exists to educate Luzerne County citizens about how their tax dollars are being misused to persecute and abuse people in their name. From transporting the Dallas 6 to court with helicopters hovering above, attorney hours, housing, court staffing, and travel over the course of a 3-year period, the state has spent between $250,000 and half a million dollars to prosecute these men who took a stand to save their lives and the lives of people around them.

    The trial of the Dallas 6 will represent a moment of truth and exposure. We call on all who believe in justice and equality to promote awareness of this case.

    Who: The Dallas 6: Six Men Protesting the Conditions of Their Solitary Confinement
    at State Correctional Institution at Dallas (Pennsylvania).
    What: Solitary Confinement on Trial in Pennsylvania.
    When: December 9, 2013.
    Where: Luzerne County Courthouse
    200 North River Street
    Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18711
    Press Contact:
    Dallas Six Legal Defense Committee--Philadelphia
    Vania Gulston--267.591.7219,,

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    Thursday, November 28, 2013

    Contribute to The Cynthia McKinney First Annual Coat and Blanket Drive

    I'm trying to alert Atlanta area people on this list to a project that I've undertaken in conjunction with the young people of the Feed the People (FTP) Movement. It got very cold here and I want to help people. If you're in the Atlanta area, please donate a coat and/or blanket and stand with us as Atlanta's elected "leaders" are about to bailout a billionaire for a new stadium while their citizens are in dire need. If you want to help, please contact me. Watch the video -- I made it myself! Bear with me, I'm learning . . .


    10:00 AM Downtown Atlanta Peachtree and Pine Streets Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless December 14th

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    Sunday, November 24, 2013

    10 Things I'm committed to forget to remember


    10 Things I'm committed to forget to remember:
    • JFK
    • 911
    • The War To End All Wars
    • Israel And Palestine
    • God
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas
    • Racism
    • ------

    And now for a word from Beenie Man.

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    Saturday, November 23, 2013

    Stand with the United American Indians of New England as they mark the 44th National Day of Mourning on the day many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving

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    This year once again Lakou NY calls on the community to join us as we travel to Plymouth, Massachusetts to stand with the United American Indians of the New England as they mark the 44th National Day of Mourning on the day many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.

    Many of us who celebrate Thanksgiving and eat turkey on this day do so without realizing that this holiday originates from a massacre of 700 Pequot men, women, elders, and children in Mystic, Connecticut.

    The National Day of Mourning starts at noon with a Native American prayer ceremony. It is followed by a march around the town and a rally in front of Plymouth Rock where members of the UAINE tell the truth about the genocide perpetrated against their people and also their resistance which the day's mobilization represents. The day ends with a potluck dinner where everyone sits and eats together. This year, the day is once again dedicated to Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier, unjustly imprisoned by the US Government since 1977.

    The Lakou NY bus leaves  at 6am on Thursday Nov. 26th, 2009 from Radyo Pa Nou which is located at 1685 Nostrand Ave. (bet. Beverly Rd. and Cortelyou Rd.) in Brooklyn, NY.
    Participation is $30.
    (#2 or 5 train to Beverly Rd. in Brooklyn or B44 to Nostrand Ave. and Beverly Rd.)

    Please call us at 347-730-3620 or email us at to reserve your seat.

    The International Action Center is organizing a bus from Manhattan. You can reach them at 212-633-6646.

    If you are not in the NY area and would like to come on your own, please visit the UAINE website for details and directions:

    Please take some time to watch the following short videos:

    Produced by South African film maker Eugene Paramoer in collaboration with Lakou NY and Flanbwayan Haitian Literacy Project. Eugene traveled with us last year.

    Produced by a Democracy Now team who traveled with us in 2011

    If you cannot come but would like to support the work of the UAINE, we encourage you to send a check or money order to the Metacom Education Project and mail to Metacom Education Project/UAINE, c/o IAC, 284 Amory Street, Boston, MA 02130.

    We end this email with the words of our brother Borgela Philistin, innocent Haitian man in this country's deathrow dungeons since 1995: Good intentions mean nothing. Only your concrete actions will change the evil reality we are living in.



    Free All Political Prisoners! •

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    Tuesday, November 12, 2013

    Announce, Promote Your Kwanzaa Events Now. It's not too early!

    Planning a Kwanzaa event? 

    Announcing, Promote your Kwanzaa Event on TheBlackList 

    Help me help you get your message out.

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    Friday, November 8, 2013

    Vote Online and Help Black-owned Alabama Tech Firm Win $250,000 Grant from Chase
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    DataCom Satellite, a local Satellite Services Provider, has applied for a $250,000 grant from Chase as part of a newly launched program called Mission Main Street(SM) Grants. To be eligible for a grant, applicants must submit a questionnaire outlining a business plan that will result in growth of the business, and receive at least 250 votes. Full eligibility requirements are available in the Program Rules (
    Customers, fans and community members can show support for DataCom Satellite by voting at using Facebook Connect. The voting deadline is November 15, 2013 and grant recipients will be selected by expert panelists.
    "The Satellite Services Division of DataCom Solutions, Inc. is striving to provide quality broadband in rural areas of America. Receiving this grant would definitely ignite the ongoing efforts to ensure this much needed work continues," said President, Jerry Brooks.
    Through Mission Main Street Grants, Chase will award $3 million to small business across America. All businesses that apply for a grant and meet the eligibility requirements will receive a special advertising offer from Premier Sponsor, Google. In addition, the 12 grant recipients will be eligible to receive a trip to Google for an exclusive small business marketing workshop with Google experts and a Google Chromebook Pixel laptop.
    The 12 grant recipients will be announced in January 2014.
    Consumers can show support by voting for DataCom Satellite using Facebook Connect before the voting deadline on November 15, 2013. For additional details about Mission Main Street Grants, visit

    About Mission Main Street Grants
    Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to small business, Chase launched Mission Main Street Grants, a program that will award 12 grants of $250,000 to small businesses across America. By completing a business profile, a grant questionnaire, and meeting relevant eligibility requirements, small businesses will have access to special offers from the Premier Sponsor, Google. Chase is committed to helping small businesses so they can take big steps for their business and community.

    About DataCom Satellite
    DataCom Satellite is a division of DataCom Solutions, Inc. providing Satellite Services to businesses and consumers globally with an emphasis on remote areas where services are limited.

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    Dec. 7 Turning the Tide 25th anniversary Anti-Racist Awards presentation and benefit

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    Turning the Tide 25th anniversary

    You are invited to come celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Turning the Tide" at a first annual Anti-Racist Awards presentation and buffet dinner on Saturday, December 7, 2013, at 7 PM. It’s at the West Side Peace Center, 3916 S. Sepulveda Blvd. in Culver City, CA (adjacent to the 405 Freeway, between Venice Boulevard and Washington Place).
    Join us in marking 25 years of uninterrupted grassroots agitating, organizing and critical analysis, and in helping Turning the Tide continue going forward as a voice of uncompromising anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-fascism, anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism, and commitment to human liberation and environmental sustainability.
    Admission to the event is $20 payable to Anti-Racist Action (or $30 with a one-year subscription to Turning the Tide added). Larger donations of course would be gratefully accepted. Call us at 323-636-7388 or email to get tickets now.

    The program will feature a buffet, live music and the initiating presentation of three awards focused on people of European descent who have contributed to anti-racist struggles. The award recipients will be present and have the opportunity to address their work.
    Each award is going to two or more people, because we think anti-racist struggle is collective and multi-generational struggle. The awards are:

    the Adrienne Rich Culture of Resistance and Liberation award, going to Sheila Pinkel, Mary Sutton and Carol Wells of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG).

    the Sarah & Angelina Grimke Anti-Racist Communicators award, going to Ariana Manov and Leslie Radford (both of whom have been involved with KPFK Pacifica radio in Los Angeles).

    the Rose Friedman Working People's Survival award, going to Vanessa Carlisle, Linzy Cristofani and Charlotte Tonnies Moore, who work together doing outreach to and organizing of sex workers.

    Advertise in the Commemorative Book

    In addition to the awards event, to mark the anniversary we will also publish a commemorative book with ads and good wishes and content from the “best of” 25 years of Turning the Tide since 1988.

    Business card-size ads are $25; quarter-page (3.5X5) ads are $50, half-pages (7.5X5 or 3.5X10) $90, full pages (7.5X10) are $175, payable to Anti-Racist Action. Make checks payable to “Anti-Racist Action” and send to ARA-LA/PART, PO Box 1055, Culver City CA 90232. Ad copy and graphics can be sent either as camera-ready ‘hard copy’, or with design instructions, or as electronic files (.doc for text, .jpg or tiff for graphics) to tickets or place an ad here:
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    Thursday, November 7, 2013

    Malcolm X's "Message to the Grass Roots" commemorated 50 years later, Nov.10, at CEMOTAP in NYC

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    “We have a common oppressor, a common exploiter, and a common discriminator…Once we all realize that we have a common enemy,
    then we unite, on the basis of what we have in common…", 
    Malcolm X—Message to the Grass Roots
    On Sunday, November 10th, the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee will host a people’s symposium to observe the 50th anniversary of the most seminal revolutionary speech of the 20th century, ‘The Message To The Grassroots,’ by Malcolm X!
              This special gathering will take at CEMOTAP, 135-05 Rockaway Blvd, Ozone Pk Queens at 3pm.
              Donation requested.
    Among the participants will be Professor James Small who maintained the annual pilgrimage to the gravesite of Malcolm X for 42 years and Professor William Sales, who authored the vastly underappreciated ‘From Civil Rights To Black Liberation, Malcolm X and the Organization of AfroAmerican Unity’, among others!
    “I defy anyone to cite a speech that has the conscious resonance between the generations like the awesome eyeopening, timemarking ‘Message To The Grassroots,’” said Zayid Muhammad, MXCC’s press officer.
    Malcolm X delivered the classic speech on November 10, 1963 at King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan in a gathering organized by the Northern Negro Grassroots Leadership Conference.
    The event will also include statements from Black political prisoners on the impact that Malcolm’s speech had on their personal commitments and on their own organizing efforts!
    “We simply could not let a milestone like this go by and not recognize it for its enormous importance,” said Dequi Kioni-Sadiki, the fiery chairwoman of the organization.
              For more information, please call 718 512 5008…

    PO BOX 380-122
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    Sunday, November 3, 2013

    Join the Campaign to End NY Parole Abuses & Reunite Families, Riverside Church, NYC, November 8

    “Ending Parole Abuses – Reuniting Families”

    The Riverside Church Prison Ministry’s statewide campaign to overhaul NYS’s failed parole system

    Campaign Kick-Off Weekend

    Friday, November 8, 2013
    7 pm – 10:30 pm
    (Doors open and book signing @ 6 pm)
    Hill Harper – gifted actor, best-selling author of Letters to a Young Brother, Letters to an Incarcerated Brother(pub. date Nov. 2013)

    Terrie M. Williams—youth and mental health advocate, best-selling author of Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting

    IMPACT – Grammy- and Oscar-nominated theater company

    Prodigy of Mobb Deep

    Gloria Browne-Marshall – professor, playwright, author of Race, Law and American Society
    Saturday, November 9, 2013
    8:30 am – 5 pm
    Light breakfast and lunch will be provided so to be sure there's enough, please register.

    Informative plenaries and workshops to advance the Campaign!

    Both events take place at the Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive @ West 120th Street

    Click on these Eventbrite links to reserve your FREE seats now:


    *If you’d like to be a co-sponsor of this event, we ask that you:

    1. Endorse the kick-off weekend and campaign
    2. Eblast information about the events and campaign to your members and supporters
    3. Contact two other organizations and solicit their support

    To sign up as a co-sponsor, please email

    Free All Political Prisoners!

    Friday, November 1, 2013

    Do You Want to Make Your Butt Look Better?

    Improve Your Assets is a new e-book that shows men and women how to get a round, firm, shapely backside with targeted exercises and stretches.

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