Thursday, January 16, 2014

TheBlackList News: What's Hot In Our Community on TheBlackList

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What's Hot On TheBlackList:

Welcome To Manhood: Concerned Black Men of LA - Helping Young Males Gain Valuable Life Skills

King's Words Expose AmeriKKKa

How To Get Your Piece Of The $15 Billion Black Hair Beauty Supply Business. Beauty Supply Institute's Annual Beauty Supply Ownership Conference; Houston, Texas on March 15-16

Mark Duggan Verdict

What is more detrimental to the Black community: Gay Marriage vs. Interracial Marriage?

Black Conservatives oppose Obama's nomination of Debo Adegbile to head U.S. DOJ's Civil Rights Office, questioning defence of Mumia Abu Jamal

Why Are We Still Disorganized? by Bro. Cliff of KUUMBAReport Online and SRDC

Community-wide tributes to Amiri Baraka who joined the Ancestors at 79

On 50th Anniversary on War on Poverty, Black Leaders Say the War Hurt Black Families‏

What is Beauty? ‘Beauty Is’: Documentary About Beauty From A Pan-African POV

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