Friday, February 7, 2014

Get the 2014 Black History Catalog of Black Gifts and Greeting Cards

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African American Expressions(TM), the nation’s largest black-owned gift and greeting card company, kicks off Black History month with the release of its much anticipated 2014 Celebrating 365 Days of Black History catalog.
Black history is filled with inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome adversity, in its various forms, to make lasting impressions on every aspect of society. From the human rights activists who fought tirelessly to secure equality, to the literary geniuses who used their God-given intellect to expose the evils of racism, African Americans boast an extraordinary heritage full of trailblazers and trendsetters. African American Expressions(TM) is pleased to honor this rich cultural legacy with an exciting line of gifts items that authentically reflect the spirit of the Black Community.
For more than twenty years, African American Expressions(TM) has served as the nation’s market leader in ethnic gifts. A household name, AAE(TM) offers America’s best selection of culturally authentic, inspirational gift items such as calendars, greeting cards, journals, figurines, handbags and more.  
The recent release of the 2014 Black History catalog commences the fundraising season for customers across the country. Since the company’s inception over two decades ago, AAE(TM) has sought to empower African American communities by providing individuals, churches, schools and other organizations with a means to generate additional revenue. AAE(TM)’s fundraising program has helped thousands of individuals and groups stay afloat in the face of economic hardship.
The program functions similarly to candy drives or home party sales: fundraisers use the AAE(TM) holiday catalog to take orders from members of their community, selling items at retail price. Fundraisers then purchase at a discounted price, with the difference being their profit.
The 2014 Black History catalog features over 40 exciting new items including the fresh, youthful Sister Friends Collection which colorfully expresses why AAE(TM) is second to none in the realm of Black gifts.
To receive your FREE 2014 Black History catalog, visit or call 800-684-1555; (Facebook)

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