Thursday, May 29, 2014

The New Black Panther Party and The Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika mourns the death of Imamu Fahiym Olugbala Ali


Early on Tuesday evening, May 27th, the New Black Panther Party was stunned beyond words to learn that their promisin...g and much loved national minister of information Fahiym ‘RBG’ Ali had been senselessly gunned down in his Florida community.

Apparently, Ali was gunned down in a drive-by after having had a minor altercation earlier with a stranger! Emergency medical personnel were unable to save the stalwart consciousness-raising warrior at a nearby hospital.

Imamu Fahiym Olugbala Ali was also serving as the chairman of the People’s Convention Center of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika and as a New Afrikan Legionnaire at the time of his death.

He was only 41.

“I would like to believe that the person who did this had no idea who our brother was, or else he likely would not have done it,” said Zayid Muhammad, the Party’ s national minister of culture, who is also a gun violence survivor.

“The loss of our brother to this senseless violence should serve as an indicator to all that no one is immune to this plague.

“Most upsettingly is that we truly need young men like Fahiym in the trenches of our communities, using their survivals, their courage and their knowledge to turn this thing around,” finished Muhammad.

Ali was among the soldiers of the New Black Panther Party who withstood physically provocative Texas Rangers in Jasper, Texas just weeks ago protesting the lynching of Alfred Wright.

It must also be noted that Ali was slain on the birth anniversary of Emmitt Till, the Chicago teen whose savage lynching in Mississippi in 1955 actually became a galvanizing factor in the emergence of the Civil Rights Movement. Ali was working with the Panthers on a special demonstration to be held at the U.S. Justice Department on August 28th, to mark the anniversary of Till’s lynching.

"Our flag will be at half mast for this brother whom we loved," said Krystal Muhammad, the Party's national chair.
SOURCE: Zayid Muhammad

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Free the Land!
Sisters and Brothers,
Word is spreading through social media of the sudden and senseless death of Bro. Fahiym Ali, Chairperson of the People's Center Council, PG-RNA.
Reports indicate that Bro. Fahiym was shot yesterday after a minor altercation in Miami (Florida), his hometown, and rushed to a local hospital where he expired.
The New Black Panther Party has issued a press release announcing this untimely and violent loss. Bro. Fahiym was a stalwart member of the Party, serving as their National Minister of Information.
"I would like to believe that the person who did this had no idea who our brother was, or else he likely would not have done it," said Zayid Muhammad, the Party's National Minister of Culture (and a gun violence survivor).
Krystal Muhammad, the Party's National Chairperson, stated, "Our flag will be at half-mast for this brother whom we loved."
Alvin Brown, PG-RNA President, had received firsthand, preliminary reports from Gen. K. X Ali Rashid, PG-RNA Minister of Foreign Affairs, who also resides in Miami. Gen. Rashid was at the hospital when Bro. Fahiym passed away.
In addition to his duties as PCC Chairperson, Bro. Fahiym also served as a certified PG-RNA District Representative, and was an active soldier in the Black Legion (defense force for the PG-RNA).
Other details are forthcoming.

Masai Ehehosi, Minister of Information
Provisional Government - Republic of New Afrika (PG-RNA)

SOURCE: Your Reporter ()

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