Friday, September 5, 2014

Stop Mimicking Your Oppressor!

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Black People!, Stop Mimicking Your Oppressor! 

                When our leadership, particularly Black elected officials, mimics white officials We loss any real tangible progress towards justice and equality We might have thought We had made.  Black teachers have always been leaders in the Black community.  But when Black teachers start telling our children "I've got mind, now you get yours", We should seriously question the leadership merits of such teachers.

                Because of the racist history of the attitudes of whites towards Blacks, We expect white teachers to be heartless and uncaring about our children's education.  We are not surprised that white teachers would say disparaging and demeaning words to break the spirit of ambitious Black children.  But Black teachers who get frustrated with our children's behavior should know better.  We should expect that "trained" Blacks educators, you would think, would look for alternative soulutions to the problems of educating our overactive high strung children.

                Black People!, Stop Mimicking Your Oppressor!  Revisit your African Cultural Roots and allow The Village to help you raise your children.  Black People!, allow The Village to help train-up your child so he/she does not stray when he/she is grown.  Black People!, demand that the Black People you elect as your leaders lead you out of the oppressive system of white supremacy not further into the belly of the breast.  Black People!, demand that "The Village", including Black teachers, actively engage our children for the betterment of our community.

                Medgar Evers was once quoted to have said, "Every time I think about my kids and their innocence, i wonder how whites can make the youngsters suffer so.  i guess that thought keeps me in naacp work."  Of course, that was during a time when he saw naacp work as, "We're going to get Negroes registered and voting despite the literacy tests.  With that basic political power, We'll continue working toward economic strength", according to his own words.  His work was to build collective Economic Black Empowerment within our community.
                Every Black Man and Woman in mississippi, and throughout america, should fully empathize with Medgar Evers' passion for justice which he expressed this way, "A close friend of my Dad's was lynched when i was 14 or so… He was supposed to have insulted a white woman.  We would see his bloody clothing still on the field months later.  Some of the blood spots looked like rust on the grass. i vowed then when i grew up, i would dedicate my life to changing such injustices."  Those of us who do empathize with Medgar's Love for mississippi, are also dedicated to changing this state, and nation, to what it should be.  For us to do that, We have to Stop Mimicking Our Oppressor!

Yo' Little Brother Symposium
for our 10-16 years old sons
part of the Rites-of-Passage Project
at the Jackson Medical Mall - Suite 3415
contact Baba Lukata for info 

Baba Lukata
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i revel in the thought of us talking again very soon. 
& see what follows
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