Saturday, December 28, 2019

If you Believe in Peace, Commit to Defeating the Warmongers!

No Retreat, No Compromise is the call the grassroots members of the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) proclaim as we face the dogs of war, exploitation and criminal imperialism. We fully expect the crisis of neoliberal capitalism to intensify as the rulers desperately attempt to salvage a world order that is rapidly changing to their disadvantage. 

But we know that in their desperation they will fall back on the one instrument that has been primarily responsible for their global hegemony - naked violence. 

Yesterday a military "surge" against the "enemy" in Afghanistan, today the Trump regime is bringing a military surge to the U.S. to fight the domestic enemy – the Black working class and poor - under the guise of fighting crime. But the real crime that the Trump surge is intent on fighting is the crime of resistance that historically has emerged from the African American peoples' and the other colonized and nationally oppressed peoples. 

We will be ready.

However, taking a clear and uncompromising stance against U.S. imperialism, domestic repression and calling for fundamental - that is, revolutionary change - has its material disadvantages.  Unlike so many others who can attract material support from the reformers and collaborators, BAP stands virtually alone. 

That is why we come to you - the people - to give what you can during this so-called giving season. 

We are going to fight the surge, the training of U.S. police forces by the Israeli state, struggle to shut down AFRICOM, continue to commit to closing the over 800 U.S. bases worldwide, advocate against the normalization of nuclear war and expose the collaboration of "progressive" forces with the U.S. war-state. 

We are going to do that, but it will be just a little more effective if we had more resources. Give what you can today or become a monthly sustainer. Click here.

YahNe, Paul, Jaribu, Vanessa, Netfa, Margaret, Brandon, Dedan and Ajamu

Black Alliance for Peace, Coordinating Committee


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