Saturday, March 7, 2020

People's Democratic League of Sierra Leone wishes the People of Ghana a Happy 63rd Independence Day

"We shall measure our progress by the improvement in the health of
our people; by the number of children in school, and by the quality of
their education; by the availability of water and electricity in our
towns and villages, and by the happiness which our people take in
being able to manage their own affairs. The welfare of our people is
our chief pride, and it is by this that my Government will ask to be
judged." – Dr Kwame Nkrumah Broadcast to the Nation. 24 December 1957


Today marks the 63rd milestone of Ghana's existence as a sovereign
independent country. On March 6, 1957, Ghana gained her political
independence from colonial Britain to become the first independent
country in sub-Saharan Africa.

Every year on March 6th, Ghanaians all over the world celebrate the
uniqueness of who they are as a people, reflect on the legacies that
their forebears bequeathed to them and rededicate themselves to
leaving a solid legacy for the generations yet unborn.

On this historic day, we, members and supporters of the People's
Democratic League (PDL) join other Africans on the continent and the
diaspora to extend warm wishes and message of goodwill to Africans in
Ghana on the occasion of 63rd anniversary of independence and
democratic self-rule. We join Ghanaians in celebrating this important
day as part of their long proud history in Africa.

We wish to acknowledge the immense sacrifice that Ghana made to end
the brutal fratricidal war in our country in the 1990s. Sierra Leone
has now relative peace, which we believe should have been used as an
opportunity to renew political commitment to promoting sound economic
management, good governance, fostering economic and social development
and contributing positively to the realization and maintenance of
peace, security, stability and development in Africa as a whole and
West Africa in particular. The pursuit of democratic principles
anchored on human rights of all citizens of Sierra Leone, free and
fair elections, accountable and good governance should be the focus of
the government in Freetown and its people. Unfortunately, these
cherished principles are not allowed to give expression in Sierra
Today is a day that means a lot to all of Africans everywhere. A day
of reflection to measure the gains of independence; and a day that
came about as a result of awakening consciousness, team work and
unity; and a day that came when Ghanaian men and women decided to work
together irrespective of tribe, religion, group, profession or

I wish you Happy Independence Day!

Samuel Musa Kalokoh
National Secretary for Administration
People's Democratic League, PDL
8th March, 2020

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