Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Last chance to register for today's Free Advice - How to Work from Home Effectively & How COVID has impacted business and staff.

Join us on Wednesday, April 29th from 7 pm to 8 pm for a Virtual Meeting with Dr. Helen Ofosu (HR Consultant and Career Coach - HR & Career Psychologist IOA Advisory) & Jane A. Janniere (Staff Optimization - Boutique Staffing) as they discuss and offer solutions for how to Work from Home Effectively & How COVID-19 has impacted business and staff. 



Dr. Helen Ofosu has 20 years of experience using Work and Business Psychology (officially known as Industrial / Organizational Psychology) in the government, business, and non-profit sectors. Dr. Ofosu brings her vast knowledge, sensitivity, and special brand of humour to her career consultations, leadership development, executive coaching and group coaching.

Part of what makes her advisory services powerful and unique is that they are all grounded in Industrial / Organizational (I/O) Psychology. 

She completed her undergraduate studies at McMaster University and earned her Ph.D. in Industrial / Organizational (I/O) Psychology from the University of Windsor.

In addition to Career Coaching / Career Counselling, Dr. Ofosu's specialties include: developing hiring processes that allow employers to understand what job candidates can actually do rather than relying only on what candidates say during interviews. This is based on evaluating competencies (e.g., soft skills) in addition to knowledge and experience. Dr. Ofosu is skilled at the assessment and development of leadership skills, developing and delivering training, and navigating diversity and inclusion issues and the turmoil associated with workplace bullying and harassment. Dr. Ofosu has also developed expertise in using human resources (HR) and psychology as part of an organization's risk management strategy.

She helps organizations minimize the risks of cyber and other insider threats. She recognizes that many companies and organizations are concerned about cybersecurity. In this article, she asks "Is Cyber Security Alone Ever Enough?to highlight the fact that this exclusive focus on cybersecurity is incomplete. In this second article, she explains how Corporate Security Hinges on its People and the vulnerabilities that are due to insider threats. Most recently, she was an invited guest on Scott Wright and Tom Eston's Shared Security Podcast to talk about various aspects of this issue.

She's also discussed strategies for using HR and psychology to prevent insider threats on The Insider Threat Podcast. For the past several years, Dr. Helen Ofosu has maintained a blog where she's written over 180 articles about career development, career management, workplace culture, and HR-related issues.

Facebook: @IOAdvisoryServices/
Twitter: @drheleno_ca
Instagram: @drheleno_ca/



Jane Janniere is the Founder & Senior Recruiter at Staff Optimization, a boutique search and recruitment firm in Burlington, Ontario, where she helps various organizations and corporate departments build high performing teams.

Often considered a trusted advisor to her clients, Jane delivers an extraordinary level of service to the accounting and finance industry in the GTA to Niagara.

With lengthy experience working in various industries, she has developed the ability to not only discover the "hidden" needs of the client but also to match them with solutions and deliver outstanding results. She has successfully leveraged her contacts to position herself as the industry standard, providing targeted search solutions to both candidates and clients.

Recruitment Specialties:

- VP Finance
- Finance Manager
- Corporate Controller
- Assistant Controller
- Controller
- Accounting Manager
- Accounting Supervisor
- Accounts Payable/Receivable Manager
- Senior Accountant
- Accountant
- Financial Analyst
- Business Analyst
- Information Technology
- CyberSecurity

As a top recruiter, Jane is committed to understanding the needs and goals of clients who are seeking to hire, and candidates wanting to progress in their careers. Jane's focus is to understand her client's business, organizational structure, and staff culture in order to meet immediate and long term needs. Her goal is also to identify what will motivate, inspire and fulfill individuals in their careers, and match these to the needs and goals of a company.



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