Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Our Commitment to You - Cousin Trips' Response to COVID-19

Greetings All and Happy April,

My how the world has changed since our last communication!

I am a believer in human resilience and spiritual protection. We will manage through the changes, for we are survivors!

The travel industry as other industries have nearly come to a standstill in the past weeks. Cousin Trips has no choice but to wait and see... and pray that we come out of the COVID-19 virus pandemic soon. What a world it will be when we can return to one of life's pleasures - TRAVEL!

For now, we have suspended planning for our upcoming July Ghana tour. We will closely monitor events and when it's safe to do so, resume or reschedule travel plans.

In the meantime, please stay safe and take good care of yourself & your family.

Samimah Aziz

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has advised many people to observe "social distancing" as a precautionary tactic for slowing down the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Social isolation is a common — and valid — concern as we head into what could be several weeks of limited access to our normal routine and in-person interaction with other people. Some may take social distancing in stride, but for most, it's causing high degree of anxiety and anticipated loneliness.

To help you relieve some of this apprehension, here are some ways to prepare and manage in order to reduce the negative emotional impact for yourself and for others:

  • Accentuate the positives
    Focus on what you are able to do during this time. You're finally home — organize, read, rest, cook, and play. Take advantage of the time this provides.
  • Don't overload on news
    Identify where you get your news and check in once or twice a day. Staying constantly connected to the unfolding news won't be helpful — remember that it doesn't change anything — and make sure your news sources are reliable. We recommend the 
    CDC and WHO.
  • It won't last forever
    Remember, this contagion will end. New stories, open-ended developments, and the unknown are anxiety provoking for sure, but be mindful that this outbreak won't last forever.
  • Set a schedule
    Keeping a daily rhythm helps manage the day productively. Even small items such as eating around the same time as usual, and dedicating time to play, work, and rest, can work wonders.
  • Be social, virtually
    Create a virtual schedule with friends and colleagues. Real time office banter, coffee and dinner dates aren't advised, but virtual ones can work just as well. Don't leave yourself out of the loop — be intentional with your connections now. Scheduling a virtual meet-up at least once a day can make all the difference as you negotiate the long hours alone.
  • Stay busy
    Kids home from school? Gather up the activities! Identify games and activities that they can choose from ahead of time and let them know how each day will work. Too much downtime is tough for children as well.
  • Stay healthy
    While lines at our local groceries get longer, and gyms are closed, take advantage of online food delivery services and free Youtube fitness channels such as
    POPSUGAR — you can even start to learn new dance moves at home, shake it up!

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