Friday, May 8, 2020

US Covert Wars Against Venezuela!


Written by: Alimamy Bakarr SANKOH
Consular-General and President of the Governing Council
Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity
Freetown, Sierra Leone. West Africa
Tel: +232-76-937252 (Watts Up)

DATE: 8 May, 2020


Since the painful assassination of El-Commandant Hugo Chavez (Peace Be
Unto Him) on March 5, 2013, there have been unrelenting attempts by
the hoaxed in Washington to abort constitutional order and democracy
in Venezuela. Washington and its allies seek also the murder of
constitutional President Nicolas Maduro and some members of the
Venezuelan Government.

For the misled international public, particularly the American people,
the Venezuelan situation is not hopeless as detractors want us to
believe. The ongoing successes in the fight against the Corona germ
warfare, the development and dazzling changes-dividends of the «
Bolivarian Alternative »-touch the nerve of the US and its bootlicking
imperialist allies. The US government's special hatred for Venezuela
is driven not by the interests of peace, democracy or the universal
values of human dignity. The US is disturbed because, the Venezuelan
people have through peaceful, honest, and transparent, democratic and
all participatory elections elected a just Government and have rallied
support behind their elected leaders against any hostile attack, be it
internal or state sponsored terrorism.

To unveil the truth, the Venezuelan Government led by constitutional
President Nicolas Maduro has done nothing to warrant US economic war
against the Venezuelan people. On the contrary, it is the US that is a
threat to peace, democracy and constitutional order in Venezuela. The
position of the competent authorities in Caracas is very clear and has
not changed since the birth of the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution in
2000. The Government of constitutional President Nicolas Maduro has
vowed never to abandon the Bolivarian project, and has proven that it
has the moral courage to expose the ills and underbelly of

It is on record that the US has misused international instruments to
commit war crime and crime against humanity, when and where it so
wishes, and most importantly it concocts terrible lies, deceptions and
manipulate the media to achieve vicious goals. What one can say here
is that, the juggernaut against the Government of Venezuela is driven
by some powerful interests that converge on destabilisation efforts
and political convulsion in Latin America: "to protect the economic
stranglehold of big businesses and the geopolitical interests of

It has now become laughable and ritual that not a second, minute,
hour, day or week would pass without the US having no spurious lie,
slander, vilification or vague stories to tailor and fit on Venezuela.
From the demonization in the corporate media that constitutional
President Nicolas Maduro is a dictator, constitution breaker,
supporter of terrorism, mismanages state resources to narcotic trade
ally», the US is running pole to post in its zealous attempt to taint
the personal image and integrity of the Venezuelan leader.

Evidence abounds to indict Washington of waging a criminal war against
the people of Venezuela. What the enemies of the Venezuelan people
cannot ignore or stop is that, at any time a lie is imagined or
concocted to demonise the personality and integrity of constitutional
President Maduro, the more the people world over grow to like the
Venezuelan leader. It is therefore possible to understand that the
growing popularity of constitutional President Nicolas Maduro amongst
the world's poor has sent shocking waves to Washington and its allies.

In its unending smear attacks and witch-hunt campaign against
Venezuela, the US piles advantage upon advantage: « allied corrupt
leaders of Latin America; the service of propaganda specialists and
liars; the control and manipulation of the corporate print and
electronic media cartels around the world; abusing international law
with impunity and military might over Venezuela". But the power of the
Government of Venezuela lies in the honesty and its courageous
commitment to serving its people, and not given to the US false
propaganda machinery.

As for Washington, the malicious propaganda tricks against Venezuela
must be disseminated everywhere through the corrupt media, while it
(US) access and control of modern communication technology, the
Internet enables, should reach a sizeable audience around the world,
irrespective of the lies, deceptions and intrigues associated with
such propaganda machinery.

All major newspapers, magazines, orbiting satellites, television
networks and book publishing houses in the United States are
influenced by Governments' news conferences, press briefings and press
releases. Unfortunately, none of these media houses has attempted to
visit Venezuela to ascertain for themselves independently the truth
and reality as well as the mood of the people on the ground. It comes
to say now that the imperialist's propaganda and information
disseminated to the public about Venezuela are full of well-tailored
lies, imaginations and deceptions, reminiscent of Hitler's propaganda

Another scenario worth mentioning here is that the US has also
manipulated right wing opposition groups and hired local criminal
gangs to breach public peace and security; and to undermine the
leadership of constitutional President Nicolas Maduro. The May 3, 2020
attempted naval invasion of Venezuela by US mercenaries is a testimony
to the seditious agenda pursued by Washington against the Latin
American nation. There are also a few, misled, misguided and corrupted
students who supposed to consider themselves future leaders have
unfortunately chosen to become thugs against their country and people.
Needless to repeat again the role of the neighbouring governments of
Brazil and Colombia, in aiding and abetting US war crime and crime
against humanity in Venezuela.

On top of these ill-fated policies and conspiracy theories, the US and
allies have now taken the deceptive campaign against Venezuelan across
the Atlantic, mostly to Africa, where US and Western European foreign
and diplomatic missions have been converged to propaganda premises for
spreading spurious lies, false stories and character assassination
literature against constitutional President Nicolas maduro. With all
the talking, broadcasts, news bulletins, editorials, Op-Eds, adverts,
intimidation, threats, insults, blackmail and deliberate
misrepresentation, the popularity of constitutional President Maduro
continues to grow each by the passing second, minute, hour, day and

You can fool some of the people for some of the time, but you cannot
fool all the people all the time, so says the late Jamaican Reggae
Star, Bob Marley. The people of Venezuela and across Latin America,
the Caribbean and Africa know the truth and are not willing this time
around to be fooled again about Venezuela.

The answer is NO!

The real motive for US current wicked sanctions and embargo against
Venezuela is to exert pressure on the Venezuelan people to turn
against their legitimate government and elected leaders. The goal is
to damage the conscience of the Venezuelan people who voted for the
Government of constitutional President Maduro.

The US government has only achieved the goal of killing over a hundred
thousand Venezuelans as a result of the sanctions and embargo imposed
by the Trump administration. The people of Venezuela are satisfied
with their leaders, and have not complained or asked anybody to judge
on the character of their elected Government. The truth, which no one
has ever disproved, is that, the Government of constitutional
President Nicolas Maduro was elected through free, honest, democratic
and transparent elections.

Unlike the US government that has soaked its hands with the blood of
innocent people in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Middle-east,
Asia and Eastern Europe, the legitimate government in Caracas is loved
by people all over the world. Thanks to the role-model leadership
exhibited by constitutional President Nicolas Maduro, the policies,
decisions and activities of the Government of Venezuela are strictly
in line with the letter and spirit of the Constitution of the
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Branding the free, transparent, honest and democratic choice of the
Venezuelan people as a dictatorship is even more stupid in light of US
war crime and crime against humanity across the globe. Venezuela poses
any threat to no other country, contrary to US malicious propaganda.

The US is challenged to tell the international public what is
dictatorship and who are the real dictatorship? Who are the real
oppressors of the people? Who are the looters of resources? If the US
thinks constitutional President Nicolas Maduro is another Augustus
Pinochet in Latin America, and then they are fooling themselves.


The Bolivarian Republic as the name appears is a replica of the great
liberator, Simon Bolivar, whose ideas George Washington admired so
much. The US cannot continue to mislead international public opinion
against Venezuela. The Government of Venezuela has nothing to do with
anything that concerns terrorism. What constitutional President
Nicolas Maduro stands for and practising concerns the wellbeing of the
Venezuelan people. He is concerned with peace, security, stability and
progress of the world, and not international militarism, illegal
occupation, promoting the illicit trade in illegal substances, or the
ruthless pillage of the world's resources, which are the major sources
of terrorism everywhere today.

The Venezuelan leader has time and again disproved the criminal
propaganda promoted by Washington against his elected Government in
national, regional and international gatherings. The President has
also reiterated his Government's peaceful, honest and humane foreign
policy towards neighbouring countries and the rest of the world. He
has made it emphatically clear that Venezuela is anxious to establish
friendship and harmonious diplomatic ties with all countries of the
world that love peace, democracy, respect human rights and rule of
law, freedom and the universally recognised values of human dignity.

Based on the above, the Venezuelan Government has continued its
efforts by encouraging dialogue and peaceful settlement to the
conflicts around the world, and offers to help in that direction if
asked. The Venezuelan leader did so much to help the foundation for
the return of peace to his neighbours in Colombia, and condemned any
attempt by any group anywhere to win power outside the ballot box. He
has also condemned and complained bitterly to the international
community, through the United Nations and Organisation of American
States (OAS) about the US coordinated efforts to destabilise his
country; about the US government's massive support for paramilitary
coup attempts and criminal propaganda offensive against the Venezuelan

The elected government of constitutional President Nicolas Maduro,
like its predecessor, the late El-Commandante Hugo Chavez, has never
indulged or caught meddling in the internal affairs of another
sovereign nation, except on mandated and wanted humanitarian reasons.
It has no territorial ambition beyond the borders of Venezuela.
Suffice it to say that the unholy alliance between the US and the
comprador government of Colombia poses unprecedented threats and
dangers in Latin America.


The answer, in a nutshell, is big NO!

The US falsely alleged that constitutional President Nicolas Maduro
mismanages the wealth of Venezuela. Those familiar with the situation
in Venezuela are not surprised at this malicious propaganda attempt to
demonise the reputation of constitutional President Nicolas Maduro.
Every time something new is being designed by the corporate media,
each time with abundant misguided beliefs, unfounded allegations and
outright ill-conceived stories against Venezuela.

Sadly, the media is not bothered to find out the truth because they
know where their bread is buttered. When such accusations are
concocted and repeated again and again, no one is willing to buy the
nonsense. What we know, and which reflects the truth on the ground is
that, the elected Government of constitutional President Nicolas
Maduro does not give room for criminal adventurers and their local
collaborators, whose stock in trade is to rob the wealth of the
Venezuelan people to keep fat private bank accounts overseas.

The US will not accept the truth that the program and policies
initiated by the Venezuelan leader, such as love for one another;
equal protection and opportunity; self-determination; promoting and
defending the noble rights and freedoms of the poor and needy; fair
distribution of wealth and resources; popular participation and
democratic redistribution of land for development purposes are
beginning to score the target goals in the Latin American nation.

The vexed issue is not about morality, but about the domestication
process going on in Venezuela today, and which the US sees as a blow
to its world imperialist hegemony. The irony and indeed tragedy is
that, the US is talking about human rights worldwide, but, so
shamelessly advances indignity and destabilisation in Venezuela in
order to resuscitate the status quo in the service of Washington's
supremacist agenda in Latin America.

The people of Venezuela had long lived under harsh conditions of
hegemonic oligarchy dictatorship, brutal poverty, economic
deprivation, conscious apartheid, alienation, want and bitter tastes.
But today, the situation is fast changing for the good of all. Real
freedom and dignity have replaced the shackles of imperialism,
oppression, greed, degradation and dehumanisation.

The wealth of Venezuela belongs to the Venezuelan people. And since
the Venezuelan people had voted for constitutional President Nicolas
Maduro to lead them, it is natural that the policies pursued by the
Government in Caracas should reflect the wish and aspiration of the
Venezuelan people. The Venezuelan leader is doing just that,
empowering the Venezuelan people economically and politically so that
they no longer see themselves as beggars in their own country, but as
architects of their own future. If the US has any evidence to back its
repeated allegation, the world awaits to see such evidence for
clarification. We know the US will have none but tailored lies,
deceptions and misguided stories. Washington can't show any evidence,
all what the Trump administration is embarked upon is simply a
defamatory campaign. The real looters of state coffers are those who
are spending trillions of dollars to unleash genocide and terror on
mankind, in their desperate efforts to have control over the world's
rich natural resources.


Constitutional President Nicolas Maduro has always maintained that one
of his Government's priorities is to fight and make Venezuela free of
all those evils that ruined whole lives, whole nations, whole regions
and these include not limited to narcotic drugs, but also terrorism,
child pornography, domestic violence, gender apartheid, armed robbery,
sex slavery, guns smuggling, prostitution and discrimination against
the poor in society. Facts on the ground in Venezuela show that truly,
the Government in Caracas has chalked great successes in all fronts
against social vices and degeneracy.

The US government has continued to accelerate its smear propaganda
campaign against Venezuela by cunningly attempting to link
constitutional President Nicolas Maduro with the activities of
narcotic drug trafficking. No matter Washington's unending spinning
and rehearsal, or slanting of this smear campaign, only sane-thinking,
criminal-minded and evil people can buy such anti-Venezuela aggressive
rhetoric that has become centre of political platform in the ongoing
US presidential election campaign for both the Republican and Democrat

Those familiar with US imperialist agenda for Latin America and vague
thinking that Latin America is Washington's backyard know the truth
that this is not the first "dirty lie" pursued by Washington against
Venezuela. It is only part of a bundle of sinister agendas whereby the
coupist Trump administration in Washington promotes to intervene
militarily in the domestic matters of Venezuela.

But the fact that such a smear propaganda is being tailored and
recycled again and again, through the corporate media, with the sole
intent to demonise Venezuela suggests how immorality and opulence have
sucked deeper into the US body polity to the extent that the legacy
bequeathed to the American people by Thomas Jefferson in 1816 has
completely been eroded, for low evil desires.

It is very clear the kind of people who aligned with Washington around
the malicious propaganda against Venezuelan do so for selfish reasons;
while the corporate media and paid intellectual prostitutes play the
role of publishing and disseminating the ruinous agenda of the US. In
this atmosphere, neither the US government, nor its willing allies or
the corporate media has provided evidence to indict Venezuela for any
presumed crime, like condoning narcotic drug trafficking, and this
fits only within the historical legacy of US/Western imperialist
foreign policy. Factually there is no evidence to link Venezuela with
facilitating the illicit production, processing, shipment or
distribution of narcotic drugs or other psychotropic substances, or
the laundering of proceeds from narcotic drugs business. What appears
in the corporate media, electronic or print media is based on mere
assumption, figment of imagination, gossiping, fascist hatreds, malice
and truth burial.

The US Government and it amen chorus in the international media have
continued to smear the Venezuelan leader for accusations that appear
to be entirely ill-intentioned, baseless and stupid. Moreover the
accusers themselves-the US government and its allies have track
records of shielding the evils of the comprador Government of
Colombia, and of refusing to speak out against Colombia, which
unmistaken statistics show that the Southern American nation led by
President Iván Duque Márquez produces and traffics ninety-percent of
the heroin and cocaine consumed in the US and other parts of the

The US knows the location of all the narcotic drugs producing plants
around the world and most of these plants are owned and managed by
Colombian based drugs' kingpins. The US knows the commercial aircrafts
that are used to traffic the dangerous drugs from Colombia into the
United States; why not indict owners of these commercial aircrafts and
prosecute them for aiding the illegal trafficking of the dangerous
substance into the US.

The US knows that former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe operates a
narco state in Colombia, similar to the one created by former
narco-General Manuel Noriega in Panama, in the 1980s with the backing
of George Bush senior. The US government knows also that the younger
brother of Uribe is leading a paramilitary group in Colombia that
trades in narcotic business; commits horrible human rights of the
people of Colombia; kidnaps and assassinates political opponents and
Labour Union leaders in that country.

The corporate media have all but ignored to point out the above facts
to the public, but every tailored lie about Venezuela gets a banner
headline and forms the basis for a new media assault and slander
against constitutional President Nicolas Maduro. It is a well
documented fact that civilised, democratic, moral, just and credible
institutions and individuals worldwide are satisfied with the
Venezuelan leader's unrelenting efforts at meeting his international
obligations within the United Nations drug control system and respect
for international Protocols, Agreements and Conventions on

Long live Venezuela!
In defence of constitutional President Nicolas Maduro!!

Written and disseminated by:

Alimamy Bakarr SANKOH
Consular-General and President of the Governing Council
The Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity

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