Thursday, February 17, 2022

Sankofa Soaring: A poem by Sandy Lynne Holman

Sankofa Soaring:  By Sandy Lynne Holman 2/16/2022   Inspired by  Brother Rodney Holman


Sadness grabs you like a  choking hand

Sorrow hits hard again and again

Death sings to you from day to day

Treacherous   tragedies come your way

crushing arrows that hit hard with  force

The calls come regularly with  endless remorse

One here today, tomorrow they’re gone

One wonders about the road we’re traveling on


Like a powerful Sun rising in the sky

My hope and Love shall never die

My Faith, My Strength, and my resilience too

Will defy the odds and inspire you

I’m forged from things no one should see

Horrible things that took my breath from me

But like an Eagle flying and with a hummingbird’s speed

And with   “ Sankofa” Soaring, I plant new seed

I Rise, I Rise, and Rise some more

Never giving up, I choose to Soar 

My wings spread wide; my head held high

My indomitable Spirit will never Die

Sankofa Soaring, awwwww  yes indeed

I Supernova and my spirit is freed!

Love to you all!  Live Fully , purposefully and do not waste time….



Sandy Holman 💜

Director of The Culture C.O.-O.P. & United In Unity 

The Culture C.O.-O.P. promotes systemic change, inclusion, equity, cultural competency, diversity, literacy, and quality education for all. 

Author of We All Have A Heritage” & Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad?


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