Thursday, September 1, 2022

Looking for a Learn to Swim School?

NOTYETPRO Is the Premier Swim School in the Washington D.C. Metro Area

NOTYETPRO owner, Tyree Powell, gave his first swim lesson to an adult in 2018. The lesson was for a woman in her fifties. She revealed to Powell that she was not afraid, but she also wasn't comfortable. So they started from scratch by helping her feel comfortable breathing and helping her relax in the water. Over the past two years, Powell has increased his instruction for adults, including triathletes and people in the military.
These initiatives are what helped NotYetPro become what it is today. The swim school has since been the leading swim lesson provider in Laurel, Maryland, and surrounding areas.

The swim instructor says most of his clientele are Black, and he hopes to continue serving his community with experienced and talented instructors who look like the community he wants to serve.
Powell highlights that he is very passionate about connecting Black people to the water because it has many benefits, and he wants to dispel past negative relationships we've had with the water.

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