Thursday, February 2, 2023

Celebrating FAMILY: Legacy & Connections!

Family Legacy and Family Connections
Here's something I think we can all agree with: We are living in and through "different" times. Define different as you may… look at your own unique circumstances and draw your conclusions.
Now more than ever is a time for families to connect: to hold space for their members, to comfort, to educate, to pass on traditions, and now create new traditions to navigate our "different" world.
When you think of your family, what feelings come up for you? What do you need more of? Less of? Are you being heard? Appreciated? Nurtured? Emotionally safe? Loved and protected?
There are many ways to understand legacy. Here we will define legacy as "something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past". 
For most people of color, there is a legacy of resistance, resilience, intelligence, endurance, and unshakeable faith for better. Better for self, family, country and in the world.
Fast forward to today, in the here and now. In this moment we are creating a legacy for generations to come. Let's examine anything passed down in our family that is not serving us well today. Let's create new ways of listening, helping, opening our eyes to life realities (joyful and harsh) and summon the faith of our ancestors by continuously "pushing and praying".  

Join our monthly Prayer Circe Challenge for 15 min each morning for meditation, inspiration and affirming prayers. This month we focus on and ask What legacy are you creating in and for your family?

Blessings & Love!
Samimah Aziz

Join the Prayer Warriors Sista Circle for a 30-day daily challenge for inspiration, meditation, and prayer.

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