Saturday, April 1, 2023

Don't Worry...TRUST! 🙌🏽 Join the Prayer Warriors Sista Circle for a 30-day daily challenge for inspiration, meditation, and prayer.

Don't Worry...TRUST!

Nature provides us with a wonderful opportunity to grasp meaningful life lessons. As we approach spring, how much time do we spend worrying about when the buds will show up or when the flowers will bloom??

Notwithstanding global warming, do we worry or question if there will be rain to water the crops, fill the streams and lakes or water the flowers? No, we really do not. We have learned to TRUST the infinite creator, the universal power that guides directs and produces all that is needed to sustain life.

WORRY is a feature of anxiety and serves us no good!
The American Psychological Association defines anxiety as "an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure." Another way to understand anxiety: having a mental and physical reaction to perceived threats.
Anxiety is a common concern in the world today. We all have been exposed to situations, people, circumstances, and the news, that are anxiety causing. When a person is in an anxious state there is unease, nervousness, tension, racing thoughts and difficulty concentrating. These are just a few symptoms, there are many others of which may be experienced as mild or intense at any given time. 
Instead of Worry, let's explore the thing that is creating the worry. Let's learn what we can about anxiety, the disorder. Let's introduce and use mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques daily. Let's not be resistant to seeking professional help or medication for situations that are too big to manage on our own.
If your time and life is being consumed with WORRY, it is past time to ACT to move yourself to a place of peace. A way to peace is understanding, accepting, AND TRUSTING that there is a power – a force – an entity that is BIGGER than you, me, or anyone else. That power, force or entity is guiding and ordering your steps and your destiny.

TRUST starting today by cultivating a spiritual life that includes:
1.  Silencing all the unnecessary chatter and clutter in your life.

2. Take time regularly (5x's daily) to commune with your creator, the god of your understanding.

3. Spend time in nature – rain, grass, meadows, woods, ocean, sand, and snow.

4. Create and uphold boundaries around your time, finances, health, body, home, etc.

5. Honor your intuitive and spiritual promptings, for this is spirit guiding and directing you.

Join our April prayer challenge where we spend 15 minutes daily breathing, praying, and sharing information on how to worry less and trust more for a calm peaceful life.

In the words of our beloved Bob Marley, "Baby don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright".

Don't Worry, TRUST!

Blessings & Love!
Samimah Aziz, MA, APCC

Join the Prayer Warriors Sista Circle for a 30-day daily challenge for inspiration, meditation, and prayer.

We meet by phone M-F @ 6:45 am and Sat & Sun @ 8 AM est for 15 minutes.

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