Wednesday, May 17, 2023

🌍 Africa Dreaming... Considering Traveling to Africa, Visiting, Relocating...?

Africa Dreaming...

Last month we encouraged you to ponder over your "WHY" for visiting Africa.  What have you come up with?? What are your reasons for wanting to visit Africa?

Not to worry, I'm sure you'll have complete clarity by travel time 😃.

For the next few months we will share interesting perspectives from Africans in the diaspora about their "WHY" for visiting, establishing businesses, and returning HOME in service to Africa.

Africans as we know,  have been dispersed around the globe. We are citizens of many countries and have adapted to various cultures and ways of existing. We have procured education and skills in every area needed for development and global expansion. We are strategically positioned to create a new reality for Africans at home and abroad. Marcus Garvey and Kwame Nkrumah are rejoicing!

Please take a moment to watch the video showcasing African-Americans reaching across the ocean to provide state of the art medical access for Ghanians. Feel free to share the video and your comments.
I'm Ready To Explore My WHY!
How African Americans Established World Class Medical Center In Ghana
Until next month, be well and consider your 'WHY".

My Time To Visit Africa  July 10-23, 2023 travelers 

Travel Meeting via Zoom May 17 @ 8 pm EST.  Link will be sent to you via email.

The 2024 Return HOME with Curtis Bunn October 2-12
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Travel Blessings!

Samimah Aziz
Owner, Travel Coordinator
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