Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Change…Let’s Embrace it!

Change...Let's Embrace It!
Here's something I believe we can all agree on – the only constant in life is change.
Philosophers have written about it, singers have sung about it, grandparents have warned about it, bullies have threatened because of it, and children do CHANGE.
Change is inevitable in life and occurs daily, moment by moment. We have been changing  physically, emotionally, and spiritually from the instant we were conceived. Change is a shift, an adjustment, a difference maker in our lives. While change represents transition, it also creates a way for opportunity and transformation.
There is deep truth in the old adages,
"When one door closes, another door opens" and
"An exit is also an entrance to some place new".
So, what happens for you during a change of events or circumstance in your life? How are you managing the change? Are you fighting back or embracing the change? What tools do you use to stabilize, accept, and live with grace during a change cycle?
We all walk through and deal with change in different ways. Some of us cope and manage very well while others struggle in ways that diminish balance and peace in our lives.
Embracing change by offering love and compassion to ourselves daily is a must. Breathing through change is a tool that works to keep us calm during change storms. Shifting your mindset and looking at change as a spiritual nudge prompting you to shift, creates a path for a new version of yourself.
Join the Prayer Warriors Sista Circle for 15 minutes each morning during the month of May to breathe, pray, hear an inspirational message, and create affirming I AM statements to help us all Embrace Change!

Blessings & Love!
Samimah Aziz, MS APCC

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