Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Book Reviews, 28 Great Writers of the Black Arts Movement, and More

Banner image Forgive Me Not by Jennifer Baker

Forgive Me Not by Jennifer Baker

All it took was one night and one bad decision for fifteen-year-old Violetta Chen-Samuels' life to go off the rails. After driving drunk and causing the accident that kills her little sister, Violetta is incarcerated. Under the juvenile justice system, her fate lies in the hands of those she's wronged—her family. With their forgiveness, she could go home. But without it? Well … Buy Now ▶

Book Cover Toni Morrison's Spiritual Vision: Faith, Folktales, and Feminism in Her Life and Literature
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Toni Morrison's Spiritual Vision: Faith, Folktales, and Feminism in Her Life and Literature
by Nadra Nittle

Nittle noted Morison saw the Black community reflected in the Old Testament and the grandeur of its language, embracing its message of anti-oppression, liberation, and empowerment. The author maintained that Morrison first used The Bluest Eye as Pecola Breedlove confronts colorism, family dysfunction, and self-hate. In fact, Morrison knew a "colored" girl from her own life, who craved blue eyes. In her debut novel, Pecola suffers a mental breakdown after her rape and pregnancy.

Breaking The Blank
by Dwayne Lawson-Brown and Rebecca BishopHall

This compelling literary work proudly speaks on behalf of the Black community. Each poem is laced with candidness, nostalgia, and vulnerability and portrays the true essence of the shared Black experience. With rich and authentic imagery, Lawson-Brown and Bishophall have done a phenomenal job of outlining the everyday events of life so that readers, regardless of age, upbringing, or geographic location can appreciate the lasting impact of their carefully crafted words.

Book Cover Breaking The Blank by Dwayne Lawson-Brown and Rebecca BishopHall
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In a recent conversation on our discussion forum, I shared a list of writers who are associated with the Black Arts Movement. I was contrasting Hip-Hop with the Black Arts Movement which was inextricably linked to social consciousness and activism. I was astonished to read someone's reaction saying they never heard of any of the writers! I share the list below.  How many do you know?

Affectionately known as "Tree," he gained national recognition in 1991 as the attorney for Anita Hill after she accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his Suprem Court senate confirmation hearings.

In his book All Deliberate Speed, Ogletree recounted the harrowing three days at the hearings and the Senate's ultimate approval of Thomas's nomination. —The Amsterdam News

Photo  Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.

December 31, 1952 — August 4, 2023

Banner: The Buy-In: A Novel by Keela Buford

The Buy-In: A Novel by Keela Buford

It was a love story…
that wasn't supposed to be a love story.
And it started with Instagram.
Now, it will end with…
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An interactive romantic comedy novel. The book has tappable links (e-book) or QR codes (print) for the reader to engage with throughout the story Buy Now ▶

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