Tuesday, March 19, 2024

In loving memory of Joan Gibbs; a People's lawyer, and uncompromising contributor to anti-racist, women's and the LGBT movements.

In Loving Memory of Joan Gibbs

Dear IFCO Family,
Our dear sister, Joan Gibbs, joined the Ancestors on Thursday March 14, 2024 at her home in Brooklyn, NY 
Joan was a dedicated activist, writer, speaker, and friend. She played a major role in the US movements for social and economic justice. 
She played a pivotal role in numerous struggles including the US Anti-Apartheid Movement, support for the Palestinian struggles and defense of the Cuban Revolution. In fact, Joan played a key role in the organizing and outreach that eventually led to the passage of the New York City Council Resolution 0285 calling on the US Congress and President Biden to end the US embargo and travel ban. The resolution also called for removing Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list due to the unjust harm it causes to the Cuban people. 
These are all examples of how Joan engaged in anti-imperialist politics and how she made profound and uncompromising contributions to anti-racist, women's and the LGBT movements.
The Attorney Joan P. Gibbs was a People's lawyer -- whether in the courtroom or in the streets. Always disciplined and unwavering in her fight for the issues she felt and believed in most passionately. She devoted her work and time to the issues of voters' education, immigrant rights and the fight for freedom of political prisoners. She represented the best in committing her life for justice and liberation.
We at IFCO honor her life pledge to continue the work that she so generously helped support.

Expressions of Condolences may be sent to the Family c/o of:

Maferefun (Mafe) Lavezzari

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