Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The future of our community – and of Canada - is at stake

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Asalamu alaikum / Peace be upon you

As many of you know, our team has been on the front lines in Quebec, fighting an intense battle against Bill 21 - a law that bans hijabs, turbans, kippahs and other religious symbols in several public sector jobs.

At the end of February, we finally got our result back at the Quebec Court of Appeal. The verdict this time wasn’t in our favour but make no mistake - this is a battle that will likely go to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The gravity of this battle is no small matter. We want to make that very clear. The future of our community – and of Canada - is at stake.

The Quebec government passed the law while invoking the “notwithstanding clause” in our Charter - a mechanism that attempts to protect Bill 21 from certain legal challenges. That’s why this battle is so critical.

If we lose, it means any government in Canada can cut down religious freedoms- or many other rights- with little resistance (by also using the Notwithstanding Clause).

This Ramadan, I’m asking you to stand up so that we win. We need to unite.

Your fight is our fight.

Stephen Brown,

Chief Executive Officer, NCCM 


Last year, students at the UBC Vancouver campus were defamed, harassed, and threatened for their criticisms of the bombardment of Gaza.

The UBC administration has failed to step in on behalf of the harassed students, or even to look into the matter.

So NCCM stepped up instead to help the UBC students, who are involed with the campus Social Justice Centre, file a lawsuit against the organization affiliated with the person behind the threats and defamation.

This Ramadan, you can make a direct impact on their lives, and particularly on their ability to freely advocate for human rights issues without facing harassment and threats.

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